Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 5!

IMG_1237It was the last day of Viva and I was about to end it with a BANG in my vintage swimsuit from “What Was Is Vintage.” I have had this 3 piece suit in my closet for almost a year waiting to wear it for Viva. It is one of my absolute favorite vintage pieces in my wardrobe along with the other swimsuit I wore 2 days before this which was also sold to me by “What Was Is Vintage.” I love the oriental print and MAN the fit was perfect and didn’t need to be altered at all! It looked so perfect with my custom hair flower by  Nic Coco Creations. I even sported a vintage parasol that I had listed at my shop haha. It was one of those perfect outfit, perfect hair, and perfect makeup days that only happen once in a blue and I was ready for a day at the pool for the official vintage swimsuit contest with my loves. The only thing missing was my love Janell whose flight was that morning. We missed her!

At the Orleans pool everyone looked amazing and were so wonderfully dressed for the occasion. It was like this was the day to rest after all of the partying and everyone just wanted to chill out, drink, and sun bathe. I got to see lots of my friends there and met so many lovely people too. We stayed for a while and then headed to Caesars Palace because I wanted to show my friend Sunny the Tatyana and Beach Bash stores. We were like two kids in a candy store shopping our little hearts out and then went off to Casa Don Juan for some FOOD. After that…well..we went into a food coma and passed out lol.
IMG_1226Feeling like a china doll ❤IMG_5955Tiki Pool Party for the official vintage swimsuit contest!IMG_1290 Here are some better shots of my vintage swimsuit. Everyone was saying I should have entered the contest but because I was a judge, that kinda negated me running haha.IMG_1278 I love that this swimsuit can be worn as a playsuit with or without the robe.IMG_1303 I love how the parasol colors match the swimsuit as well! I had trouble finding shoes until I found my vintage leucite springolators that worked perfectly.IMG_1329 My look was complete ❤IMG_1334 My girl Sunny was a total babe as per usual in a cute Forever 21 crop top, high-waisted shorts, and turquoise wedges that were to die for.IMG_1345She will be a new contributor to my blog so stay tuned for some of her posts about health, fitness, and fashion!IMG_1350This photo makes me sad because my mom is in New York right now and I miss her ❤ I will always be a mommys girl!IMG_1241I met this lovely lil lady at the pool. Her name is Jenny Eloise and she was such a doll! Loved her colorful ensemble!IMG_1244Also bumped into Ashleeta who looked great yet again for the second pool party!IMG_1245Not sure who she is but she was a total babe! I loved her outfit!
IMG_1249The lovely swimsuit contest contestants ❤ That lovely lady in the yellow is my girl Angelique Noir who actually won the contest!IMG_1246Loved these contestants swimsuits too!IMG_1247Gorg!
IMG_1251Can we please talk about how CUTE Ruby is? Loved all of her outfits for Viva!
IMG_1257How GORG are these two? The lovely judges of the swimsuit contest and past winners Micheline and Melissa ❤
IMG_1259Bumped into my girl Raquel! Love her to bits!
IMG_1355Some dapper fellows who were entering the pool as we were leaving. We had to take a photo!IMG_1356Charlie and the gang looking amaze!IMG_1358Of to Caesars but first…let Sunny take a selfie!IMG_1362Her Yoga pose lol…..and my yoga pose lololololIMG_1364Admiring the beautiful ceilings of Caesars Palace.IMG_1373IMG_1374IMG_1375Whilst running over to the Tatyana store we bumped into burlesque legend Tempest Storm! This woman is so inspiring and still such a gorgeous woman!IMG_1372Now to shop!IMG_5997Always love the windows.IMG_5996Can I haz them all?IMG_5994Lol Sunny at the Beach Bash store. She fell in love with everything!IMG_1380That’s Sunny for you! haha ❤IMG_1368My momma doesn’t like pictures but she looks so pretty in them!
IMG_6076Hope you liked my Viva posts! Till next year!


8 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 5!

  1. Jasmin, it’s always nice to see you and Mama Vandalizm. I loved meeting Sunny and I cannot wait to see her fitness posts. btw thanks for takin’ a killer photo of my friends and me. 🙂

  2. It was such a lovely day and Oh!…how I wish all woman everywhere would look so beautiful by the pool. I loved all the swimsuits on both females and males. I also had a great time on our last day of Viva and during my stay at Vegas. I do miss you dearly, however, I know you have found your comfort zone and are very happy at your new home. Love you.

  3. So many amazing attire and swim wear. I think I have gone to vintage heaven!!!

  4. You’re outfit and photos are nothing short from amazing! I couldn’t make it to Viva, but at least I had your photos to look at!

  5. OMG I am LIVING for Angelique and Sunny!! Angelique looks AMAZE and Sunny’s yoga poses are such a delight! 😀

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