Viva Las Vegas 17: The Coven lol

IMG_1143I know it has been taking me quite a while to get these posts published but I have been a busy bee and haven’t had much time to work on my own projects with work and traveling. I’m going to make this post short and sweet because I have a very limited schedule today haha. This was the night of Day 4 after the Tiki Pool Party. I was EXHAUSTED, like…so exhausted that I felt delusional all night. You can definitely see it in the blank stare I gave in every photo lol. However, at least I looked fabulous in my new vintage Lilli Ann suit I recently purchased just a few days before Viva at the Glam Factory. I was dressed in allll black and coincidentally my crew was dressed in black too so we called ourselves the Coven and pretended we were going to a funeral lol. We looked like we planned our get ups as we walked down the Orleans halls to see bands and visit vendors. It was the most glamorous night of Viva but we kept it short and went home pretty early. I was fighting a food coma from our big meal at Fridays so I face planted onto my bed as soon as I got home. Anyway, here are the photos from that night ❤IMG_5900First stop, FOOD with my girl Sunny, my momma..
IMG_5898and Janell <3. See how tired I looked?IMG_5887We bumped into Bettina May on the way out and it is always such a pleasure! I adore her ❤
IMG_5894Sometimes it takes two really gorgeous girls to tighten a corset after a big meal like Tina and Crystal ❤
IMG_1175Hat/Gloves/Clutch: Vintage

Suit: Lilli Ann

Shoes: Christian Louboutin
IMG_1152My girl Sunny looked AMAZE. She wore a lace dress, leather corset, vintage hat, and Louboutins as well ❤IMG_1150❤ BABELYIMG_1182My other babely friend Janell wore a vintage dress and clutch with a cute hair flower!
IMG_1137Speaking of babes..Can we talk about Lisa Love and her gorg ensemble?
IMG_1133Some New York friends and some New friends! ❤IMG_1131I’m so lady-like 😉
IMG_1126Best dressed of the night in my opinion was Miss Cineman Sugar<3 She looked like a DREAM in that pink dress!IMG_1127More friends including my bestie Santiago!IMG_5872My beautiful mom and I. She gets shy to take photos so I am glad we have this one together ❤IMG_5878My new friend Binks who was such a doll with her friend Ashley. Happy to have met you both!

Till day 5! The last day was one of the best days so stay tuned!


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