Viva Las Vegas 17: Tiki Pool Party/Car Show!

IMG_1024Sorry for the delay my loves! I have been working 2 jobs the past two weeks and haven’t had any time or energy to publish these posts because I’ve been so tired! This is day 4 of Viva Las Vegas and one of the most important days of the convention. We did so much that I had to split this post in two! Saturday’s are usually for the Car Show and the Pool followed by the best live bands at night where we dress up in our hottest evening ensembles. This day was extra special because I was asked to be a judge for the Couples Swimsuit Contest at the Orleans pool alongside my boo Anthony Medina a.k.a His Vintage Touch a.k.a the best period hairstylist on the planet.  I also got to judge with Madison Jane, another amazing hairstylist and Burlesque Queen Dottie Deville! I was extremely shocked I was asked to judge but gratefully obliged! However, I was cutting it close with all of the plans I had before the contest so we all got up super early to make it to everything so I could make it on time. I wore my favorite Vintage 3 piece suit from What Was Is Vintage and did some crazy thing with my hair that kind of looked like a poodle haha. The hairdo was awesome but after a while it lost its luster with me and I kind of regretted it with my outfit lol. I wore the same outfit for a photo shoot with Susana Vestige earlier that week and I felt I wore it better then but whatever. I just stuck a beautiful hair flower in my hair by Nic Coco Creations and continued on with my day like a fierce lil lady.

Our first stop was Buffalo Exchange, who was having a $1 sale that morning that we just could not pass up. We lost the keys to our ride so we arrived a little late but still got some good shopping in. I always find great stuff at Buffalo Exchange, more so than the vendors at Viva. Not saying Viva doesn’t have good vendors because they do, but I’m a frugal fashionista who likes a good deal and many of the vendors are expensive. I only found a pair of shoes there but they were gorge! Anyway, I found some great vintage pieces at Buffalo Exchange, not for a dollar which I had wished but for really reasonable prices. I only found a pair of vintage pink shoes in the $1 section but they are awesome! In the regular priced section I found a cool vintage Harley Davidson top, a neon orange vintage dress, a bright green vintage dress, an awesome regal silk scarf dress, a Betsey Johnson heart print Kimono, a Little Mermaid tank, a Black Crop top, and two pairs of shoes for under $200. YUP. Sunny found a bunch of cool threads too and even scored herself an awesome Betsey Johnson dress as well. To celebrate our successful shopping spree we headed down to the 50s Diner where we enjoyed an amazing brunch before heading to the Car Show. Every year the Car Show gets bigger and bigger and there are more vendors and amazing cars. I ended up shopping again at the Pinup Girl Clothing booth of course. I fucking love their clothes and this isn’t biased because I work for them, the quality, fit, and creativity of each piece just works with  my taste and figure. I bought their new Voodoo Vixen dress which I have been WAITING DESPERATELY for since I saw it in the showroom. I tried it on and it fit like a glove and I felt like Barbie in it so it made total sense to buy it and wear it every day of my life haha. I also bought the hot pink Deadly Dames Capris which also make me feel like Barbie lol. What can I say? Hot pink and me just go together ;). After walking the car show with my loves (my mom, Sunny, Janell) we ran off to the Pool where I got to judge the Couples Swimsuit Contest hosted by Vintage Suits By Mary where Ashleeta and her Beau won for having matching lame swimsuits from the 1950s. Ashleeta should have won the entire contest alone with her ensemble as she looked radiant in gold lame! IMG_0982Our first stop..Buffalo Exchange! How cool is this vintage Harley Davidson top?IMG_0983I’m going to have fun wearing this top!IMG_0987How GORG is this vintage orange dress? Neon Orange is one of my favorite colors too! Not bad for $24!IMG_0989Can’t wait to wear it!IMG_0991This is the other Vintage dress I found there and though it was missing a few sequins I had to have it!
IMG_0997Sunny also found some great items like these cute nude wedges and this awesome black sweater dress!IMG_1002I fell in love with this silk scarf dress and it was so comfortable!IMG_1004Love love loveIMG_1006Another super comfortable and chic dress was this Betsey Johnson Kimono I found. Love the heart print too!IMG_1008IMG_1010Sunny also found a Betsey Johnson dress that looked amaze on her! Love Betsey’s signature rose print!
IMG_5745Off to celebrate our finds at the 50’s Diner!IMG_5749My loves Janell and Sunny enjoying a yummy brunch meal!IMG_5748Forgot what I ordered but it was BOMB.IMG_5755Ate everything off my plate and didn’t even need to reapply my lipstick 😉IMG_5764I haz pretty friends.IMG_1017At the Car show I got to see Girl-Boss-Lady Laura Byrnes at the Pinup Girl Booth where we sported our tropical prints. I told her I NEED those shorts and I am glad we will be getting them on the site soon! She is such a babe!IMG_1117Bumped into another mega-babe at the PUG booth, Rockabilly Ruby! She is so fucking adorable and…I..can’t..even..with that outfit. So Babe-ly.
IMG_1013So much amazingness in one booth, like really? How fucking cute are these two handsome guys? Matt and Anthony (His Vintage Touch) in vintage swimsuits <3!. They are seriously one of my favorite couples EVAR.IMG_1015❤ LOVEIMG_5913I also bumped into some of my loyal readers at the booth which I had the pleasure of taking photos with! ❤IMG_1069Sunny and Janell posing in front of a hot ride!IMG_1070Can I keep this?IMG_1075Gahhh, Sunny had photographers at the car show seeing hearts!IMG_1076Janell’s vintage poodle skirt had me dreaming of Paris! She looked whimsical <3!IMG_1077IMG_1079DREAM CAR.IMG_1081I’d cause mayhem with this beauty.IMG_1086CLASSIC.IMG_1088Truckin.IMG_1091My mom wanted the car and the creepy dolls haha. Gotta love her.IMG_1092CREEPY!IMG_1095Whoa.IMG_1110Sunny should be the Viva spokeswomen ❤
IMG_1105Vendors!IMG_1108Mom bought a few Rat Fink shirts for my Dad. 🙂IMG_1103Miss L Fire had a booth where I was gagging over their Carmen Miranda shoes!IMG_1107All shopped out!
10268859_1417658598496323_62768942_nMy haul for the day was SWEET!IMG_5789 Time for the Couples Swimsuit Contest!IMG_5795 Let’s do this!IMG_7618 My boos!IMG_7681DRANKS.
IMG_7624My mom being all cute and stuff with Anthony ❤
IMG_7610IMG_7622 My mom shot this cool photo of this cute pinup by the pool 🙂IMG_7611 adorable vintage pram at the pool ❤IMG_1024 MORE DRANKS.IMG_1026 Coolin out before the contest. It was HOT out.IMG_1022The beautiful Ashleeta and her Beau. She is such a BABE in that vintage suit! She had all of the sailors drooling hahaIMG_1065 These adorable twinzies had matching suits from the 1930s!IMG_1066pineapples and muscles!
IMG_7626 Ready to judge this contest!IMG_1028 Hie 🙂IMG_1029 IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1047 IMG_1051 IMG_1056 IMG_1060 And the winner is…ASHLEETA and her beau!IMG_5769 After a hectic yet awesome day of running around we decided to lounge.IMG_1118On our way home to change into our evening outfits we bumped into some of our friends! Babe City!

Stay tuned for my next post which includes the later part of the day in our evening get-ups!


3 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 17: Tiki Pool Party/Car Show!

  1. It was a lovely day and we had a great time at the Swimsuit Contest and Car Show.

  2. Love that green dress but the betsey johnson kimono is to die for!

    Your Carmen Miranda pool party outfit is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

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