Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 3!

IMG_0949CM2TGIF! It was finally Friday and I was ready to finally enjoy Viva without any work or photo shoots or so I thought….but I will get to that later. Anyway, you usually want to wear your best threads on Friday and Saturday at VLV because thats when most of the best events happen so I was excited to wear this awesome vintage dress I bought off of Etsy a few weeks ago that has such an awesome vibrant print! Unfortunately, when I received the dress in the mail, it was too long for my little tiny self so I had to shorten it. When I took it to the seamstress I had her save the fabric for me because I came up with the brilliant idea to turn the rest of it into a turban and try to make this a look inspired by Portuguese bombshell, Carmen Miranda. Carmen is one of my biggest fashion inspirations because of her culturally enthusiastic ensembles. She was seriously one of a kind and such a trend setter. Her personality was as fun, energetic, colorfully vibrant, and charismatic as her outfits. I could watch old clips of her for hours singing and dancing, analyzing every single outfit and headpiece she wore. We both share a platform shoe obsession too! My outfit was an homage to her for being an exhibitionist who turned her personal style into art. As a lover of culture, she is one of many ethnic pinups who inspire me greatly. Anyway, I wanted to be the lady in the “tutti frutti hat” so I literally created a turban in a day because I totally forgot to buy fake fruit but I had some grapes lying around that worked perfectly so I just bobby pinned them to my headwrap. I also gave myself a Carmen inspired hairdo that was still very pinup and wore my vintage hoop earrings. Everything turned out perfect and I was ready for the day. My friends and mother looked amazing in prints too. Sunny wore a gorgeous two piece vintage floral top and skirt from D&J Vintage, my mom wore a corseted tree print dress, and Janelle wore a vintage dress with a gum drop print. After my work for the day was done, I rushed to Viva where I got to check out the vendors and a few bands. And as we rushed on home later that evening to change into our cocktail attire I ended up falling asleep! Yup, I fell asleep. However, I told Sunny and Janelle to party with out me and they put on their best vintage threads and headed out for a night out on the town. I guess I will need to take off for Viva next time around haha.

IMG_5686Do I look like the lady in the tutti frutti hat? haha.IMG_5709To match the vibrant colors of my dress I wore my signature cat eye with brown eye shadow, used a gold color eye shadow for contrasts, bronzed my cheeks, and sported my favorite Shien Cosmetics Forbidden City orange-colored lipstick.3 As you can see my tutti frutti turban was just created with the left over fabric of my altered dress haha. My vintage hoop earrings are vintage and so are my wooden bangles.1 I love how the dress turned out. I love vintage dresses with a crossed halter. I also love sarong dresses so this dress was a double whammy.The print is fun and matches my accessories perfectly.IMG_0871 It even comes with a matching bolero!IMG_0955 It was the perfect dress for my little tiki hut purse and my..IMG_0956..Vintage shoes. ❤4The lady in the tutti frutti hat!IMG_0860 My friend Sunny looked amazing too and wore this AWESOME vintage top and skirt from D&J Vintage, Janelle’s vintage etsy shop. It looked amazing on Sunny and I am glad we all wore something from Janelle’s shop for Viva.IMG_0863 Sunny also wore a hair flower by Nic Coco Creations.IMG_0861 Sunny’s earrings and shoes are vintage too. So gorg!IMG_7580 My gorgeous mom was comfortable and chic in a corseted dress and flats.IMG_7585 She is such a natural beauty and I hope to look like her when I become her age! ❤IMG_0963 Janelle looked great in her gum drop print vintage dress. As a vintage picker the girl finds great things for her shop and for herself too! Love it with the matching cardigan and Crave Yard brooches.IMG_0965Her hairflower is also by Nic Coco.
IMG_0968 Off to Viva! At the Bienville room watching everyone dance!IMG_0967 4 of us turned into 8 and kept snowballing from there haha. Those two lovely ladies on the left are Ashley and Binks and the two lovely ladies on the right are Micheline and Ali<3 Gorgeous girls!
IMG_5700 Me and my momma<3IMG_5699 Saw these Tryst electronic hooka cigs at the gift shop and loved the packaging!IMG_5701 This is what happens when you work and attend Viva. I can’t hang.IMG_0976 Sunny still had energy and was ready for the nights festivities so she put on a gorgeous vintage cocktail dress that was also from Janelle’s etsy shop! How amazing does her hair look? She had a photoshoot earlier that day and kept her hairdo. It looked amazing, I would have kept it too! Her shoes are Louboutin and her clutch was a gift from her mom<3IMG_0974Janelle also wore vintage and GAH this dress was wonderful. Her navy blue cocktail dress looked perfect with her pearl earrings and diamond hair comb.

Good times ladies! Sorry there aren’t more photos. Viva gets so hectic that sometimes I forget to take shots!

Stay tuned for day 4 where we took TOO MANY photos haha. That one is going to be a long post!


5 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 3!

  1. I spent most of that day with Santiago and his mom watching some of the shows, didn’t get to see Sunny and Janelle get all dolled up. They looked lovely as well as you and the other lovely ladies.

  2. That Carmen Miranda outfit you wore is EVERYTHING! ❤ I love how you still used the fabric from shortening as a headpiece, very original! Carmen used to be my main girl when I was a kid; I remember having pictures of her in my top drawer and just sitting there staring at how beautiful and original she was. I think I had a great eye even as a kid! Heheh.

    At least I knew I was not the only one completely wiped at Viva! But you had an excuse of working still – I just had the über lame excuse of jet lag from NYC LOL. My friend Nicole came in on Friday night from California, and we stayed out until 4 AM. Towards the end I really thought I was hallucinating from being so tired! But there wasn't any chance of me ruining both my time and hers because I was tired. LAME! LOL.

    Can't wait for your car show coverage! I saw you a few times at Viva and you looked more amazing each time. I love post-Viva posts because it helps me kind of relive it 😉


    Veronica Vintage

  3. Sonny’s evening outfit is beyond incredible. Her makeup and hair is just to die for! I can’t get over it. All you ladies look awesome

  4. Great photos ♡inging your outfit!

    Of course you will be as gorgeous as your mom, you look just like her.

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