Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 2!

IMG_0828It was Day 1 of VLV17 and another crazy day full of adventure with my Mom and friends from New York. Aside from working my normal 9-5, I also had another photo shoot with Alexander Thompson, an awesome photographer and friend of mine who is also from New York. We shot for his online zine called PONY BOY and I can’t wait to see the images as we shot so many outfits. It was boom-bam-bow and we were done. Then I arranged a surprise birthday cake for my friend Janelle whose birthday was just a few days before. She thought I forgot lol, so Sunny and I got her an awesome red velvet cake and surprised her in my back yard. She was so happy she cried. It made me so happy to make someone like her feel as special as she is! Then it was back to work until I was off to show my guests what Hoover Dam and Boulder City was all about. Both places are some of my favorite places to visit here in Las Vegas. The Hoover Dam is an absolutely gorgeous deco masterpiece with a scenery that resembles a painting and Boulder City looks like a town made of gingerbread houses with awesome vintage and antique shops. We had a blast before we had to run back home and get ready for the start of VLV17 at the Orleans hotel. VLV events don’t really start till late on the first day so we were able to still enjoy listening/dancing to some great bands and visit the vendors too. I was beat as it isn’t easy waking up at 6am to get ready for my shoot, work, and being a good host but I managed to get it all done!IMG_7523BTS of my shoot with Alexander Thompson. Of course I shot in one of my VLV outfits.
It was an awesome shoot!
IMG_7529SURPRISEEEEEEEE!IMG_7536haha she was so happy to see her birthday cake!
IMG_7532AwwwIMG_7538Make a wish!IMG_0838After a day of work and grind and birthday cakes I took a shower and looked for something comfortable and chic to wear with a headscarf as I didn’t have enough time to do my hair. So I wore a red head scarf, my vintage sunnies, and my awesome Rosita Bonita horse shoe earrings to go with..IMG_0825…My Julie Mollo REVERSIBLE playsuit! Yes, you heard right. This playsuit is completely reversible. One side has a vintage western print and the other side is red. The contrasts are perfect and I love that I can mix and match her pieces for different looks. She has a whole line of reversible tops and skirts that are like buying two outfits so you get more bang for your buck.IMG_0828 My girl Julie nailed it with this set and I can’t wait to wear the red side too!IMG_0831For a handbag I used my vintage basket weaved purse and.. vintage tan shoes which are comfortable for running around haha.IMG_0842 My girl Sunny looked amazing for the day as well in a top I snagged at Enz in NYC. My friend Marianne makes the cutest tops with Elvis novelty prints! I thought it would be a cute addition to her already-awesome outfit and she looked amazing! Love that red circle skirt!IMG_0845She wore a bumper bang with cute black flowers. Girl has gorgeous hair!
IMG_0844Sunny had everyone at viva raving about her. She’s such a babe and one of the most beautiful people I feel fortunate to know! Great outfit girl!IMG_7542 On our way to Hoover Dam!IMG_0763Seeing these photos makes me miss my mom even more. She thought the Hoover Dam was beautiful.
IMG_0765 Janelle looking fab at the Hoover Dam. She was ready for Viva!IMG_0767 My NY dolls ❤IMG_0770 That’s a sight for sore eyes.IMG_0776 All those shades of blue!IMG_5593Love this pic of me and my mom.
IMG_0778IMG_0784 My girl Sunny is a trip. Love all of her Yoga poses! She’s my favorite pinup contortionist hahaIMG_0785 Arizona time.IMG_0775 Some cool vintage cars passing by.IMG_0787 So windy our skirts were flying up in the air! Thank god for shorts!IMG_0789 <3<3<3IMG_0796 Gorg!IMG_0801 Off we go to Boulder City! I have no pictures as we had to rush through it to run home and get ready for Viva but they got me a lovely housewarming gift there!10299875_612162758873603_480747207_nA vintage suitcase-turned-table!IMG_0853 Off to get our wrist bands for Viva!IMG_0851 Bring on the dancing!IMG_0846 Ladies night! Mom, Sunny, Janelle, me, and my girl Riannon!IMG_0847 I was beat so I kept it simple with my outfit for the night inspired by Barbie in a pink satin vintage dress from my friend Janelle’s vintage shop D&J Vintage, a striped vintage clutch and earrings, and my Christian Louboutin Maryl pumps. IMG_0849 My mom wore Pinup Girl Clothing and loved her Birdie dress! This pic is my favorite because I am with two of my favorite people in the mom and best friend Santiago! Wish my sister was here too ;-(IMG_0850 My loves!IMG_5640Good times! Till day 2!


12 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 17: Day 2!

  1. You ladies look fab as always
    Glad you were able to spend viva with mom n close friends. I def would have never thought your outfit was reversible that’s amazing it’s a girls dream to buy a 2 in one peice. Can’t wait to read your next post keep them coming jazzy 😍

  2. Love me a great person that knows their stuff about the city that they live in!!! 🙂

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  5. Had such a wonderful time with you guys! Thanks for making my birthday and first viva so special!

  6. Great post! I am amazed that you stayed conscious throughout the whole day – I got to Vegas from NYC at 5 PM PT, and I barely made it through Kim Lenz! I love her, so I was going to fight the tired and not let it defeat me! LOL. I was up since 5 AM ET that day too, so it was a beyond long day. But it was a great kickoff to Viva!

    I love that reversible suit – I may have to look into getting myself one! Having two fab options for the price of one is always amazing, and it looks great on you to boot! You always look so well put together. And how do I get my Bettie bangs to look as consistently FLAWLESS as yours do?! Not fair! 😛


    Veronica Vintage

  7. wow, haven’t responded to one of your posts in a while. but i have to say i love your two-piece dress!!!

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