Viva Las Vegas 17 Day 1: Pregame!

1The time had finally come, the day all of us pinups anticipate every year…VIVA WAS FINALLY HERE! Viva Las Vegas is the BIGGEST rockabilly weekender that happens every year at the Orleans hotel. It is truly a travel back in time. People who follow the rockabilly culture from all over the world come together in Vegas for 4 days to showcase their fabulous vintage cars and threads, dance to the best rockabilly bands, shop for amazing vintage and repro clothing at the vendor rooms and car show, and enjoy the sun at the tiki pool party in their vintage swimsuits with an ice-cold piña colada in hand. This would be my 6th or 7th Viva (I have lost count) and I make it my mission to go every single year. It is a lot easier for me now that I actually live in Vegas so you can expect to see me there next year too! My mom loves Viva too and it has become a tradition that we go together every year. I really enjoy spending time with my mom at Viva, it makes my experience extra special. This year I also invited my friends Sunny and Janelle who had never been to Viva until now. I know it was a huge culture shock for them as it was for me when I first attended a few years ago. We had a blast and it was so nice to have my mom and friends here from New York. I missed them all so much.

There is so much to do at Viva that you rarely get to follow an itinerary. My goal was to show my guests what Viva was all about but also what Vegas was all about. Being a good host wasn’t easy as I still had to work, had booked photo shoots, and but so much energy a day to do it all. I kept falling asleep at the most random of times because I was so beat haha but I got it done! I NAILED my photo shoots, still kicked but at work, and was able to show my guests the best of Vegas and Viva without collapsing from exhaustion (yay!). It was all worth it. We went to the Red Rock Canyon, Bonnie Springs, Boulder City, the Container Park, Downtown Fremont, and more aside from Viva. At Viva we dressed in our best threads, danced to great rockabilly bands, met so many great people, shopped the vendors, and got to see so many great cars at the car show. I was even a judge for the couples Swimsuit contest hosted by the Vintage Suits by Mary team! To be asked to be a judge was such an honor and I enjoyed it very much next to my fellow judges Dottie DeVille, Tony Medina (His Vintage Touch), and Madison Jane! Anyway, lets take it back a notch as I don’t want to give it all away just yet…We still have a few more posts to go before we get to all of that!

This was the Wednesday before Viva or as we call it, the pre game! There is always stuff going on before Viva for those early birds who get here a few days before the weekender. I was patiently awaiting the arrival of my guests so I kept myself busy with work and a photo shoot with my girl Susana Vestige! I cannot WAIT to see these photos as my outfits were insane and her work is impeccable! It was so nice to hang with her again and her assistant Ana was rad too! Once I was done with work and my shoot and my friends and mom had already arrived, we were off to the Orleans for the Pre-Viva All Star 2014 Show where we danced and got to get a taste of what was to come at Viva Las Vegas! I was excited so I wore my Tara Starlet playsuit and NicCoco Creations hair flower that matched perfectly. It was the perfect outfit for an eventful day! See photos inside.
5This Tara Starlet playsuit is one of my favorites and features a beautiful pink floral print.
6 It fits me exceptionally well and is so comfortable. It was so hot on this day so it was perfect!3I love how this playsuit matches my NicCoco Creations hair flower perfectly!8I styled my hair short for the photo shoot but it looked great for this outfit too. I let my hair down later on that night for a more Veronica Lake do.IMG_0516Wore these vintage sunnies because, well, they are my new favorites! They matched my outfit and my vintage purse!IMG_1392My vintage purse has a cool floral print too though you can’t see it in the photos above because I had it backwards haha.IMG_0741I also got to wear my Betsey Johnson shoes I found at Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. I wanted these when I worked for the company years ago and was reunited with them years later!
IMG_5353 Here are some BTS photos from my shoot earlier that day with Susana Vestige!IMG_5364 I wanted to wear this vintage suit for Viva but the hot weather wouldn’t allow it!IMG_5369 Her assistant was rad too! They were quite the dynamic duo!IMG_5415 With my love Susana!IMG_5413With her lovely assistant Ana!
IMG_7485 The gangs here! Lets have some pre-viva fun!IMG_7493 WEEEE!IMG_5494 My boos Janelle and Sunny!10251269_844481225569352_1687092085_nMy momma and I! So happy she was able to come and spend another Viva with me. I love her so much.IMG_7490Ruby Ann!IMG_7486 Now lets dance!IMG_7495 Me and my friend Lucky jiving!IMG_7496 IMG_7499Lovely gals, Ruby and Doris jiving!IMG_7508IMG_7517The Stompin Riff Raffs from Japan!IMG_7512 IMG_7518 IMG_7515 IMG_5486My loves!IMG_7491Flower girls!IMG_7501 My Vegas gal pals Dolly and Erica ❤IMG_7504 My Vegas wifey Yocelin! Love this girl beyond words!IMG_7494

As we were about to call it a night my mom played the slots and won 24 cents! Good job mom! lololol

Stay tuned for more Viva posts!


2 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 17 Day 1: Pregame!

  1. Had a great time with you and your friends. Loved all of the entertainment and fun places we visited while meeting so many wonderful people along the way. Oh, and you looked lovely as always.

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