Jas-Nylon-5 SMAs a comic lover, collector, and once illustrator..I love anything with a comic print. I am completely biased when it comes to this sort of thing. Just recently, Forever21 released a Marvel collection that I fell absolutely in love with and I nearly bought everything. My favorite pieces is the Spiderman Crop top and comic legend leggings. I wore them both together just the other day for a fun evening visiting downtown with friends. It was a coincidence that my mother gifted me an awesome comic stripped bow while I was in NY last week that looked perfect with my ensemble even though it was Batman. Back to Forever21, I also bought the Marvel body suit but this outfit is a little easier to wear out haha. Anyway, even though I wore a Batman Bow, Spiderman top, and comic leggings, everything matched together seamlessly. I even got to wear my new Love Cortnie “POW” Clutch from the NYLON Magazine shop (they have the cutest stuff!) I have been dying to wear since I received it last week! Cortnie creates fabulous clutches that appeal to all types of fashionistas regardless of their style preference. This bright yellow leather comic themed clutch literally screamed my name and tied my outfit together effortlessly. I am so in love with it so you can expect to see it on my blog at least 100 times this year. The inside lining is even a comic strip! Wearing this many prints can easily be overkill without the right accessories but I am pretty brave and pretty good at adding subtle elements to my outfits to avoid looking crazy haha. The only subtleties of this outfit was my black Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps, and my purple Karen Millen Leather jacket. Don’t know how I made this work but I did and my awesome/talented photographer friend, Daniel Rodriguez, was able to capture it all! Who knew an evening to the arts district would turn into a full on photo shoot?! Glad it did because you get to see all of the vibrant colors of my outfit! See more photos inside.
Jas-Nylon-1 SM

Being a silly wabbit with my Love Cortnie clutch hahaJas-Nylon-6-SMPOW! POW! POW!Jas-Nylon-4-SMMy hot pink polaroid sunnies work with all of my colorful outfits!Jas-Nylon-2 SMLove the lining of the Love Cortnie clutch! BANG! POW! WOW!
Jas-Nylon-3 SMThat’s all folks! Hope you like my crazy comic outfit and accessories! Head on over to Forever21 for more Marvel-ous Comic apparel from their new collection and head on over to the NYLON Magazine shop for cool accessories like this Love Cortnie Clutch!

Photos by: Daniel Rodriguez (@hey_there_daniel)


9 Comments on “Marvel-ous!

  1. I love the fact that f21 does that a special line you make comics so sexy lady I love that you guys found a great spot to take these photos “shout out to Santiago” photos he takes are amazing . Your look is effortless but full ofPOW!!!

    I love how you just have on shades awesome shoes purse n jacket n it all works wonderfully (no crazy jewlery)this is a definite share on my fb lol people need to see that art behind your outfits your week in that outfit is werrrrkin all I can say isWERRRKKRu Paul voice

  2. You worked it chica! I need to hit F21 before the next local comiccon.

  3. What can I say other than you wore it well, looked amazing as always and “Daniel” took some great shots.

  4. A well edited ensemble! The primary colors just bounce of that blue wall!!! You’ve got some fun poses as well!!! And, adore the vibrancy your new home brings out in you! Your blog is just happier and brighter!
    As a long time reader of Nylon Mag I feel so ashamed not to know they had a shop too!!!! I’m following the link after I say thank you for the heads up! So, thank you and please keep the hutzpah for these great and daring outfits!!!! ❤
    Adria Von Dutchess

  5. Your Bettie bangs are so on point it’s just ridiculous and jealousy inducing 😛

    Your style is rad – love the mix of comics. Not too matchy-matchy, but still in step with everything to have a coherent look. Well done!


    Veronica Vintage

  6. Really cute outfit and a great photos!

    While shopping for gloves I saw your photos on the site (you were wearing the dress that I’ve had in my basket for a little while now; I want it in green), you look

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