Warby Parker’s Vintage Charm

betterIt was another sunny and beautiful day in Vegas and I was dressed to the nines inspired by our (my best friend and I) new 1960s Palmer and Krisel designed home and its vibrant color scheme and atomic shapes. I can find inspiration from anywhere but I noticed that living here makes me want to dress in color all the time! Vegas is such a beautiful and bright place to live and though I love to catch some sun, sometimes the sun is really strong and I need a little shade. It has become a necessity to add a pair of shades to every one of my outfits and as of recent, I broke my favorite pair of 1940s vintage shades that I wear with everything. Many of you vintage lovers out there understand my pain when I tell you that I nearly cried in a fetal position when I broke my favorite vintage shades and there was no way to repair them because trust me, I tried. I even searched ebay and etsy for a similar pair but didn’t have any luck at all until I discovered these Daughter of Pearl Warby Parker Aurora shades that look almost identical to the pair I broke but better! I love the Marbled Acetate frame and the dusty rose faded lenses and have been wearing them to death since I got my hands on them. They are my new favorite go-to specs and since they are brand new, I don’t have to worry much about them breaking due to age. They look good with just about everything so I wore them on this day with my Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Maryl Christian Louboutin red pumps, and my kissable lips purse. It was the perfect retro-modern outfit and my sunnies gave it that extra touch of fabulous! Check out how I sported these darling vintage inspired shades inside!

IMG_04013 I am obsessed with Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dresses and I wear them all the time. They are not only comfortable but sexy as well. I always find them at inexpensive prices when I visit Buffalo Exchange.IMG_0387I feel like every girl should have a wrap dress in her closet. They are just so easy to throw on and accessorize!
1I added red accessories to compliment my look.
IMG_0381 I love pairing turquoise and red together. These have become all of my favorite colors.IMG_0409red earrings..
IMG_0429...Reb shoes, and my red lips purse which you can get a better glimpse of in my previous post.IMG_0418Normally, you wouldn’t think of pairing these awesome Warby Parker shades with this outfit but they are so versatile, they can pretty much be worn with anything.IMG_0435 Love the marbled acetate frames.
IMG_0432And I certainly love the pinkish dusty rose lenses. I have never seen that before.IMG_0438Aren’t they perfect?!

Thank you for saving the day Warby Parker!

Visit Warby Parker http://www.warbyparker.com to search for your go-to sunnies! The summer is right around the corner!

Photos by Santiago.


9 Comments on “Warby Parker’s Vintage Charm

  1. Love this I really enjoy the colors your serving us werrrkkk it jazzy .The house design is just beautiful everything is beautiful.

  2. Love the glasses and you look lovely in that dress. Love the colors of your new home too, can’t wait to visit.

  3. You look amazing! Just completely stunning from head to toe. I can’t wait to visit my west coast home to my heart for Viva in a few weeks, you get me so excited every time you post something new and it makes me miss it so much LOL!


    Veronica Vintage

  4. I live in vegas too. where do you get your hair done

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