Breakin hearts!

TWOIt was my first Valentine’s day in Vegas and I was asked to host an awesome annual event called The Broken Hearts Show. I was pretty nervous as I had never hosted a show before but I did awesome and the show was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed a burlesque show by La Rosa Muerta and rocked out to the Black Mambas, Will and the Hi-rollers, and the amazing tunes played on the 1s and 2s by DJ Lucky, Gallo Negro, Omar the Kid, and favorite pinup girl DJ Maybelline. I couldn’t believe how incredible this event ended up turning out and Beauty Bar was the perfect venue for it. Everyone danced till the sun came up, the ladies looked lovely, and the gents were howling like wolves. I wanted to break some hearts myself that night so I wore my new silver lurex top and pants by Bernie Dexter, my new lips purse I purchased at Buffalo Exchange a few days earlier, my leather jacket, and candy apple Maryl Christian Louboutin pumps. I was definitely in the spirit (I always am, even if I don’t have a valentine) and can’t help my adoration for this red and pink themed holiday. Who says V-day has to be about celebrating your relationship with someone else? Hell, you can celebrate the relationship you have with yourself! So in honor of one of my favorite holiday’s and one of my favorite artists, I decided to incorporate Curtis Kulig’sLove me” tags in my photos to celebrate self-love <3. So here’s a toast to being your own Valentine and treating yourself on this special day!

See photos of the event and my outfit inside!
ONEI was feeling very Barbie as usual so I wore my hair in a pony tail and gave myself a bumper bang. Of course I couldn’t leave the house without red lips to match my red lips purse and vintage earrings!
THREELove love love this lurex outfit by Bernie Dexter so I also purchased it in gold at the Slapback shop in my old hometown, NYC. It goes so well with the red contrast!SIXKiss Kiss!FIVEMy purse matched my shoes PERFECTLY! I was stoked to sport them together!FOURFeeling the love?IMG_1777 Wish I had better pics of La Rosa Muerta! She did awesome!IMG_1780My girl Yocelin a.k.a DJ Maybelline dancing!IMG_1804“Lipstick makes you pretty”
IMG_1797Breakin hearts!IMG_1793Me and my girl Dolly! Love her!IMG_1814The Black Mambas!IMG_1817They were SO awesome!IMG_1825 Will and the Hi-Rollers had everyone dancing till the sun came up!IMG_1834 IMG_1837 IMG_1842My boy Artem and I! He (Beach Bash Beachwear) sponsored the show!

Photos by Santiago

Good times!


3 Comments on “Breakin hearts!

  1. Glad to see you having a good time with such great people. Looks like the night was definately full of fun and you looked Hot in that Bernie Dexter outfit..

  2. Happy to hear (and see!) that you’re having a good time in Vegas! Love the pics 🙂

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