What a doll!

comic3 I have been following this pretty lady named Jocie a.k.a @Trashtini for a while now since I am always amazed by her artistic makeup skills and killer lolita style. She looks like a living, breathing, gorgeous doll and the girl’s got talent for days, so I was happy to see that she started her very own pretty-in-pink shop called “Shopdollys” full of cute handmade accessories, stickers she designed, vintage pieces, and more which is perfect for any girly girl like myself. I recently got my hands on a few of her bone clips and I absolutely love them. I wear them all the time and they complement my outfits well. Last Friday, It was Valentine’s day and I was feeling super girly and wore one of her pink bone clips with this cute “sweetheart” sweater I recently bought at Buffalo Exchange and it looked perfect! I am absolutely obsessed with these little gems that make such a huge statement with my lolita-like outfits and I can’t wait to see what else she creates for her shop in the near future!

comic2eyesIMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0370Visit Shopdollys.com for an overload of cuteness!

Photos by Santiago.


3 Comments on “What a doll!

  1. I love getting your newsletter and your fashion sense-you are super Rad!!!!
    You and other bloggers have inspired me to start my own blog!!! Please checkout Bohemian Beauty By Dutchess @ bbeautybydutchess.blogspot.com -thanks:)

  2. I love these images! Do you plan your shoots yourself? Some great work! 🙂

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