Red Rock-n-Rollin!

photo 3Hello my loves! I know I haven’t been posting as much as I usually do but I am still adjusting to my move to Vegas and my new job. The good news is that I am transitioning a lot better than I thought. I don’t think I have EVER been this happy in my life. I know everything happens when the time is right but gosh do I wish I could have moved a lot sooner. Everything I ever dreamed of while I was in New York, I have achieved in the 2 months of living in Vegas. I have a great job, I have been modeling with great photographers, I am surrounded by like-minded people, and I now share a BEAUTIFUL 1960’s home with my best friend Santiago. Dude, I have so much closet space and my own home office! I would have had to work 1000 times harder in NY to have that. I promise you that they lied when they said NY is practically the only place for opportunities. They lied when they said it was the only place you could follow your dreams. I am living proof of that. You don’t have to struggle to achieve greatness, you just have to be BRAVE. You have to be willing to unnattach yourselves from your comfort zones and complacency. I was so scared to run back to New York and can’t believe that I am now saying I will never go back unless its to visit my friends and family I miss very much. I have literally been having the time of my life here in Vegas and when I am not working, traveling, partying with my friends, enjoying my new home, or visiting cool towns, I am indulging in the beautiful scenery of Vegas’ vast desert and mountains. I love seeing the mountains here and a few weeks ago when Santiago and I were cruising around our new neighborhood, we decided to visit Red Rock Canyon to celebrate moving into our new home. Sure we could have had dinner and drinks but Santiago and I like to live a very unconventional life so Red Rock Canyon seemed like a rad idea and a great way to absorb the beauty and essence of Vegas. I was floored by the scenery as I had never been there. The entire dessert looked like a beautiful painting. You almost question if it’s real or some movie setting haha. God, the world is such a beautiful place and there is nothing better than being surrounded by nature, land, and mountains that hasn’t been destroyed by buildings, money, and greed. I wasn’t necessarily dressed for the occasion as it wasn’t the initial plan of the day but I was prepared for a little mountain hopping thanks to my H&M flats I always bring with me. Hell, I was in my new Miss Bana Loubies! Check out the scenery, my new home, and my fun ensemble inside!
IMG_0093This beautiful home was designed in the 50s and built in 1962 by a famous architect named William Krisel. Santiago has been a big fan of his work for some time now so it is a dream to live in a house designed and built by the man himself. We were lucky that the house had one owner because everything was original with the exception of an extra room that was renovated back to its original state thanks to creative genius’ Dave Cornoyer and Jeremy Kip. They transformed this colorless home into a work of art in the neighborhood and we feel so fortunate to live in this masterpiece! I will showcase more photos of our home when we are more settled.<38Inspired by our new home and the 1950s I wore my new vintage poodle skirt I recently purchased at Electric Lemonade here in Vegas. I love the salmon color contrast against my baby pink H&M angora sweater.6 I think my home and I make a perfect match don’t you think?1In Vegas you always need a pair of sunnies handy for those strong rays of sunlight so I wore my pink Polaroid cat eye sunglasses. They went perfect with my outfit.3What an awesome coincidence that I had a vintage nylon scarf that had a pink to salmon ombre color that worked perfectly with my outfit as well! For earrings I went with my soft pearl vintage clip-on earrings as the gold and pink pearls matched my vintage poodle necklace excellently.4How cute is my necklace!
2I recently visited the Retro Vegas shop and they are now selling clothing so I bought this cool vintage tiki style purse which works well for carrying my camera and the rest of my life.
IMG_0124 Here is some more detail of my skirt. See the cute poodle?5Love my Miss Bana Loubies! They are so sexy and they certainly make me look taller haha.9 Off we go!IMG_0004 The outskirts of Vegas is a sight for sore eyes. Check out all of the images I shot of this beautiful place.IMG_0005 Gorgeous.IMG_0008 Red Rock Canyon<3IMG_0009 I could sit here and embrace this scenery all day.IMG_0552My panoramic shot of the land.<3IMG_0010 Looks like a painting doesn’t it? Hard to believe its real.IMG_0016 Thank god for flats!IMG_0011 IMG_0018 My bestie Santiago!IMG_0019 He always takes me to the best places. Love you Shmenkee!IMG_0028can I build a fort here?
IMG_0025 Love the colors of the mountains<3IMG_0037
IMG_0042 Haha we wanted to climb this mountain so bad.IMG_0041Santiago showing us his muscles haha
IMG_0065 Stunning.IMG_0068My favorite shot of the day<3IMG_0578

If you are ever in Vegas, please make it a priority to visit the Red Rock Canyon. Its one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Oh, and bring flats haha! 😉


20 Comments on “Red Rock-n-Rollin!

  1. I’m so glad you are having a great time! That house is amazing. I can’t wait to see more photos of it. I also like that you match the mountains with your outfit.

  2. I love love love how cute is that sweater n that scarf was pretty handy because it went so well together “complete look”
    All those rock snap shots are amazin looks like a great place to reflect think and breathe. Also brought out Santiago inner model. Great pics guys can’t wait till the next post since I don’t really travel your blog is a mini vacation for me 😜

  3. Love the new home and your outfit did match it perfectly. Red Rock Canyon looks like an Awesome place to visit as for the pictures show it all. Glad that you and Santiago have found your happiness and are able to share such great moments together. Best of luck to you both.

  4. I love this! Congrats on your new adventures in Las Vegas 🙂 I’m giggling when I see these pictures and not in a bad way but a great way because it reminds me about 3 years ago when I was visiting Vegas with my parents and they said “lets go to Red Rock Canyon”. Great! So I put on my 1950s skirt, cute top and saddle shoes for my mini adventures at the Canyon. When my parents saw me they started laughing and said “Who dresses like that to go to a canyon?” I’m glad to see that I’m not alone 🙂 Enjoy your new chapter in your life.

  5. Very happy for you. I’m glad you are getting all settled into Vegas. Love your outfit. The sky is so blue in your photos! Looking forward to more house pics.

  6. I Am so happy for you. This is beautiful and you look Amazing so yes perfect match. I really loved the way you talked about ambition. Thank you.
    Reading your post, made my day.

    Lots of love from Paris,

  7. Love the post but then again I love everything you blog about. You look beautiful as always, your outfit , classy and gorgeous as usual. I love LOVE your house. So unique !! I am glad the west coast has been good to you and that u are happy and having the time off your life. I too have been contmeplating about moving to Vegas for quite some time by the way you talk about it have me sold. Lol. I have been looking at houses and have yet to see one as beautiful and historical as your. Love u and ur blog girl. 🙂

  8. Love the post. well I love all of your posts. Lol. your house is amazing your outfit is as usual. I’m glad the West Coast is treating you well and yourw having such a good time in Vegas. I too have been contemplating a move to Vegas for quite some time and the way you talk about it makes me want to pack up and just go. Lol. I’ve been checking out houses and I have yet to come across one as beautiful and historical is yours. Congrats on your new home and new Vegas life. 🙂

  9. this is amazing and inspiring. Awesome seeing other entrepreneurs share their new experiences and perspectives on an expanded life.Continue to be great kindred! Peace&Love

  10. your house is BEAUTIFUL!! I love vintage homes!! I’m glad you adjusting to vegas really well, oh & VIVA, how cool is that you can walk to viva from your home lol!!! The canyon looks nice wish I was with you guys!!

  11. I love love Vegas!!! I can’t wait to go back and discover more ! i’m pretty excited to know I have a guide who will tell me about all of the awesome spots!

  12. I love this! I’ve been follwoing your blog for years now and you are still inspiring me today. I love that you said you can be successful in other places outside new york. I am planning to leave the east soon and that was just the extra inspiration I needed. Thanks for sharing this. Congrats on everything and I can’t wait to see the inside!

  13. You are the first person to actually make me want to visit Vegas. And you are blooming madly there. Good to know you are living the dream- certainly you make thriving look damn good. I hope you don’t mind but I used some pics of you in today’s blog post- somehow you went well with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Lots of love from Seattle, Bella

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