My Top Sexiest Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s day!


Valentine’s day is one of my FAVORITE holidays of the year and I am sure it’s the same for many lingerie brands all over the world. The entire theme fills a gals romantic heart with joy and nothing is more exciting than spending that special day with that special someone. Hell, I even enjoy Valentine’s day when I am single as I make it a tradition to go to my local Agent Provocateur to gift myself something sexy because in the end the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself right? Exactly. As a lingerie addict, I understand the importance of under garments and the effect it can have on one’s self esteem. The same way a man feels in a suit is the same way women feel in lingerie and a suit to a woman is what lingerie is to a man. Make sense? Ok, cool. Moving along.. My point is, lingerie is the sh*t and you should wear it often if not for your partner then for yourself.

Now let’s get to talking about comfort. You do not have to do the whole shebang. You do not have to do the stockings, the garters, and the pasties. I personally love everything and anything but for you it may be different. You may prefer a sheer baby doll slip over a set, a high-waisted brief over a thong, or a corset over a bra. The great thing about lingerie is that  it caters to every body type and comfort offering a variety of shapes and styles that suit you best. You just have to do a little shopping research to find pieces that suit your taste and price range. I like browsing through shops like Journelle and Faire Frou Frou because they introduce me to different brands from all over the world but I also have my specific favorite brands like Agent Provocateur, What Katie Did, Secrets in Lace, Playful Promises, and more that are my go-to’s. Anyway, so whilst browsing for some things to gift myself this Valentine’s day, I came across some great valentines pieces I wanted to share with some of you ladies out there who are looking for something HOT this Valentine’s day. Check it out inside!

Agent_Provocateur_logoOk so I am very much aware that Agent Provocateur is expensive but if you are a lingerie addict like myself who will probably spend a little more, these are my FAVORITE selections you should get your hands on for Valentine’s day.e4669150-1The Brittnie Set is a show stopper and reminds me of AP’s Shazaam set they used to produce in a number of neon colors. I like that this set has a touch of purple for a cool contrast. Neon looks great on girls who have a more tanned skin tone too!

90b4629eThe Whitney Set is incredible. I bought this set for myself on my birthday last year and GOD is it one of my favorites of my personal collection. If you want his eyes to pop out of his head the minute he takes your clothes off, go with this set. I like wearing the bra under a tank top or a low V-neckline cut dress.

35d9afec-1 6da172e5This Cendrillon Set is another show stopper because the peek-a-boo brief is like a gift he will want to unwrap. I love the demi cup bra too because you can wear pasties or nothing at all! Such a fun ensemble. I own this set and the only con of it is that it doesn’t have any stretch so make sure you try it before you buy it ladies!

e30de937The Love Set in Peach is a classic only they used to only make it in ivory, black, and red. I am SO happy they now have it in this elegant peach color. Such an elegant set for the classic woman in you.

f9d3b417The Birthday Suit set is amazing even if it isn’t your birthday haha. This is like the perfect Valentine’s day set that will have him seeing hearts and have him feeling like it’s actually his birthday..And the best part is….
30c6aeadIt also comes in a playsuit!  Who doesn’t love a playsuit and pasties? Blow out the candles and show him that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake!e142199cHow glamorous is the Gloria Basque and thong set?! Beautifully executed lace and what a wonderful color for Valentine’s day!

c85cd34dYou can also get naughty with the Agent Provocateur Charades game! Ever played charades in your bedroom? 😉


Love Agent Provocateur but are a little uncomfortable with the prices? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Journelle now offers Agent Provocateur’s less expensive line of lingerie called L’Agent and some of their pieces are to die for!~LAGL02010_valentinored_PD~LAGL02045_valentinored_PD~LAGL02030_valentinored_PDLove this Esthar lace set! Agent Provocateur is known for experimenting with lace and I love how they were able to creatively place hearts on the nips of this balcony bra, garter, and brief!
LAGL01031_violet_VM1Agent Provocateur used to have a set called Nikita that was so brilliantly done. It was the best push up demi cup bra ever that made even A cups look like B’s. Now they have the Danita set that is almost exactly the same and at a lower price range which is really awesome. It comes in violet and red and is soooo sexy.
LAGL01031_valentinored_VM1[Danita set in red]


Dita Von Teese knows lingerie like nobody’s business so it’s no surprise that she is now designing lingerie. Von Follies by Dita Von Teese was inspired by Dita’s long-time love of lingerie and her own personal collection of vintage lingerie. It resembles the creativity and decadence of the 40’s and 50’s.
vonfollies_hersexellency_red_dressI am particularly enamored by the Von Follies by Dita Von Teese dress and would totally wear this OUT of the bedroom. It comes in black too but I think red would be more fitting for Valentine’s day. Something like this for a date would reassure you a second date EASY.claudette2012

I recently found out about Claudette when I visited my favorite lingerie shop called Kaori’s Closet back in New York. I fell in LOVE with a camouflage set they had there and bought two of everything. Not even kidding. I love this set so much. It is the first time I have ever seen a camouflage bra and panty set so wonderfully executed. Its comfortable, sexy, unique, and reasonably priced. What more could a girl ask for?

claudette_camo_Dessous_modelThe Claudette Camo bra and thong is like my go-to bra and panty set I love to wear with my more sporty clothes.

6672_neon_green_thigh_highs__53979_zoomBut pair the Claudette Camo set with these Leg Avenue Neon high highs for Valentine’s day and watch his heart skip a beat!what-katie-did-logoWhat Katie Did is my go-to for classic retro pieces many of us Pinup girls love and adore. If you want lingerie that resembles the 1940’s and 50’s to the T, you go with WKD.

417uNMFcYCL._SY445_Right now, my favorite set on their website is the What Katie Did Marlene set in RED. Some guys have a bullet bra fetish, and this is the perfect vintage inspired set that will turn him into a “Mad Man”.logo

Secrets in Lace is one of my favorite lingerie brands because I love the fit, comfort, and sexiness of their pieces. I also love and wear their stockings 24/7 because they last me the longest of every brand I have ever wore. My favorite collection is their Bettie Page Collection that features a variety of styles you can mix and match to your personal taste. Below are some of my favorites.

712_3062_popupI LOVE the Bettie Leopard sets by Secrets in Lace and they come in awesome colors like red, purple, and pink and in a variety of styles too! Love the bullet bra and frilly garter belt of this set and..713_3049_popup…this sexy girdle skirt too!
883_3177_popupAnother favorite of mine is this Bettie Blue set. I own it in pink and I absolutely love the comfort, fit, and sex appeal!Trashy.comThough I don’t particularly agree with the name because I do not think lingerie is trashy at all nor does it make a woman trashy to wear it but… has a few cute and comfortable styles I really like for Valentine’s day like..

66442The Stepford Edy set! I think this set is adorable and it has a cute apron you can wear it with!
6643066431-175378The Stepford button set is also pretty cute if you want to go for a more comfortable retro look on Vday!

25537Another comfortable set would be the Cabbow Camisole set! Love the sex appeal of the off-the-shoulder straps and sheer heart lace.logosmallPlayful Promises is also one of my FAVORITE brands for lingerie and they are always coming up with unique retro designs that make me swoooon. I have many of their pieces and I love that they have reasonably priced high quality pieces that make any and every woman look and feel sexy. Some styles they have right now are amazing for Vday so check em out below.


This Ruby Red set is amazing and super fun if you like the idea of wearing pasties. Be still my Burlesque beating heart!

a875f50ca4247ab469d4e520647a329212a272fd--900x1350autoYou could break a few hearts in this Heart Breaker soft cup bra and panty set! Comfortable and sexy!

9e0da1345552b352b1f0b8ca44a9c41f88f1a7c1--900x1350autoLast but not least is the Nancy Neon Pink set which I absolutely love! Such a great color for a black lace contrast! This one is for pre-order but I’d wear this on any regular day!

I hope my picks are perfect for your special day! Now get to shopping ladies and gents!


12 Comments on “My Top Sexiest Lingerie Picks for Valentine’s day!

  1. Well this post certainly got me excited about Valentine’s Day, and I don’t even like Valentine’s Day! The Cendrillon set is my favorite, omg. I love what you wrote about being single on Valentine’s Day. Even though I’ve been in a relationship for many years, since we never celebrate V Day, I might just go out and celebrate it on my own with the awesomest valentine I know: me!

  2. Great post. Now I want to go buy new lingerie. My fave is the leopard bettie set from SIL, that has got to be the sexiest girdle ever. As a big gal I tend to drool over stuff I see but finding it in my size can be a challenge. I’m going to check these websites out and see what I can score. This year a plus size lingerie store opened up 5 minutes from my house, and your post just reminded me I am long overdue for a treat.

    One question: How do you get the pasties to stay on, I got some for my bachelorette party years ago, and I can’t get them to stay put. They came with an adhesive that didn’t work.

    • Hi,
      This online lingerie retailer offers some beautiful sexy lingerie for the plus size woman (BBW). We have Hosiery upto 5x/6x, Vintage Lingerie upto 3x We also give you 5% off upon check out. Use code: BNTLCD005. Have Fun…

  3. I bought my first suspenders today and then came home to find this! My pair are looking a bit shabby in comparison to these beauties 😦

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  5. Really so attractive and eye-catching lingerie which are showing in this post. I also using these types of sexy lingerie for attract my husband with change my husband’s mode in romantic. Most of time I liked to shops this lingerie from online such as

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