Viva las Christmas Eve!

1It was Christmas Eve and I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit because it was my first one away from my family. I was bummed but I told myself that I could either stay home being all emo about it or make the best of it. Plus, I had the most beautiful Bernie Dexter dress and Niccococo Starburst hair flower sitting in my closet just waiting for the perfect moment to be worn and this was that day. So I chose to go out and have a grand time with my newly extended family here in Vegas and it was the best decision I made. My friends Derek and Yocelin really made my Christmas special and we had such a BLAST. Our first stop was our friend Ralph’s house. He always throws the best little parties at his amazing retro pad and keeps it full of the most interesting people. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be a part of such a tight-knit community of people who love the 50s and 60s just as much as I do. Every time we go to Ralph’s, we always know their will be great tunes, boos (for those who drink), dancing, and good conversations. He kept my Christmas spirit going when I saw his beautiful tree and it surely wasn’t the last I would see that night. We went off to the Bellagio’s atrium to see the amazing Christmas set up they have in their garden. It was beautifully decorated to the nine’s with reindeer, giant nutcracker, gingerbread houses, snowmen, and the biggest Christmas trees! It was so beautiful and made me wish my mom was there to see it. I am hoping I can bring her this year. Christmas could have been tough but I spent the day with my wonderful friends and got to visit some wonderful places. I felt blessed and it was all I could ask for.IMG_9560The walk to Ralph’s place was lovely. It is good to see people in the spirit even if they have palm trees and no snow lol.IMG_9531 I kept my outfit classic in my Bernie Dexter Jubilee dress I purchased at the Slapback Shop in Brooklyn. My friend Renee always has such a wonderful selection of dresses, many of my favorites by Bernie Dexter. It was a little chilly out so I wore my vintage fur stole.  It was the perfect accessory.IMG_9545Not sure if you can see but my dress has a beautiful winter wonderland print. I love it so much. The shelf bust and sleeves make me swoon too.
IMG_9544I wore a petticoat under my dress to make it flair out a little more.IMG_9538I also wore nude back seam stockings.IMG_9552 I swear this is the prettiest hair flower I have ever worn. It was so perfect for this dress. My earrings are vintage and they reminded me of snowflakes so I wore those too and…IMG_9554They have a matching brooch I pinned to the side of my dress and a matching bracelet. IMG_9555 For a purse I kept it simple with this vintage bronze clutch.IMG_9557For shoes, I wore my candy apple red Christian Louboutin peep toe heels. It matched my Niccococo hair flower ❤IMG_9643 Ralph’s retro pad!IMG_9644 I adore his kitchen!IMG_9641 he has a vintage TV that works!IMG_9640 Adorable little bar set-up!IMG_9638Caught my best friend Santiago by the record player, admiring the 45’s.IMG_9632 My friend Yocelin was such a babe in her vintage cashmere red sweater and plaid pants!IMG_9631Can’t thank her enough for making my Christmas so special. IMG_9591 Haha, I fell in love with Ralph’s tree.IMG_9574 Sparkle!photo 4The Bellagio Atrium<3IMG_9648 Isn’t it gorgeous?IMG_9647 Atomic snowflakes!IMG_9645 Giant trees adorned with lights, ornaments, crystals, and more.IMG_9652 So pretty!IMG_9658 Look at how happy I was ❤IMG_9660 Reindeer!IMG_9662 nutcracker!IMG_9663Santiago was trying to stop me from eating that gingerbread house behind him lol.
IMG_9666 We were an interesting crowd ha!IMG_9669 Santa Claus is coming to town!IMG_9667Jingle bells!IMG_9672 IMG_9683 IMG_9681I hope your Christmas was fabulous loves!

If not, come to Vegas and celebrate it here in the new year and be sure to visit the Bellagio!


11 Comments on “Viva las Christmas Eve!

  1. Glad you had a great time over Christmas. You looked absolutely stunning in that dress and fur stoll. Hope 2014 brings you everything your heart desires!

  2. you look absolutely stunning! It looks like you all had a lovely time, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year pretty lady xx

  3. You looked beautiful as always. Can’t tell you how much I love that dress and you definately wore it well. Glad your friends made you feel at home during your first Christmas away from home. Looks like you had an amazing evening with amazing people and such great sites that you visited. We also missed you at home though it brings us comfort to know that you are in good hands.

  4. You looked fabulous as always. Christmas away from family, especially when you are not used to it is hard. It’s good you have friends to spend it with, and friends are sometimes like family too.

  5. You are so beautiful , I just totally adore your outfit, most of all the Bernie Dexter dress, omg ! 😀
    It really wonderful, I love the fact that the tree is all golden… I think I never saw one of those !

    Happy New Year, wishing you all the best.

  6. You Look Beautiful as Always! I know the feeling, it’s tough the first Holidays away from the family! I am glad you had a nice and blessed one with loved ones! Lots of blessings and love Cous’. XOXO

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