Master the retro look for the new year!

Retro Makeup Front Cover SmallThe new year is finally here and this is the time where many of us women start getting that  New Years itch to improve, enhance, or change-up our look and I’ve noticed that many of you have a resolution to achieve the retro look or add aspects of it to your own personal style for 2014. I receive a high volume of emails on a daily basis with questions on how to acquire/master the retro look, questions I wish I could answer all at once as it seems that many of you have a hard time with it. Finally I have figured out how I can help.

3200983617_8a318492b1_oFor many of you beginners, let me explain that I was right where you are when I first fell in love with everything retro and though many of you think I have got it all figured out, I actually don’t and am still learning new tips and tricks every day. What helped me figure out how I could sharpen my skills with my retro look was by reading new and old books on the topic. However, two of the books I have found most helpful has been the Vintage Hair Styling book I spoke about a few years ago and this awesome Retro Makeup book by Lauren Rennells. Her books share all of the tips, tricks, and secrets of achieving the retro look and I can’t tell you how much I have learned by reading them. The Retro Makeup Book is the newest addition to my collection. I wanted to polish up my own makeup skills for the new year. What I find fascinating is that you don’t even have to be into the retro look to apply these tips into your normal makeup regime. Classic makeup is versatile and works with any style.

In my opinion, your makeup and your hair really complete your outfit. I find that even when my outfits are not so great, if my hair and makeup looks amazing, my outfit looks so much better. If you want to polish up your makeup skills, acquire the retro look, or apply these makeup tips to your own personal style, I suggest you invest in these Hrst books.

Here is what you can expect to see from both books:

The Retro Makeup Book!
Retro-Makeup-02 Retro-Makeup-06-1930s Retro-Makeup-09-1950s 07The1950s.inddThe Vintage Hairstyling book!Retro_Makeup_Book_1 pin_curl_hairstyle_ideas_pin_curl_hairstyle_pictures-11 06vintagehairstylespincurl1 10vintagehairstylespincurlback

Now head on over to the Hrst shop and grab yourselves these books to refine your look for the new year!


4 Comments on “Master the retro look for the new year!

  1. I’ve always been so curious about both of those books – I might have to grab them. They look PERFECT. Thanks for the tip! xoxo

  2. I got the hairstyling book a few years back when I first got interested in retro, and it is an amazing book. A huge chunk of the styles I do to my hair came from there. I found it very easy to follow, but I’m not sure if that comes from being a hairstylist, but this book is my retro hair bible. I have become super fannish on Lauren Rennells. I hope to get the makeup book for my next anniversary.

  3. We sell these books at the shop I work at and am always flipping through them- they really do have a ton of great tips!

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