My Dia De Los Muertos Birthday Celebration!

IMG_9381November was a crazy month and I had no idea if I would even celebrate my 27th birthday on the 9th, because I barely had any time to pick out an outfit, send out invitations, or make reservations. However, my family and friends weren’t having it and told me to get some rest, put on an outfit, and get my ass out of the house to celebrate it before my big move to Vegas. They took care of everything and for once I didn’t have to do anything and I certainly couldn’t say no. Hell, I was overwhelmed with gratitude that my friends/family wanted me to truly enjoy my birthday. That night still puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. It was surprise after surprise and I didn’t have just one cake but 3 CAKES. One velvet cake from my dad, one beautiful Day of the Dead cake from the girls at work, and one giant cheesecake from my friend Lourdes so needless to say…I got cake wasted haha. I celebrated with my family at my mother’s house first and spent the rest of the night with my friends and my sister. I was SO happy that my little sis was able to join me and it really was the highlight of my night. Many times I can’t take her with me to places because she isn’t 21 but that doesn’t mean she can’t wine and dine with us!

Since its been a tradition to celebrate my birthday on or close to Halloween, I decided to go with a Dia De Los Muertos theme this time around which went perfectly with the decor of Empellon Cocina, a restaurant my friends and I went to just before heading to The Blind Barber. The dress code was to over-dress and look your best and boy did my friends look GORG. I wore a beautiful Betsey Johnson dress I have been anticipating wearing for the last 3 birthdays and it really was worth the wait. I initially wanted to wear the dress with a black flower crown but didn’t have time so I just created a headpiece out of bobby pins and fake flowers from Michael’s lol. To play off the nude and black colors of my outfit I wore some cool Leg Avenue stockings that had cute lace detail and for makeup I went with a maroon smokey eye and dark maroon lip. To complete the look I accessorized by wearing black jewels, a bronze vintage clutch, and my nude glitter Christian Louboutin Jenny pumps. The outfit turned out quite nicely for something I didn’t really plan out. Everything turned out perfect. I had an incredible and memorable time and I couldn’t be happier with the realization that I have such amazing, genuine, and loving friends.IMG_7081 My first cake was sooo pretty! My dad bought it and my mother decorated it to go with my theme. She did a great job!IMG_7082 Made a wish..IMG_9335I wanted to be dark but still elegant with my look and it worked.
IMG_9337So happy that my sister spent my birthday with me. I love her. She looked so fierce in that Betsey Johnson lace romper! I have the same one and I can’t wait to wear it again!IMG_9445Here are the accessories I wore for my look.
IMG_9443Aren’t the stockings cool?!IMG_9446I wanted my nails to be shiny and black so I went with Opi’s Private Jet color.
IMG_9440My shoes are by, none other than, Christian Louboutin ❤IMG_7096 Empellon Cocina!IMG_7159My sassy and gorgeous friend Vanessa!
IMG_7101 My pretty friends Lourdes, Vanessa, and Stephanie from left to right. IMG_7099 My favorite KM girls Giselle and Anita with my sister Brittany.IMG_7109 I love them all so much!IMG_7119 Love that my sister had a great time ❤IMG_9341 ahhh presents! Thank you my loves!IMG_7183Stephanie gifted me this AWESOME Elvis Necklace!IMG_7180I was BLOWN AWAY by this Day of the Dead cake my friends at work gifted me!!!! How gorgeous and fitting is she?!photo222Such a beauty!
IMG_9390 Sylvia Ji Day of the Dead portraits adorn the room ❤IMG_9388 One of my favorites!IMG_9389 So gorge.IMG_9386This is where everyone sang happy birthday and I felt completely awkward haha.IMG_9378 I didn’t even want to eat the cake because it was so pretty haha.IMG_9374Sisterly love!IMG_9362My girls! ❤IMG_7165 Isn’t Vanessa such a doll?IMG_7155 Oh you know, just taking a bathroom selfie in an ornate mirror.IMG_7179 Hello Blind Barber! This is a barber shop that has a secret bar in the back and a dance floor so you can shake your tail feathers!IMG_9398 My loves!IMG_9394 Shoe game!IMG_9401 Wepa Vanessa!IMG_9408 I think this backdrop is more fitting for this outfit than the orange one at my mother’s house don’t you think? The checkered and battered floor reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!IMG_9409 I love that my Betsey Johnson dress has a matching bolero. This dress was a sample so I feel fortunate to have one of the very few that exist!IMG_9410IMG_7268Found my dream car on the way home. No big deal lol.

Thank you to all of my friends and family who made my last birthday such a memorable and wonderful night and to all of you who wished me a happy birthday and made me feel so special and fuzzy inside.

27 is going to be a great year, I just know it!


9 Comments on “My Dia De Los Muertos Birthday Celebration!

  1. Awww! Yea! That’s so cool that your sis got to celebrate with you one last time before you made your big move! You absolutely kill me. LOL Anytime you don’t plan your outfits, you look amazing! Then there’s Brittany! She’s got her own style that I love, love, love. Man! Frenchy, you passed on your amazing style down to your daughters!

  2. Yes! Your 27th birthday was definitely a good one. Good time with great company. Glad that your sister was included in the fun too. You both looked beautiful as well as all your friends. As for that dress you wore, that dress is soooooo beautiful and you looked just as beautiful in it.

  3. I am completely envious! I did a pin-up shoot a couple years ago that was inspired by Sylvia Ji’s work and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!

    So glad to hear you had such a great birthday. You (WOW! great outfit) and your friends look great and those cakes are fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.

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