The Manhattan Vintage Show 2013

IMG_9215Well HELLO my loves! Sorry for my hiatus. I was just in LA last week and finally landed in Vegas just a few days ago and with this move and traveling I haven’t had much time to catch up on my blog. With that said..You may see some posts I probably should have done a month ago haha. This is certainly one of them.

A few weeks ago, might even be a month ago, I was feeling really sick but did not want to miss the Manhattan Vintage Show before my move to Vegas. So I put my big girl panties on and ran over to the show right before work so I could see some of my favorite people at some of my favorite booths. I only had two hours before I had to clock in to work but I made the very best of it. I got to see my friends Daniel and Janell at their D&J Vintage booth, Neal and Judy Bergman at What Was Is Vintage, Carla from Carla and Carla, and some of the lovely folks at Amalgamated Vintage. I also got to meet Jean Paul Gaultier! He was awesome and let me take a photo of him. I noticed him right away as I was admiring the beautiful vintage hats at the Go Vintage booth. I didn’t do any shopping this time around but I did see some really cool pieces I wish I bought! Allow me to show you around..
IMG_6623 The logo of the Manhattan Vintage show happens to be a Vogue cover from the year 1950 by Erwin Blumenfeld. I happen to have a rare playsuit with this exact print from the 50’s as well.IMG_6624 A modern take on vintage fashion by Mary McFadden.IMG_9264IMG_6625 IMG_6626 I’ll take both of these please.IMG_9215Lucky number booth 45 and here I am as the D&J Vintage poster girl!
IMG_6633 Wish I looked as alive as I do in the photo but I had a bad cold haha.IMG_9249One of my favorite people in the world, Janell! She has a great eye for vintage statement pieces! Some of my best pieces are from her shop! ❤IMG_9229 Her racks of greatness!IMG_9230 I want it all!IMG_9231D&J vintage gems!
IMG_9232 Hats, hat boxes, change purses and more.IMG_9240Hats and brooches!IMG_9235One of my favorite pieces at her booth. Too bad it wasn’t my size!IMG_9233She had some amazing YSL pumps I also wish were my size!IMG_9237Love these too!IMG_9234It was a double whammy that Carla & Carla shared a booth with D&J! Look at all of her goodies!
IMG_6647Carla and Janell happened to have the same dresses in different colorways by the same designer in the 60s!
IMG_9238 Weird sweater at the Carla & Carla booth but I’d probably wear it haha!IMG_9239I feel like I owned this in my past life.IMG_9245 The Go Vintage booth had some of the best vintage hats I have ever SEEN dating back to the 1900s.IMG_9241 Want them ALL!IMG_9244 GORG.IMG_9247 Oh hayyy Jean Paul Gaultier! He was super sweet!IMG_9246I am sure he found some of his vintage works of art here at the MVS.IMG_6637I always have to come visit my friends Neal and Judy Bergman. I absolutely love them and have gotten some amazing vintage pieces from them in the past as well!
IMG_9219 They always have fun vintage apparel and accessories!IMG_9218 Shoes!IMG_9220 Love!IMG_9216Love you guys!IMG_9261Bumped into Jean of Idiosyncratic Fashionistas and she looked amazing as usual! Always a pleasure to see her!IMG_9260Just as I was about to run out the door, I ran over to the Amalgamated booth which I also have bought from before. The folks are really sweet and their vintage pieces are to die for!
IMG_9257 Wish I could buy the whole thing!IMG_9258 Loved this vintage sweater!IMG_9255 I could channel Jayne Mansfield in this robe!IMG_9252 Love love love.IMG_9253 If I didn’t already have a coat like this, it would be mine.IMG_9254Till next year loves!

If you are in the New York area and would love to find a great place that sells amazing vintage, head on over to the Manhattan Vintage Show!


5 Comments on “The Manhattan Vintage Show 2013

  1. Thanks for the pics and commentary, looks like a fabulous event. Pity you didn’t have time to add to your collection 😉

  2. Oh my God this is so awesome. I Wish i’ve been There !
    Your friend Janell has some incredible pièces to her collection I love it. And the shoes, oh the shoes.

  3. I so wanted to attend this event this year, but due to my current circumstances it would’ve been toture, and after seeing your photos…. yeah I would’ve died!

  4. I’m pretty sure that sweater design is trying to mimic ermine, a fur that is often cut and tanned with the black-tipped tail as an accent. You’ve probably seen a lot of ermine in medieval paintings of royalty, where it usually accented a cape or cloak 🙂

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