New York Comicon 2013

titleI was cutting it close when I left for Vegas and spent a week there before New York Comicon. The day I got back was the day the convention started! However, I managed to make it and was so excited to bring my mom this time around! My mother is my best friend so I take her to a lot of events with me. She is very adventurous so it makes me happy when I see her having a great time at these events. We had a blast and enjoyed seeing all of the artwork, artists, people in costumes, and more. As a comic lover, I went a little crazy with my wallet but it was all worth it. I bought a bunch of vintage romance comics and movie posters from the 1950s and also bought some art for my future office in Vegas. My mom also loves purchasing art so she got herself a few things as well. I think I might have her cover the show next year as she has become a pro at taking photos. Without her I wouldn’t have any at all to post here on my blog! My friend Nubia was also covering Comicon so it was awesome to see her and hang out for a bit. She looked ADORBS dresses as a My Little Pony and I wore some stuff from the Forever 21 Bats & Cats collection. I have been waiting for Comicon just so I could sport my Forever 21 cat woman cropped sweater and leather cat ears so I paired it with my favorite vintage leather shorts, some back seamed stockings, and my Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots. It wasn’t a costume but as jet lagged as I felt, it was comfortable and it worked. I was blown away by the people who dressed up and have to hand it to them for being so creative. It was very inspiring so of course I took photos of some of my favorites. Check it out inside!

IMG_8957 I’m ready!IMG_6083My pretty Momma.IMG_8960 Love bumping into old friends!IMG_6075lol Photo-bombed by Cyclops!IMG_9107 You GO Rogue!IMG_9126 Ghost Busters!IMG_9128Rorschach!IMG_8966I love Tara McPherson’s work.IMG_8967 So cute and eerie! Love it.IMG_8970 I spy Buff Monster!IMG_8971 Cope2 in the building!IMG_8972 IMG_8973 His adorable daughter Samara<3 Such a CUTIE!IMG_8986 Adorable art.IMG_8976Me and my momma! These so-called “ugly dolls” that are terribly adorable!IMG_8987 Amazing figurines.IMG_8988 She’s so cute!IMG_8990 Sweeney Todd!IMG_8991 My husband Edward ❤IMG_8997 Love these anime figurines!IMG_8998Dimitri Drjuchin finishing a live painting. I had an instant kindergarten crush ❤ lol.IMG_9004 Rocky!IMG_9005 Jessica Rabbit ❤IMG_9006 These massive figurines were incredible!IMG_6100Sick!
IMG_6108Oh…hello.IMG_9039 Bat Girl!IMG_9011!!!!!!!! JAKE !!!!!!! Can I haz you?IMG_9048 Yay my favorite Nubian pony!IMG_9045 Love my Nubia ❤IMG_9092 Mom and a demon hahaIMG_6137 What an adorable trio!IMG_9055 An angel from Dr.WhoIMG_9061 My favorite… ARCHIE Comics!fc1f828a344f11e3ab6622000ae80f1d_7Why would they do this to Veronica?! Betty’s head should be in there!IMG_9078 Pammy Cakes and Nubia! Pam had the prettiest booth at Comicon showcasing her adorable cosplay accessories and cute apparel.IMG_9076 Can I haz it all?IMG_6141<3!IMG_9083 I should have bought this dress! I just didn’t like the waist cut-outs :/
IMG_9119Another lovely lady, dressed gothic lolita style, had a cool cosplay booth as well full of Japanese goodness!IMG_9117I want it all!
IMG_9118Love these Poodle purses!IMG_9035 BOOM.IMG_6106 Astronaut Ice Cream! My favorite!IMG_6135 Ran into some pretty faces! Diana, Leticia, and friends!IMG_6132 Kick ass!IMG_6138 My new Vintage Romance comics!IMG_6125Just one of the cool vintage posters I purchased! I bought 3!IMG_9017These Iron Man figurines were the BUSINESS.IMG_9024 SO cute!IMG_9025 ZELDA for the WIN!IMG_9030 The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie too GURL.IMG_9121Holy moly Adventure Time! My favorite of the entire convention!IMG_9170 Ok now that you have seen all of those cool costumes, lets talk about my boring outfit haha. My studded cat ears are by Forever 21 and my ring is from H&M.IMG_9164Earrings are from the Coney Island gift shop by the Side Show.IMG_9165Sweater is also by Forever 21 and my shorts are vintage!
IMG_9148 Back seams are by…shoot..I forget. But they cost me $6!IMG_9177Purse is by Betsey Johnson.IMG_9173Boots are by Jeffrey Campbell.IMG_9137Jacket is by Super Trash.IMG_9143Make sure you make your way to NY Comicon next year!


9 Comments on “New York Comicon 2013

  1. Had a great time with you. So many amazing Artists and Characters. I loved every bit of it. Can’t wait till next year, hope you will be here so we can do it together again.

  2. You looked adorbs. Love the whole outfit. I love going to the comic shows mainly to check out the costumes. I work for my cousin at the show out here and have definite girl crushes on a few of the professional cosplayers.

  3. Great photos! You & your Mom are so cute.
    I’m glad you had fun; I’ve been sayin for a couple of years that I want to go to Comic Con and still haven’t done it….next year, yeah next year!

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