Vintage Vegas: Day 6!

smIt was my last day in Vegas and I wasn’t ready to head back to NY away from my new home and my best friend Santiago. We woke up bright and early to do whatever we could before my 4pm flight so our first stop was the Hash House where we enjoyed two colossal breakfast plates. Santiago had snickers pancakes and I had chicken and waffles and we were in heaven as these plates were ginormous! After that we ran off to the beautiful Caesars Palace to visit the Bettie Page Clothing store and the Martin Lawrence gallery. This gallery was incredible and housed some of the best artwork from world-renowned artists like Basquiat, Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and more. We were blown away by the artwork and the curators were really friendly as well. After that we headed back downtown to visit a cool comic shop called Super Nova that’s located right across from a just-as-cool toy store like toy shack where I felt like a 5-year-old girl again swooning over comics and Barbie dolls. Supernova Comics was awesome and I found a bunch of cool Vampirella comics I was drooling over as well. It is good to know that I have so many options to find comics in Vegas as I will soon be leaving my beloved Forbidden Planet here in NY. We spent so much time at both shops that I almost missed my flight! But I may have done that on purpose haha ;).IMG_8941Dressed for my flight I wore something cool, dope, and comfy..An H&M graffiti print legging and jacket set with my favorite Marc Jacobs “Protect the skin you’re in” shirt that features Dita Von Teese.
IMG_8952 My beat-up sneakers are by Ash. Better pics below.IMG_5924 Off to the Hash House!IMG_5919 OMG is right.IMG_5920A snickers pancake!

Next stop! The beautiful Caesars Palace!IMG_5976The design of this place is incredible.
IMG_8879Working my outfit.IMG_8881 Looking like a thug muffin and though my Kate Spade bag doesn’t really match, it was all I had packed with me haha.IMG_8886My earrings were a gift from one of my favorite readers in the west coast, miss Tia White ❤smMy name-plate necklace was also a gift but from my dad. Its my favorite necklace.IMG_5953 Yay! The Bettie Page Clothing store!IMG_5959 Still one of my favorite places to visit while in Vegas!IMG_5956Adorable clothing for women and children!IMG_5955 I spy a Sea Breeze!IMG_5960Bettie Page Clothing is now carrying a new collection by Dita Von Teese!
IMG_5950 Love the decor of Caesars!IMG_5947 I cannot believe Kesha designed this beautiful jewelry collection but apparently she did.IMG_5946 We weren’t able to take pics at the Martin Lawrence gallery but they let me take one shot of one of my favorite paintings there. Can I haz it?IMG_5930 At the Christian Louboutin store!IMG_5929 Yes and yes. I have these in the Lady Peep style. ADORE.IMG_6028 Off to Toy Shack!IMG_8916 Just…take…a…look…at… of amazing figurines!
IMG_6005 Of course Witchblade is my favorite.IMG_5991 They had the biggest Transformer collection.IMG_5992 1My kind of toys–Vintage Barbies!IMG_8906Want.IMG_5998WANT.IMG_5993 Some vintage toy cars.IMG_6002 Toy heaven.IMG_6020 Another awesome vintage Barbie case from the 1960s only this one cost way more than the one I got at Back in Thyme!IMG_6023 1 Found one of these ages ago and should have bought it. DARNIMG_6025Santiago was happy as a clam. haha
IMG_8898 Ohhh nelly. Miss FEAR!IMG_8909 Ok so this was my most interesting find. A pair of vintage radio sunglasses in PERFECT condition! I have never seen anything like it.IMG_8917 I spy Lucille Ball!IMG_6027 Such a cute little mini mall. Take a look at those vintage neon signs that decorate the elevator.IMG_8919 Just across from Toy Shack was Super Nova comics. I had never seen such a sharp clean comic store like this in my life. The place was so organized and spotless and everything was easily accessible and in perfect order/condition. The customer service was also excellent! IMG_8920 I will take everything please.IMG_8918 Some giant life-size super hero figurines. SICK. Oh and a Michael Turner book I already own :).IMG_6034 So many great Vampirella comics!IMG_6033YAS!
IMG_6030I’ll take these two please!

Almost missed my flight but it was totally worth it. It was one of my favorite trips to Vegas and I cannot fully express how thankful I am for my best friend Santiago who gave me the best tour of Vegas a girl could ask for. He helped me realize that leaving New York is the best decision I could make for myself. He made Vegas feel like home. We have a lot in store for all of you out there and will be collaborating on some great projects when I touch down in Vegas again within the next month or so. Till our next adventure!

Good times!


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