Vintage Vegas: Day 5!

IMG_8705Sorry for the delay my loves, I have been overbooked for the past 3 weeks so I haven’t had much time to publish any posts. Anyway, here is the 5th day of my awesome trip in Vegas. I woke up feeling very 60s so I threw on my new Laurel & Hector Jailhouse Rock Elvis dress and channeled my inner Priscilla Presley for the amazing day ahead. My best friend Derek & I didn’t have much of a plan and kind of wandered around the outskirts of Las Vegas where we discovered many incredible places and landmarks. I love how Vegas preserves its history and takes art and attention to detail so seriously. Everything about this place is a work of art with a story attached to it. Our first stop was Red Rock Casino for a delicious brunch at the buffet. I swear I am going to have to join the gym when I head over to Nevada because their buffets are so amazing and cheap! After a delicious meal we were off to the Smith Center to marvel at the modern but Art Deco design of this incredible performing arts center. I swear if I ever get married, I hope that I can elope there in Great Gatsby fashion. It is one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever SEEN and of course I took photos for you all to see. The security was kind enough to allow us to take a small tour of the building. After my breath was taken away by the Smith Center we explored the rest of Red Rock Canyon until we found ourselves at an adorable and quant resort called Bonnie Springs. This small western resort had its history in tact and had an adorable petting zoo, cool and cozy restaurant, an old mini-train that traveled around the resort, and more. It really was a sight for sore eyes for a girl like myself who has never been to a western resort. The restaurant had chairs lined in cow print, a fireplace to roast marshmallows, a dining area, and a sweet wooden bar. Old photos of visitors stemming as far as the 1920s adorned the walls and located just outside of the restaurant was a duck pond where peacocks roamed freely. We had such a good time exploring the vicinity until it started to pour lol. That’s when we drove back towards downtown so I could check out some of the vintage shops, outlets, and old chapels. Didn’t find much shopping around but was happy to visit some of the chapels and a cool bar called the Thunderbird lounge which had some pretty rad photographs on their walls. It was a long day so we hurried back home for a nap before we were back at it like jack rabbits and were off to explore the Wynn and a cool barcade called Insert Coins where we played Pacman and Marvel vs. Capcom. Yup, just another day in Vegas!IMG_5750I can’t believe that my Laurel & Hector dress matched my newly thrifted vintage Barbie purse so PERFECTLY. Finding that purse just 3 days before at Back in Thyme in Boulder City was totally meant to be. See, this is exactly why I like to wear things organically. I have been dying to wear this dress but wanted to wait for the perfect day and that day was today!IMG_8703 I also thrifted these earrings a few days before I wore this dress too and it was also a perfect match. I was serving you all 1960s realness!IMG_8706Since I wore heels all week, I decided to give my feet a break and wear flats. It became clear to me that I am so used to wearing heels that I still pose as if I am wearing them in photos haha.
IMG_8697Gotta love the buffet! Red Rock Casino did my hunger justice! Just look at my desert!IMG_5738IMG_5721Driving off to see the Smith Center we came across this masterpiece of architecture, the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by Frank Gehry.
IMG_8694 Ladies and gentleman, The Smith Center of Performing Arts.IMG_8671 What 1920s dreams are made of.IMG_8674 Incredible detail.IMG_8672 From the lighting to the typography, everything was Art Deco.IMG_8679There are a lot of great shows that showcase here.
IMG_8685 Just look at the LOBBY! Incredibleeeee.IMG_8688lol Derek was in heaven.IMG_8721 Red Rock Canyon was closed thanks to the government shutdown but who needs to go when the mountains are everywhere!IMG_8733 The good ol desert.IMG_8735 Can we camp here?IMG_5755 Beautiful.IMG_5762 breathtaking.IMG_8799 Bonnie Springs!IMG_8751 An old carriage!IMG_8754 Cute train takes you on a tour around the resort.IMG_8755 Where are my cowgirl boots!IMG_8756 Dewick!IMG_8757 Creepy doll thing.IMG_8759Get your fortune told by the Ol’Miner!IMG_8761 Old Nevada or bust!IMG_8762 IMG_5765 Duckies!IMG_8766IMG_8782The Bonnie Springs Bar/Restaurant!IMG_5777 Would love to roast marshmallows here!IMG_8783 Some cool new and old peeps who visited Bonnie Springs.IMG_8768 Peacocks just chilling outside of the restaurant.IMG_8793 Cool shot I took of a bull with a cool nose ring ;).IMG_8797 You can also go horse riding here!IMG_5779Hay gorl.IMG_5789 Some cool finds at a Salvation Army on the way back downtown.IMG_5788IMG_5792 Stopped by the outlets and this was the only interesting thing I found. Dolce & Gabbana cake heels. SICK.IMG_5794 We decided on a whim to check out this lounge…IMG_5823 and fell in love with the cool photographs on the wall from the 40s-60s.IMG_5822 The real Thunderbird lounge in the 1950s.IMG_5821 Elvis lives at The Little White Wedding Chapel!IMG_5796Hey boo ❤
IMG_8819Just going to drive off in this cool  pink El Dorado, no big deal.
IMG_5842 After a nap we visited the Wynn hotel which reminded me a lot of the Bellagio but BETTER!IMG_8831Feeling comfortable in this oversized Zara bandana sweater, skinnies, and Ash sneakers.
IMG_5841Gorgeous decor of a beautiful restaurant at the Wynn.
IMG_5845The Wynn honors Frank Sinatra. Ol Blue Eyes ❤
IMG_5844 IMG_5843 IMG_8824What a beautiful hotel.IMG_5870 Selfiesssss in the trick mirror. Hi security!IMG_5865 Adore Dior.IMG_5875 The king Alexander McQueen.IMG_5876 My wedding dress.IMG_5877 Brioni. A menswear brand that is on another level. For sophisticated and fashionably forward gentlemen only. I was swooning.IMG_5864 Cool pool Wynn. Well done. Well done.IMG_5881So pretty!
IMG_8836Can I have all of these ceiling lamps?IMG_5893Chanel!IMG_8828 I’ll take everything please.IMG_8825I believe this is Giuseppe Zanotti, I can’t remember. Whatever. Nice shoes!IMG_8839Driving towards Freemont we came across this awesome old neon sign! One of my new favorites!IMG_4669 But my favorite of all is the crystal slipper!IMG_4671 I love you Freemont, for so many reasons.IMG_8844At Insert Coins, a cool arcade full of old arcade games, a cool fluorescent bar, a live DJ, and dance floor! Such a cool spot!
IMG_5908 They also have booths where you can play modern systems like Playstation and Xbox.IMG_5906 The Pacman master!IMG_8845So many cool old games!IMG_8849My turn!IMG_5911 I kicked ass playing Marvel vs. Capcom!IMG_8868Good times!

Till day 6!


9 Comments on “Vintage Vegas: Day 5!

  1. Many thanks for your review of more interesting places to visit in Vegas, Jas, and all the stunning pics. Really appreciating the depth of your explorations in this town. So useful to the rest of us visitors. Very best wishes. Paul

  2. Great pictures. The Smith Center looks amazing. Must get across the pond to see it 😉

  3. Another great Post that was worth the wait. Makes me wish was there right now. I hope I will be able to visit all these great places the next time I am in Vegas.

  4. I was finally able to catch up besides when its on my tablet the screen is formatted like a magazine love turning through the pages to see what next.NOW HURRY AND MAKE ANOTHER POST!!!
    Really enjoyed that dress it went well with your barbie find.
    I secretly am obsessed with the whole cowgirl scene it was beautiful you look like your mother with this hair style.
    Oh and the last picture is priceless 🙂

  5. Hi could you tell me where you purchased your elvis dress from i love it , thanks

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