Vintage Vegas: Day 4!

crop4It was my 4th day in Vegas, exploring what will soon be my new home and I didn’t want to leave. I only had 2 days left and was savoring every minute of every moment in sin city. I am so fortunate that best friend Santiago had a plan for every day that I was in town. Every day was an adventure and this day was no different. We are like little explorers always wondering the unknown to meet fascinating people, visit fascinating places, and in my for fascinating things 😉 lol. We did all of that and more on day 4!

Dressed to the nines in my Kenley Collins frenchy catsuit from her Pink Lady collection, I was ready to channel my inner vintage Barbie. It was one of my favorite outfits of my trip and god was I happy that I got to wear my new vintage Barbie purse with it! It was the perfect outfit for everything we were set to do. I got to visit some of my favorite folks over at the Bettie Page Clothing and Beach Bash Beach wear showrooms. My best friend and I got to tour the warehouse and meet the fabulous corporate team followed by a delicious lunch over good conversation. It was so nice to see Jan, Tatyana, and Artem and spend some time with them before I was back off to New York. After that my bestie surprised me by taking me to the Stitch Factory, a fashion incubator, co-working studio, and creative education center located in Downtown Las Vegas. I plan to register for their courses when I touch down in Vegas so I can create my own clothing line. That’s right. I plan to create my very own line soon and I am pretty sure I can gain the knowledge I need by attending the Stitch Factory. I met a lovely lady named Jennifer who was super sweet and informative about the studio and the courses they offer. I was sold right away and suddenly my dream to be a designer seemed possible. I had to celebrate so we were off to the Glam Factory to find some vintage goodies! Stephanie, the owner, is such a sweetie pie and we fell in love with her dog lol. I was hoping to find a lot of pieces at her store but only found a cute vintage crop top. She usually has so much stuff but sells out so quickly! I guess when you snooze you lose and I must have been asleep haha! On our way home for a quick cat nap we made a pit-stop to Alternate Reality Comics where I found a cool team Veronica T-shirt lol. They always have such cool comics there. The rest of the day ended well with a chola inspired outfit change in Viva Bandida for an awesome classic car meet-up at Mr.D’s and a visit to the Parisian! Crazy little explorers, I know! IMG_8433Killing time before our plans we drove around the neighborhood and stopped by our new friend Ralphs house where I got to do a cool outfit shoot :D.
IMG_8432Aside from his awesome home, we love his classic ridel!IMG_8404 IMG_8403 20This Kenley Collins frenchy catsuit is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my closet. I have never seen anything like it. Kenley continues to reign supreme in innovation and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of her new pieces from her new Marilyn Monroe collection launching this Saturday at the SlapBack shop in Brooklyn!19 Leather Jacket: Super Trash11This is the vintage Barbie purse I found at Back in Thyme the day before. Looks perfect with this outfit with my patent leather belt and shoes.21Cat eye sunglasses are by Polaroid.
crop1For my hair I gave myself a bumper bang and a curled tip pony tail. It was perfect for the look I was going for.18 My shoes are by Steve Madden.24Santiago caught me on a lipstick break haha235My rose earrings are from Forever21 and my necklace is a gift from my father.
IMG_8549 The Neon Museum sign is a stunner!IMG_8564My favorite person in the whole wide universe. Santiago!IMG_8566 Love this building! You can see the Sahara neon sign peeking from behind the fence.IMG_5522 The Bettie Page Clothing showroom! Love that Olivia De Berardinis pirate portrait of Bettie!IMG_5523 IMG_5535The lovely Tatyana and I! She is the ceo and designer of Bettie Page Clothing.IMG_5526 We got to tour the warehouse! There were so many dresses that I wanted to go shopping right there and then!IMG_5527The BPC truck!IMG_5530At the Beach Bash showroom with our friend Artem! So good to see everyone!
IMG_5531 Santiago, me, and our new friend Alex!IMG_5552Taking a cool tour of the Stitch Factory!
IMG_5553 Where dreams happen people!IMG_5557 Happy to see some familiar forms of art in LV!IMG_5556 Makes me feel more at home 🙂IMG_5562 Found a Mugsy!IMG_5563Stephanie and her cute pup at her shop, The Glam Factory!
IMG_5564Fell in love with this top! P.S I am a genius who is wearing it backwards lmao.IMG_5574 Alternate Comics is a must if you ever visit LV!IMG_5568 Archie comics!!!IMG_5572TEAM V!IMG_5633 Night time is the right time to bust out a chola crop tank by Viva Bandida.IMG_8583 Classic car meet-up at Mr.D’s! I am in love!!!IMG_5611Hay gorl.IMG_8589Check out the cool rides!IMG_8591This ride was my favorite!IMG_8592It was Santiago’s favorite too!IMG_8614The owner was sweet enough to let me take photos inside, even though I was scared to even touch the door haha.
IMG_8612Ok, driving away with it now haha.IMG_8593Awesome rat rod.IMG_8599I will take both of them please.IMG_8588Candy apple red.IMG_8606We just go together you know?IMG_8604 Has a big enough trunk for some heavy-duty shopping!IMG_8620 Another cool rat rod!IMG_8623I could do some trouble in this one.IMG_5632All you can eat sushi dinner was incredible!
IMG_5660 Water show at the Bellagio!IMG_5662 The Parisian hotel! It was my first time checking it out!IMG_5666 Parisian slots!IMG_8628 Such a beautiful hotel/casino!IMG_8630 Everything is art here.IMG_8669 Even the ceilings!IMG_8658 Showgirl! Oh la la!IMG_8661 Cool Jazz spot!IMG_8631 I have never been to Paris but now I know I can just come here!IMG_8643Walking around I was stopped by a beautiful lady named Janet who said she was a big fan of my blog and handed me a yellow rose. It was honestly one of the sweetest moments I have ever had in my life. Sometimes I get discouraged and ignore the numbers and forget that people really read my blog. Its moments like this that motivate me to keep going, keep blogging, and keep creating because my determination is their inspiration to follow their own dreams. Thank you so much for the rose Janet, you have no idea how thankful I am for meeting you!IMG_8665 Made a wish!
IMG_5691Good times!

Till day 5!

Photos by Santiago Pinups


9 Comments on “Vintage Vegas: Day 4!

  1. Loved all the pics. Makes me wish I was there with you checing out all those Hot Rods too. I will takt the Pickup truck and definately take you shopping.

  2. I’ve been enjoying living vicariously through your trip. I think your move will be a good thing. There is not a day I don’t miss the Bronx, it stays in the blood, but I’m glad I have gotten to live in more than one place.
    Don’t get discouraged about the blog. I think there are a lot of readers like me who almost never comment but check your blog daily. This is my favorite blog, I always look forward to new posts. Your fabulous sense of style inspires me to step up my game and not fall into a frump. I think you attract so many readers because you come across as real, not in the least bit snobby (cuz bx girls keep it real). You are a very multi-talented young woman and many of us would really miss your blog if you stopped writing it.

  3. You know what I looooove about your blog Ms.Vinny? The fact that when I read it it’s so genuine! It’s like a person can really grasp your aspect and emotions! You are not only my fashion inspiration but also an inspiration of having a positive attitude and put your best outfit and lipstick on attitude even on your worst of days! I have been a follower for about two years and I have to say great job on your posts! I love them! Keep the fire burning Ms.Vinny!

    P.s. I can’t wait to see what clothing you’ll be designing!

  4. I agree with everything the person above said lol. Love your style and how personal your blog is.
    My mouth literally dropped when I read that you are starting a clothing line! Can’t wait to see your designs. 🙂

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