Vintage Vegas: Day 3!

IMG_8366It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas and another day full of countless adventures with my best friend Santiago. On this day we visited the incredible Hoover Dam, the adorable Boulder City, the breathtaking Lake Mead, and ended the day with a nice delicious dinner with friends. On our drive to the Hoover Dam I just sat back and gazed at the scenery of endless mountains that looked like paintings. Nevada really is such a beautiful place engulfed in nature. Our first stop was initially Lake Mead but thanks to the government shutdown, we weren’t able to get too close to the lake. We were also afraid it might affect our trip to the Hoover Dam but luckily it was still in business. This was my first time to the Hoover Dam and I was very excited to visit and when I arrived, this 1930’s art deco masterpiece took my breath away. It was so enchanting, it didn’t even seem real. Santiago and I are such nerds and so easily pleased that we were geeking over the deco gold angels that were now an emerald-green due to oxidation, the typography of the bathroom signage, and even the terrazzo floors! For a touristy place it sure was relaxing and I was so thankful that my bestie took me there. After that we headed over to an adorable town called Boulder City where the houses looked like gingerbread and I wanted to eat them all. The entire city was adorned with flowers and the cutest houses I have ever seen! Wondering around we found ourselves at a fun antique shop called Goat Feathers Emporium. I have been to a few antique shops similar to this one, engulfed in antiques and vintage things, so much that you immediately get A.D.D as soon as you walk in. I didn’t know where to begin as I loved everything but I kept myself on a leash and left with just an awesome vintage spanish earrings and brooch set and a bag full of candy :). After that we were off to another antique shop just around the corner called Back in Thyme where we met Hundred-Dollar-Bill, a really nice gentleman who works at the shop and had many great stories to tell. I love meeting people like that, those who have lived such interesting and inspiring lives. The shop had the best collection of vintage petal cars I had ever seen and had hundreds of authentic antique Tiffany utensils. I found a vintage Barbie hat box/purse that I have been lusting over for ages on one of his shelves and just had to have it. It was so meant to be because I had come across a few in my time but none in such pristine condition and at a great reasonable price. I was smitten over the damn thing! And just when I thought it couldn’t get better…Mr. Hundred-Dollar-Bill was so sweet and gifted me 3 photos of The Three Stooges, one featuring Lucille Ball in the beginning of her career as an actress. I thought my day couldn’t get any better but it did when we met up with our friends Daniel, Riannon, and their adorable daughter Mila for a nice seafood dinner.
IMG_5321Simply beautiful..
IMG_5326 1On the drive toward the Hoover Dam you can see Lake Mead and the reflection of the sky.
IMG_5341 Hoover Dam! Unreal.IMG_8263My bestie Santiago!IMG_5343 Can I live here?IMG_5349 I wanted to take a swim. Crazy I know but isn’t it pretty?IMG_5376 IMG_8268I am guessing this giant inner tunnel is for an emergencies just incase there is a flood and the water rises. Kinda scary if you ask me.
IMG_8277I loved it.IMG_8284 Now I can say I have visited Arizona! haha.IMG_8282 This giant wall keeps the water at bay and generates enough electricity to light up all of Vegas!IMG_8292 Gorgeous.IMG_8333 Completely art deco.IMG_8322 Even the typography of the signs!IMG_8297 Astrological.IMG_8293 The signs.IMG_5354 One of the beautiful oxidized angels.IMG_8308 I is so small.IMG_8321 “They died to make the desert bloom”. Many of the men who built this dam died while helping to build it. Nevada pays homage to them for being brave and creating something so monumental.IMG_8285 I wanted to steal this sign off of the wall!IMG_8286 Terrazzo floors!IMG_5464Caught in a moment.IMG_5362Now striking a pose lolIMG_8357Boulder City!IMG_8370If you are wondering what I am wearing..I wore one of my favorite vintage repro dresses by Bernie Dexter called the Beatrice dress that I recently snagged over at Slapback NYC! Bernie Dexter has incredible dresses and separates so I encourage all of you to visit her online shop.IMG_8365This is my first shelf-bust dress and it fits me like a glove. I love the print so much. It was the first thing that caught my eye when I visited the Slapback shop. If you are in the New York area and want to try them on for yourself, visit my girl Renee at the Slapback shop in Brooklyn. She always has a bunch of great vintage repro apparel from different designers.
IMG_5469The print of the dress is a bunch of tiki masks.IMG_8371I am wearing a petticoat underneath for that extra flair and my shoes are vintage.IMG_8367For accessories I kept it simple with vintage jewelry and my black Kate Spade purse.IMG_8383Goat Feathers Emporium!IMG_8358I was so happy here! Look at all the pretty flowers!IMG_8364Even their door is antique!IMG_8378Floor to ceiling antiques and vintage things.IMG_5388I want it all. IMG_5391Might come back for this one when I move! IMG_5386Vintage clowns clowning around. IMG_5394Awesome Kodak Tourist camera which appears to be from the 1960s! IMG_5395Old cartoons! IMG_5392I know many cosmetologists who would love that traveling makeup case! IMG_5396Antique sewing machine! IMG_5397Cute Hershey’s tin! IMG_5400CANDY! IMG_5401Had to take this home with me. It was hypnotizing. Antique spanish jems. ❤ IMG_8382Vintage sodas and signage! IMG_8381 IMG_8380Amazing how much creativity was put into things from the 20s-60s. Just look at that milk carton and coffee box. IMG_8379Some new, many old. IMG_8377Vintage tin things and ice cream boxes. IMG_8376Love this painting! Its new but I’ll still take it!IMG_8394Off to Back in Thyme! IMG_8391Oh you know, just standing next to this slightly vulgar ice cream cone. lol. IMG_8395Bill’s whole set up is wonderful. IMG_5416Here we are! IMG_5421Love this antique western lamp!IMG_5414How adorable is this little petal car?! IMG_5413Antique tin toys <3! IMG_5412Another awesome petal car. IMG_5410Some really old petal cars. IMG_8390I love to rummage. I can spend hours at antique/vintage/thrift stores.IMG_5417Love that slot machine piggy bank! IMG_5418Awesome 1930s vintage hair nets and some bathing beauties. IMG_5419Vintage children’s art supplies. IMG_5426Mr. Hundred Dollar Bill! He was really awesome. IMG_5409Look at these cool photos he gave me. That’s Lucille! IMG_5408love this one too! IMG_5407Bill told us that this scene was filmed in Boulder City on a whim without any permission. As you can see it was shot at a college in the city. So awesome.IMG_8389Thanks to our visit to Back in Thyme, this was my best find of my trip. A vintage Barbie hat box/purse from the 60s!IMG_5427I am so in love with it. IMG_5468My bestie Santiago was in heaven himself with all of these antiques! haha! IMG_8385That cool thing is going to make someone who owns a bar very happy someday!IMG_8386Another cool petal car! Thanks for the tour and amazing shopping experience Bill! IMG_8398Of course on the way out we came across this cool motel sign that I just haddd to take a picture of. So pretty!IMG_5447After a long day of sight-seeing, it was nice to relax with our friends Daniel, Mila, and Riannon. We adore them so much. Lol. Mila is totally photo bombing haha! IMG_5450Big thank you to Riannon, Daniel, and Mila for showing us such great hospitality every time I come to Vegas. Such a beautiful family I feel fortunate to know.

Good times!


11 Comments on “Vintage Vegas: Day 3!

  1. It’s so crazy to see this side of the U.S. and Las Vegas from your point of view. I grew up here (California) and I take these views for granted! I’ve figured that if you’ve seen one Joshua Tree, 100 miles of empty space, or random antique motel signs, you’ve seen them all! At this point I’m itching to explore everything with new respect and appreciation.

    Once you get settled in Vegas, I’m sure you’ll several trips over here to California. Bakersfield is a mere four hours away from Vegas (a long drive across the desert, and there are so many ANTIQUE STORES throughout that barren land…you’ll go mad!), and it is littered with unique antique malls and stores that you would have fun sifting through.

    I’ve not left a comment in ages, but I wanted to let you know that after five plus years I’m still reading every post. I wish you well on your pending move; I admire your stamina and courage!

    • Looks like you had a hell of a great time. Love all the pictures as usual and would have loved to have seen all those great places when I was in Vegas. Another great Post. Keep them coming.

    • Welcome back Chandra. Its nice to see you commenting again. I must say that from all of my duaghter’s followers, you always stood out the most to me because you have always supported her with your feedback. Glad you decided not to give up on her. She needs more people like you to continue to show her that her blog really does mean alot to her fans. I thank everyone of them as well for showing their support too.

  2. Loved the pictures of the Hoover dam. You look fabulous in that dress 😉

  3. Would it be possible to correct the information about Bill Smith being the owner of my shop, Back in Thyme in Boulder City? He volunteers his help, and does love to imagine and imply that he owns it. Just like you, I built my business “with my own two hands” (I read your new wonderful blog post today). For 13 years I have poured my heart into it and someone else should not be getting credit for it. Here is a little poem I wrote in the early years:

    One day she decided to open a store…
    With ‘Back in Thyme’ painted over the door.
    She set things out to bring folks in…
    Once inside, their heads would spin!
    Pedal cars of grown-up children…
    Paraded around at the top of the building.
    Country cupboard with drawers flung wide…
    Drawers all spilly with things inside.
    Jars of candles scented her store…
    She’d sell a bunch and order more.
    She prettied the windows and dusted each shelf…
    Surveyed her work and felt proud of herself.
    When someone came in, she’d smile and say,
    “What can I do for you today?”

    I was 43 when I opened my store and started my new life. Like you, I have had to learn so much along the way. You are wise beyond your 27 years and the insight you openly share is right-on.
    Sincerely and thank you,
    Glena Dunn

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