Vintage Vegas: Day 2!

IMG_5249When I was about 9 years old and my grandfather passed away, I was in shambles. However, that same night, I had this dream that I was riding a horse down a desert road at night enamored by the light and clarity of the stars constellations. The stars formed pictures, some I can’t even remember, but in the dream I felt loved and that he would always be with me. The dream ended with my horse and I jumping off of a mountain cliff onto a bed of stars that smiled before we landed. Ever since then, I have had this weird fascination with the desert and the enchantment of the open road. I had a list of things I wanted to do in Vegas while I was there. One of them was to visit the dessert and thanks to my best friend Santiago, we did. It was so beautiful and the air was so clean, I could have fallen to my knees at the beauty of the mountains and acres of land untouched and glorious. It was breathtaking and so nostalgic of the dream I had. It was also significant of my life at this very moment, an open road with so much to explore. This day sealed the deal for me. I was sold that this would be my new home. Not only because of the nature I experienced but because of the culture I experienced this day as well.

Just driving around downtown Vegas we saw so many cool vintage neon signs. So many of which aren’t even a part of businesses anymore but still stand in their original homes. So much of Vegas is respected and preserved and it is so refreshing that I will be living in such a visually appealing and inspiring place full of history that is protected. After driving around, I got to visit the Gold Spike where I will soon be blogging my little heart away. The CEO of Zappos created this space for people to come together, work, and network and I love him for that. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, just a block away from the Gold Spike is the Burlesque Hall of Fame. We had a blast visiting this awesome little exhibit and learned so much from burly queen Haute Couture and Dustin Wax. They were so friendly and so knowledgable. There was so much to see and read about burlesque stars from the 1900s-1960s. They exhibited Patti Starr’s springolators, Tempest storms bedazzled G-string, Rita Ravells dress and more. There was also autographed photos from incredible burlesque performers like Lili St.Cyr, Josephine Baker, Dixie Evans, Noel Toy, and more. I was blown away by this exhibit and learned so much about burlesque performers I didn’t even know about. It is definitely a must-see if any of you venture out into Vegas. After exploring the exhibit we were off to our friends Rudy and Urma’s beautiful home were we enjoyed a delicious meal, mambo music from the 50s, and got to see photos of them from back in the 50s and 60s. There home was incredible and I was so in love with all of their vintage artwork and decor. Rudy and Urma made us feel so at home and made me realize that I had an additional family in Vegas. I adore them. Now I know, If I ever want to be around good people and my beautiful Puerto Rican culture I will miss from NY, all I have to do is visit them. See photos inside. IMG_8128 Good morning.IMG_8143No traffic here folks.IMG_8165 Oh you know, just hitching a ride like they do in the movies haha.IMG_8154 On this day I wore a vintage playsuit I coveted at Five & Diamond when I visited Hudson New York a few months ago.crop1It fits me like a glove.IMG_8239I can never leave the house without a pair of cat eye sunglasses. These are vintage repro sunglasses I coveted from Electric Lemonade in Vegas earlier this year. I also wore a vintage scarf I purchased at Reminiscence. They are only $1 there!
IMG_8202Desert land for miles.IMG_8169 IMG_8170My favorite part of my outfit was my..IMG_8238..Vintage fruit salad earrings. Aren’t they adorbs!
IMG_8232My vintage springolators are from Screaming Mimi’s.IMG_8227 My best friend Santiago doing his grown-man stance.IMG_8229 I adore him for bringing me to such a beautiful place.IMG_5087 Look at all the cool vintage signs you will see by driving downtown!IMG_5086 One of my favorite neon signs in downtown Vegas.IMG_5082 Another one of my favorites just down the street from Sky Ranch.IMG_5091 Hello Freemont!IMG_5093I wish I could hang this sign in my home lol.IMG_5113 At the Gold Spike we enjoyed a delicious breakfast while we worked on our computers.IMG_5115 Looks like this will be my new work space. I love this place!IMG_5140 They even have cool books like this one!IMG_5135 and an awesome giant bed to lounge around on!IMG_5141 Love the El Cortez sign!IMG_5144The Burlesque Hall of Fame!
IMG_5200IMG_5145 I loved all of their post cards of vintage photos and promotional flyers from the 1900s-1960s.IMG_5146 Tura Satana was such a BABE. She was an American actress and former exotic dancer. You might recognize her for her role as “Varla” in Russ Meyer’s 1965 cult film, Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!IMG_5147The Barecats Invitational. Founded by Jennie Lee, The Exotic Dancers League of America was the nation’s first-ever Stripteasers’ trade union. In addition to fighting for better compensation, safer work conditions, and other necessary rights for dancers, the ladies of EDL also knew how to have fun! Fuck yeah!IMG_5149 Tempest Storm! So happy I met her in person a few times. Such an adorable diva! ❤IMG_5151 Had to covet these post cards of these ethnic Burlesque beauties.IMG_5153 IMG_5156LOVE.IMG_5157 1 Patti Starr’s springolators. She had Barbie feet! They were like a size 5! Love them.IMG_5164 1 Mei Ling was a babe.IMG_5165 1 Santiago loved this beauty.IMG_5166 1 Lili St. Cyr was bad b*tch certified. She was not only an amazing performer but brave and ballsy too!IMG_5169 Tempest Storm’s bedazzled g-string. WERK.IMG_5170 The Barecats protest!IMG_5182The beautiful Rita Ravell.IMG_5174 Rita Ravell’s dress, still in tact after all of these years!IMG_5175 Love that they give shine to the women of color in the Burlesque scene! So much talent went unnoticed!IMG_5178 Princess Lahoma was GORG.IMG_5180 Noel Toy looks incredible.IMG_5181 Lottie the Body worked those curves!IMG_5184 Gina Bon Bon was sassy!IMG_5185 The infamous Tura Satana in Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!IMG_5186 Another beautiful shot of Tura Satana.IMG_5187One of the earliest most popular Burlesque performers, misses Josephine Baker. So charismatic, even in her photographs.
IMG_5188 I want misses Sequin’s outfit.IMG_5191If you ever visit Vegas, you must visit the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Follow them on instagram  (@burlesquehall) for updates!IMG_5212 Had to stop at Electric Lemonade to see my favorite ladies!IMG_5215 Loved this Rollieflex ring!IMG_5095another cool motel sign on our way to Rudy and Urma’s place!IMG_5228 Ahh that desert again ❤IMG_5272 Rudy and Urma have such a lovely home. I was in LOVE with those vintage frames!IMG_5295 They had a cute bar!IMG_5276 Rudy and Urma, then and now ❤ Relationships like theirs inspires me greatly.IMG_5274 Rudy’s mom was so gorg!IMG_5273 They collect amazing vintage art.IMG_5278 Love these vintage portraits of latin dancers!IMG_5277 IMG_5297 I adored looking through their photo albums. This is a relative of Rudy. I love how they took photos in the 1920s.IMG_5280One of my favorite pieces in their home was this lounging beauty by Larry Vincent Garrison. So prettyyy.

Wish I could have taken more photos but spent more time talking with them and having a good time that I forgot haha!

Good times!

Till day 3!

Desert images are by Santiago.


9 Comments on “Vintage Vegas: Day 2!

  1. Great job. Beautifully written. You wove the story with pics so well. I seemed to have mastered the “PAWN STARS” pose 😀

  2. Amazing photos! This has made me want to visit Vegas even more. When I do finally make it I will definitely visit The Burlesque Hall of Fame, thank you for sharing. You look increadible in that outfit by the way! xxx

  3. Beautifully written, loved this post! I’ve never seen a desert, like, IRL, it looks freakin’ magical. Hoping you make more great posts about Vegas, your perspective of the city is so unique 🙂

  4. So very happy for you to be spreading your wings in “fabulous Las Vegas!” I adore the city as well as your posts and am so looking forward to the new creativity I know you will express!!! Wishing you much happiness and success in your new adopted home!!! <3. Enjoy the beauty of the desert for us all!

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