Vintage Vegas: Day one!

2Hello world! I’ve been a busy bee but I have so many adventures to share with you. I haven’t fully announced it but I will be moving to Las Vegas sometime in December so everything has been a little hectic with preparing for my move cross-country, work, and my own personal blog. Now you all know, officially, why I have been slacking with my posts as of late but great things are set to come.

To make sure I am making the right decision, I decided to take a random flight to Las Vegas where my best friend now lives. It was the best spontaneous decision I have ever made because when I arrived and got to experience the best of Vegas, It started to feel like “home”. My best friend is incredible and made sure we made the best of this 7 day trip and brought me EVERYWHERE. We explored potential neighborhoods I may want to live in that were lined up with vintage homes, the Stitch Factory (A school I may be attending), the Hoover Dam, the best of downtown Freemont, Boulder City, Bonnie Springs, and the beautiful scenery of the Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead. I was blown away by everything I saw and experienced. Honestly, without my best friend Santiago, I wouldn’t have known much about Vegas aside from the famous strip. We barely even touched the strip aside from visiting the Wynn and the Parisian hotels. Vegas is such an animated place full of character that I felt like I was totally in my element. I met so many great people and saw so many fabulous neighborhoods I’d want to live in. This trip was perfect and I don’t have one bad thing to say about it.

My dream is to have a vintage home, classic car, my own business, and a life full of adventure. Sadly, I can’t have any of those things here in New York without working a thousand times harder than I already do, but I can’t say I haven’t tried. I have a love/hate relationship with New York, mainly because it is so chaotic and I have spent more time working here than actually living my life. However, growing up here and my experiences have broken me in to the woman I am today so I have no regrets. That’s why I will always love NY, this place will always be such a huge part of who I am. New York is like a mother who gave me tough love and made me strong. Now I am strong enough to let go and see what other adventures await me somewhere else. I am about to be 27 and I’ve paid my dues here. It’s time to conquer a new city.

On the first day of my adventure we did quite a lot so I dressed the part in my new Pinup Girl Clothing harlequin top and matching cigarette pants. It was the perfect outfit for a day full of adventure! We did a vintage home tour where we got to meet people who love the rockabilly lifestyle and got to take a tour of their rad homes that were built in the 50s and 60s. After that, we were off to In and Out Burger because I had been craving that place for months lol. Then we were off to a cute social at another vintage home before we were off to the Cosmopolitan to see the beautiful Jennifer Keith serenade the crowd with her beautiful voice. After a long day, we weren’t quite done yet because we ended the night at Frankies Tiki Room.

IMG_4852 Just driving around we came across some incredible homes. This one being one of my favorites! So many of them have their vintage cars parked outside. I felt like I was in a dream!IMG_4853 So in love! ❤IMG_4866I wore my Pinup Girl Clothing harlequin Lauren top and cigarette pants, vintage shoes, vintage nylon head scarf, and Polaroid sunglasses for a day full of retro goodness!

crop1This PUG outfit is to die for and I didn’t want to take it off!IMG_4854Love that I can wear it casually and spice it up with different accessories.crop4Plus these pants fit me like a glove! Wepa!IMG_7852 Off to our first vintage home tour! That’s my bestie Santiago!IMG_7855 Gagging. ❤IMG_7857 This gentleman had an awesome living room and dining area.IMG_7858 Loving that Vornado fan!IMG_7868 Look at this cute little dining area!IMG_7866Can I live here?  haha.IMG_7872 This is another house we got a tour of and it was another one of my favorites.IMG_7874 Loving that Impala Ralph!IMG_7875 His living room was so adorbs!IMG_7891His record player!IMG_7876 Every house we went to had a bar! Love this one!IMG_7878His living room!
IMG_7881 Can we talk about this awesome vintage kitchen?IMG_7883 I wanted to run away with his fridge haha.IMG_7889Cute little guest living room.IMG_7892 Love his vintage tv and it works!IMG_4816Ladies…he has a PINK BATHROOM!IMG_7898 Yes, yes, and yes.IMG_7899 Adorable party room. Ralph says this is where he invites friends over and they listen to cool tunes and jive.IMG_7901Look at that bar!
IMG_4820His jukebox!IMG_4810We saw lots of these kitten wall plaques and I loved them all equally haha.IMG_4706 Drove by this vintage home and this rad car outside on the way to another home.IMG_4709Gah!IMG_4701This home was pretty amazing looking too!IMG_7802I don’t ever want to leave!IMG_7823IMG_7902This was the 3rd home we got a tour of and it was just as awesome as the others!IMG_4821Look at that truck!IMG_7908 This was my favorite room of his home. Futuristic 60s. Look at that Eames lounger!IMG_7925 Love this faux vintage fireplace!IMG_7907 Incredible interior decor.IMG_7904 Look at that vintage Pan Am plane!IMG_7927His bathroom was lovely too!IMG_4831 And can we talk about his pool and amazing bar in the back yard?!IMG_7912 Lol Santiago hates photos but I took them anyway!IMG_7915Look it matches my outfit!IMG_4700 Another one of my favorite homes we got to tour was this beauty. I mean, just look at it. I thought we were visiting Esther Williams house.IMG_7933Love his minimalist approach to antiques. He said he loves to collect art and he had some great pieces. He also collects antique Vornado fans.
IMG_4845Love his little dining area!IMG_4849 His office is pretty sweet too.IMG_4850 Isn’t that cool?IMG_4851We didn’t want to leave haha.
IMG_4844 Exploring the backyard we noticed this awesome vintage bike…IMG_7935 and this cute trailer!IMG_7957 I want one so bad.IMG_7948Fell in love with his pups. Such cuties!IMG_8023Here is the last home we visited and I was gagging over their Thunderbird!
IMG_4887 Loving that turquoise fireplace!IMG_4885 He likes to collect vintage Coca Cola memorabilia.IMG_4884Loved these Wonder Woman pillows in his guest room!IMG_4900 Famished we sped to In and Out Burger where we enjoyed a..IMG_4899 great meal, ANIMAL STYLE!IMG_8048 At the Social we got to visit yet another home. This one reminded me of Jayne Mansfield. Everything was covered in mirrors and she had a hot tub just a few feet away from her bed!IMG_8049Photo op!
IMG_4946 I didn’t want to leave lol.IMG_4943 Loved her pool too.IMG_5062 Even the McDonald’s is retro in Vegas!IMG_4954 Off to the Cosmo for Jennifer Keith!IMG_8077 The Cosmo is a girls DREAM. Chandeliers, pink lights, giant shoes, and an homage to all of the best actresses and performers of the golden era? Yes please.IMG_8071 Jennifer Keith was amazing! I had never heard her sing before. We got invited by one of the guys whose homes we toured.IMG_8073 Glad we came!IMG_4973I love these vintage photos of the ladies of Barry Ashton’s wonderful world of burlesque at the Silver Slipper Casino on the second floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel.
IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_8105 I tried to create a pose of my own in this shoe. Took a photo in this shoe last year too!IMG_8123 Last stop, Frankies Tiki Room!IMG_5065And I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time here when I officially move to Vegas lol.

Can’t wait to show you day 2!

Good times!


27 Comments on “Vintage Vegas: Day one!

  1. Oh wow, wow, wow! Vegas looks amazing! Great post. Now, to start saving for a one way ticket…

    • Aw can’t wait to officially meet you Jack! I look forward to my new home and the new adventures that await me! Santiago already told me such great things about your website and I love it/have been checking it daily! XO

  2. You are making me miss living in Vegas SO BAD! I’m kind of over NYC too myself :-/ Good luck in Vegas, girl!


  3. Amazing post. I love, love, love the pictures. Good luck in your new life adventure.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  4. Omg the houses are insaaane, they got your name all over them.
    Good luck with everything!

  5. Wow! How’d you find those houses and the tour? I have been to Las Vegas multiple times and have never, unfortunately, seen this side of it! I need to! I’m going next week and would love to see these.

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