Glam of Gotham City at Forever 21!

00074830-02 f9383eb2296a11e3a0ee22000aeb0fed_7Forever 21 just released a new collection called “Bats and Cats” just in time for NY Comicon and Halloween and I am In LOVE. I have been a fan of Cat Woman since I was a kid and still have all of my old comics. I wasn’t too big of a fan of Batman but Cat Woman’s run-in romances with him made me swoon. I went a little bonkers when I visited the shop and found myself in the Bats and Cats section. I couldn’t resist some of the pieces I saw and ended up going on a guilt-free shopping spree. could you feel guilty indulging in your teen fashionista comic fantasies! I was like a kid at a candy store as you can see in the photo above lol. I wish this collection was out when I was a teen but I will take it even now. I can’t wait to wear my Cat Woman sweaters and cat ears! I plan to get a few more pieces from the Batman collection as well. I want it all but here are some of my favorite pieces from the Bats and Cats Collection.00075767-02 Love this Batman ensemble with the Cat Woman headband!00076259-01 This fuzzy Batman bomber is so awesome. Love it with the bold cat eye shades.00076264-01 A Batman pencil skirt? Yes please.00076504-01 Bought myself these cute cat ears! Love!00092878-01 Check out that Batman ear cuff!00092890-01 Amazing Batman case I can make out with!00110761-01ADORE this Cat Woman sweater and the peek-a-boo elbows!
00110789-01 Sickening Batman sweater.40496518-01 I want to sleep in this every night.40496665-01 Mine. The end.49256900-02Love this Batman Crop top with this high-waisted skirt!

There are more pieces so check em out by clicking here!

Happy Shopping Comic Lovers!


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