NYFW: A day of Art & Fashion

IMG_7685Hey yawl! Coming back from my long hiatus to bring you this new post about how I spent the last day of fashion week. Two weeks ago I was invited by my friends Indie184 and Cope2 to the Cheim & Read gallery for the opening of the Barry McGee’s exhibit. I wasn’t familiar with Barry’s work but was intrigued by the art I saw on the flyer that was sent to me so I decided to go. After getting caught in the rain, I have to say, this exhibition totally brightened my day. I fell in love with Barry’s work. The awesome typography, photography, fun characters, and hyper-realistic use of colors in diamond shapes and stripes felt like I was stuck in a colorful kaleidoscope of this artists life. Heard from the grapevine, Barry is actually an OG in the graffiti game. He is also known as “Twist”. I got to take a glimpse at some of his photographs of the walls he bombed in his installations. I always have such a blast when I am with Cope and Indie and was so glad to have been introduced to Barry’s work. The entire gallery was packed full of people so I couldn’t get the best images but you can always head on over to the Cheim & Read gallery to see it in a more calm setting. We had a great time but I couldn’t stay as I was off to the Tribeca Grand for my friend Theresa Dapra’s “The White Line” collection of accessories. I invited my aunt Alex because I knew she would love Theresa’s work. Lol, I was right. My aunt was floored by Dapra’s designs. Theresa is a craftsman who has been creating accessories for as long as I have known her (which is I think 8/9 years?). She has taken her talents to the next level by designing for none other than Lady Gaga herself, for some of her “interesting” performances ;). I am so proud of Theresa and how far she has come and will go. Her designs blew everyone away but they are a reflection of who she is; a genuinely amazing, talented, and creative individual with an artistic way of looking at fashion. I absolutely adore her and had a great time at her event.IMG_7667 Barry McGeeIMG_7680 Cope and Indie ❤IMG_7682 My GORL!IMG_7689I wish I had better images of my outfit but it was a hectic day. Found this dress at Buffalo Exchange for 12 bucks! Love the print and everything else about it. 🙂IMG_7669 L.O.V.EIMG_7671 IMG_7672 IMG_7690 Barry and Cope!IMG_7693Barry and Indie!IMG_7673 IMG_7674 IMG_7678 IMG_7675Indie and Chino!IMG_7702 Tribeca Grand for Theresa Dapra’s presentation!IMG_7703Theresa and I ❤ Can you tell I love her?IMG_7695 InCREDIBLE.IMG_7697 My favorite from this collection is her harness and necklace.IMG_7698 amaze.IMG_7699 Love these two harnesses.IMG_7706 Great collection girl!IMG_7708Theresa and my gorg aunt Alex!IMG_7716 My aunt looked amazing for the presentation. I had to get outfit shots of her! Love her turban and outfit!IMG_7713We love the Wang mang!

Good times!


4 Comments on “NYFW: A day of Art & Fashion

  1. The art is amazing, so many bold and awesome prints! *.*
    I wish I would have a lucky hand like you with awesome dresses-I can never seem to find any affordable ones here!
    xoxo Alex


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