NYFW: The BLONDS after party at No.8!

IMG_7603The Blonds had yet another killer kick-ass runway show last week and though I am sad I wasn’t able to make it this time around, I was at least glad I got to attend the after party at No.8! My instagram was flooded with images of the Spring 2014 runway show and I was gagging over every single outfit. This power couple never ceases to amaze me with their creations and I love that they never limit themselves to just one inspiration or look. This time around, David and Phillip were inspired by many characters like Barbarella and Tweety Bird but I swore these runway models were all channeling their inner Judy Jetson! The collection was fun and sexy, everything a runway show should be. I truly believe The Blonds are the most innovative designers of NYC. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite from this collection as I loved them all! Trust me, I will have one of their amazing corsets hanging in my closet within the next few years! I have added that to my bucket list! I may have missed the show but got lucky that my favorite red hot fox, Valissa Yoe, was Djing their after party! Thanks to Valissa, my friend Queena and I had a blast and danced the night away dressed to kill. We had such a fun girls night and it really made my fashion week. There’s nothing like great company, good music, and fabulous fashion!the-blonds-spring-2014-nyfw-1Here is just a snippet of the recent Blonds Spring 2014 runway show. Oh, and that beautiful blond astronaut is Phillip Blond the co-designer of The Blonds. She always finishes the show with a BANG!the-blonds-spring-2014-nyfw-3[Runway Images via MTV Style: Getty Images]IMG_7592My favorite Jane of all trades, Valissa Yoe, GLOWING in this metallic ensemble!
IMG_7591Love everything about her outfit and that beautiful red hair!IMG_7588 Even love her metallic booties!IMG_7610I had no clue what to wear. I had trouble deciding if I wanted to do something goth or pinup, so I did both haha. This dress is by Kal Kaur Rai and I love it because it reminds me of Vivienne Westwood.
IMG_7604 I wore the dress with my Christian Louboutin Tartan Daffodils.IMG_7614IMG_7598 My friend Queena looked fierce in a black crop top, high-waisted shorts, and knee-high boots!IMG_7595Such a babe!IMG_7631 No.8!IMG_7633 I spy with my little eye, Phillip Blond!IMG_7621We got to see pinup bombshell Ivy Levan perform some of her songs and girl has a voice and a half!IMG_7628She looked absolutely FAB in her Blonds outfit!IMG_7624And I loved her hair!IMG_7630I was blown away by her voice!IMG_7647Hey misses DJ put a record on, I wanna dance with my ladiessssss!1Valissa on the one and twos!IMG_7649 3 gorg DJs at the DJ booth.photo 4Wepa! I love this girl.IMG_7644 Dance Dance!photo 3Oh you know, just drinking CRANBERRY juice. lol, I hate alcohol. Sue me.photo 2 Dancing queens Queena and Tiff.IMG_7663Having fun with the Zebra couch haha!
IMG_7656I swear these plaid patterns match. Swear it!
IMG_7657Good times!


6 Comments on “NYFW: The BLONDS after party at No.8!

  1. Orale, Chica! You really had a blast, didn’t you?! Lookin’ sexy as always, my dear. Valissa & Queena really strutted their stuff too! The show looked really cosmic, and you were just perfect in plaid. Good times, indeed! 😀

  2. wow you guys all look so amazing !

    did you alter that dress to get the asymmetrical look and also how did you get your hands on that dress? I’ve been searching everywhere and no luck 😦

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