Through the Vine.

I am always stoked to discover new and emerging brands that specialize in mid-century designs so you can only imagine how I felt when I discovered Tara Starlet. This British starlet’s designs are fun, flirty, and retro..everything I love in a retro-modern brand. Her textiles and prints are sweet and her playsuits are certainly a treat so I got my hands on a few of her pieces and have to say I am in love! I decided to wear her Striped Lucia Bralet and skirt on this fine summer day while spending time with my pup and gal pal Ingrid at the park. Experimenting with the bralet straps, I decided to cross the straps over my bust to add a little sex appeal to my look. I have actually been doing this a lot lately with my dresses and tops that have straps that are adjustable. However, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway, I love outfits that are easy, comfortable, and fabulous. All I had to do was accessorize around it with some simple vintage gems and I was all set to go! IMG_2339Comfortable and chic ❤crop2Gotta love a full skirt!img_2372Wore my favorite vintage shades. They go with everything!IMG_2369Kept it nautical with a Long Champ purse and vintage wooden bangles to match the brown belt.IMG_2367These are my vintage 70s shoes. I love them because they are made in a 1950s style.IMG_2346Me and Ingrid! She didn’t want to take a photo but I made her cute self do it anyway lolcrop1hugging my little man.<3IMG_2351Awww look at that smile ❤IMG_2383 Mac attack and my little rexy.IMG_2385 XOXO

6 Comments on “Through the Vine.

  1. You look FAB but beware of trying to return anything there. I had a signed confirmation from my PO that they had picked up my return parcel, but they refused to refund. One person eventually admitted to me, in writing via email, that because I was in Australia the returns issue was a lot easier to get around and that they were never going to refund me. So, all over $70 in fraud they now have me telling anyone who will listen that they are a bunch of thieves……so not worth it for them. 🙂

    • Please can you email me directly on and I will do my best to resolve the situation. My staff are briefed that if there is proof of delivery then we will always give the refund. I would love to see these emails you are referring to and take the relevant disciplinary action for the staff involved. It is not very classy to slander my business online without having spoken to me about your issues. Rest assured you have not been the victim of fraud, and I will do what I can, if you could just get in touch please?
      Kind regards,

  2. Beautiful! I’m hoping to buy this top soon! I was wondering what size your wearing? And maybe your bust measurements/cup size for reference? I’m not sure what size to get.

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