Uniquely Vintage.

IMG_7270photo copy 7It was a beautiful day in Brooklyn and all I wanted to do was relax and visit the cool vintage shops in the Williamsburg area so I invited my friend Queena and that’s exactly what we did. Of course, even to relax was enough of a occassion for me to get dolled up in my new Unique Vintage dress. I have been dying to wear it since I got it in the mail just a few days before as it reminded me of a dress I recently saw on Barbie via the Silk Stone Barbie instagram. I wore it just like Barbie with my own vintage twist and I have to say..come to think of it..Barbie is really one of my biggest style icons as I have been imitating her outfits since I was a kid! One of my dreams is to have my very own Vintage Vandalizm Barbie one day. Until then, I plan to live as closely as I can to who she would have been if she was a real person, a chameleon with a giant closet! Take a peek inside to see the full details of my outfit!IMG_7245You gotta love a dress with pockets! I absolutely adore the pattern and style of this Lucy Halter dress. It is casual yet elegant and oh-so-comfortable.IMG_7247 To spruce it up I added some sparkly vintage gems like these crystal earrings and matching brooch and my vintage arrow comb. I also wore my favorite vintage shades.IMG_7275..and my favorite everyday purse by Kate Spade.
IMG_7276My shoes are also vintage.

If you haven’t already checked out Unique Vintage, head on over to their online shop to see more of their amazing vintage repro dresses.


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