Bob Mackie event at Screaming Mimi’s!

15385_10201597201314403_439086037_nLast Wednesday I was off to one of my favorite vintage shops, Screaming Mimi’s, to celebrate the launch of Bob Mackie’s new collection of notebooks hosted by my girl Sammy Davis of I was so excited to see the new line of Bob Mackie notebooks and try my luck in winning one of his vintage runway dresses that was displayed at the Screaming Mimi’s window! When I arrived I was bombarded by the smell of delicious cupcakes and the best scenery of the most beautiful vintage pieces. I was in pure heaven! Sammy did her thing spreading vintage love as we all munched on cupcakes over champagne. The Bob Mackie notebooks were gorg and reminded me so much of the Great Gatsby. They were displayed next to Bob’s sketches that I wanted to take home so bad lolol. I actually wanted to take everything home. Screaming Mimi’s is trouble for a vintage lover like myself. I had just visited the day before the event and bought a pair of springolators from them that were on major sale. I planned to have the sole restored but couldn’t wait and wore them for the event! I also wore my vintage Bob Mackie poodle brooch that was gifted to me at the showroom just a few days before. It was so perfect that I got to support both brands at once for this event. I went drenched in vintage in a 1950s brocade shirt dress, vintage hat and purse set, my leucite springolators, and vintage gems. It was the perfect outfit for the perfect event. I met so many wonderful people (one of them being Lynn Yaeger!) and got to see so many of my friends. Even better, I got to enjoy the whole event with my favorite person in the world, my mom! 

IMG_7103Classic car sighting on Bond Street!
IMG_7114When you attend a Bob Mackie event at a vintage store like Screaming Mimi’s, you wear vintage!
IMG_7133My vintage brocade dress is from one of my favorite Manhattan Vintage vendors “What was is vintage” where I found this dress, 2 swimsuits, and 1 playsuit that are some of my most prized vintage pieces.c2The dress has beautiful neutral metallic colorway that made it so easy for me to accessorize. My vintage earrings match my vintage brooch which also matches my vintage hat and purse! Don’t you just love it when an outfit just works?
IMG_7167My new awesome vintage Bob Mackie poodle brooch! I was so ecstatic when they gifted it to me!!!c1I bought this vintage hat and purse set about a year ago and am so glad I finally put it to use! It is so amazing!
IMG_7158IMG_7149Here are the vintage springolators I coveted at Screaming Mimi’s the day before. Can you believe these are my first pair?!IMG_7143They have a leucite heel adorned with little crystals!IMG_7150Off to the event!1148980_10201597198074322_597550113_n I spy a beautiful Bob Mackie dress and a gorgeous Sammy D!1176262_10201597201234401_2096492743_n There she is! Sammy Davis is a friend of mine who has an awesome vintage blog dedicated to spreading vintage love around the globe by helping sellers learn how to sell vintage, how to buy vintage, and how to market their vintage businesses. The girl is a machine and was also a host of the Bob Mackie event!IMG_2003 Me and Abby girl! I love this girl so much I almost went to jail for her. No, seriously lol.IMG_2001 Me and the beautiful Jenelle! She’s a power publicist but overall such a wonderful person. I am so glad to have met her and she looked great at the event!IMG_1981 Hayyyyy!IMG_7179 Cupcakes galore!IMG_7175 Bob Mackie books, portraits, and new notebooks!IMG_7177 I have this book and it’s INCREDIBLE.IMG_7173 Can I haz everything? Better yet, I want the outfit in the sketch too!IMG_7172 I am in love with that handsome man in the black suit, is he single?IMG_7171 I want to wear this blue number to my next wedding, can we make this happen?IMG_7168 Goody bags!!!IMG_7174 Screaming Mimi’s always has amazing displays! Love those yellow vintage shoes!IMG_7227 Full house!IMG_7241 Sammy doing spreading the love in an awesome vintage corset and pallazo pants! You go girl!IMG_7224My friend Chris looked like a pretty pinup in her Karen Millen circle skirt and Bob Mackie sequins shirt by the talented Philip Estrada! I want a T-shirt so bad! Love those vintage glasses and lipstick heels too girl!
IMG_7211 Laura Willis, the mastermind behind the most amazing vintage shop in NYC, Screaming Mimi’s! She is such an awesome woman, let me tell you..I absolutely loved her! She was so personable and so kind to everyone at the event. Plus she has killer style!IMG_7226 So happy my girls Sunny and Stephanie made it to the event! They looked gorge!IMG_7213 My momma and I! She’s my ride or die 🙂 ❤IMG_7219 Chris, Derek, and Steph-lova!IMG_7221 Love them!IMG_7240 I love this photo of Sammy and my mom! So adorbs!IMG_7230 My mom looked so lovely in her Bettie Page Alika circle dress and her patent leather Karen Millen purse.  My mom is such a babe!IMG_7202 oh you know…just looking I swear.IMG_7203 SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SKIRT but…I am moving soon so I had to take it as a loss.IMG_7188 Love this vintage tribal style dress. I’d wear it with tribal neon accessories!IMG_7185 More vintage goodness.IMG_7190 Mod Podge mannequin heads!IMG_7189 CANDY!IMG_7184 I want it all.IMG_7183 This too..IMG_7182 Cute vintage shoes I wish my feet were small enough to fit in. Damn Barbie feet.IMG_7181 IMG_7222 My favorite girls ❤IMG_7237Beautiful couple, Ryan and Philip <3. I absolutely adore them! Philip is the talented designer behind Chris’s Bob Mackie shirt and the one he is wearing!
IMG_7235 I am so happy I got to formally meet Lynn Yaeger! Her friend was so lovely as well! I always see Lynn shopping on the cross streets of soho and have always admired her authenticity and originality. You can tell her style is genuinely herself. IMG_7233 Alice, Kesha, and I <3. Such lovely and talented ladies!IMG_1984Sammy and her friend Derek! He had us all laughing up a storm with his fun personality.IMG_1990My dolls ❤IMG_7210Stephanie looked gorg in this yellow peplum dress!
IMG_7231Meet Alice and the Screaming Mimi’s poster child Monty!

photo copy 6Love my new Bob Mackie notebooks! Thank you so much BM!

Good times!

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4 Comments on “Bob Mackie event at Screaming Mimi’s!

  1. I had such a great time at the event. Nice to meet so many wonderful people while having a great time.

  2. I got my first pair of springolators this year. Haven’t had a chance to wear them out yet. I love how they really do stick to your heel. I think modern shoe companies should do that for all backless shoes.
    You and your mom looked fabulous as usual.

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