Lingerie Fashion Week: Secrets in Lace!

IMG_7071I was invited to come cover Lingerie Fashion week and as a lingerie lover this was music to my ears! I was even more excited that Secrets in Lace, one of my favorite lingerie brands, was set to showcase their collection along with their Bettie Page lingerie, and Dita Von Teese stockings. SIL has been creating the best vintage inspired undergarments for over 3 decades. That means bullet bras, high-waisted knickers, garter belts, plunge bras, and the sexiest girdles you have ever seen! Out of all of the shows I got to attend for Lingerie Fashion Week, the Secrets in Lace show was by far, the absolute best. SIL stole the show! The models had incredible figures, were styled to perfection, and gave us all a grand performance with a burlesque act. I wanted every single thing I saw on the runway. I also thought it was cool that they started the runway show with a cute video from Dita Von Teese. My absolute favorite looks were the Bettie blue and pink sets. I was also OBSESSED with the pink and black ostrich trimmed chiffon robes. So glamorous! Speaking of glam, I was anticipating this show just so I could wear my new Karen Millen dress haha. It is one of my newest treasured pieces as I don’t have anything like it in my closet. It is elegant yet edgy with a corseted fit and features two different types of lace on the arms, bust, and the back. To compliment the nude and black colorway of my dress, I wore my vintage hat (it has a mesh vail), vintage pearl earrings, simple nude Zara pumps, and my black Kate Spade purse. If you are going to Lingerie Fashion week, I say dress the part!IMG_7053Here is the dress I wore to LFW. It is by Karen Millen <3.
IMG_7045The back is what had me sold. SO PRETTY.cropVintage Jewelry and hat. Shiny smokey eyes and red lips.IMG_7066Some more vintage gems and my every day Kate Spade purse.IMG_7069Ok these Zara shoes are great but the bottom rubber came off the heels 20 minutes after I wore them. SmhIMG_7054My hair was a quick-do with my curling iron. Had to rush it because I was running late haha.

IMG_6927 I had my girl Sunny be my guest at the show and we met up with..
IMG_6928…my girl Stephanie who was also attending LFW.
IMG_6929EEEEK! We were so excited!IMG_6925 IMG_1460Lingerie and Ice cream? A girls dream come true!IMG_1485 1 BTS back stage before the SIL show. Can we talk about this pink ostrich trimmed chiffon robe?! So Jayne Mansfield!IMG_1484 All of the models wore Bettie Page shoes!IMG_1482One of the models getting glamed up for the show.
IMG_1476Black ostrich trimmed chiffon robes <3!IMG_1483Matching pilbox hats!IMG_1480 1Hustle and bustle! The show is about to start!IMG_1461 1 Me and Dan Whitsett, the founder of Secrets In Lace. I adore Dan, he is super awesome!IMG_6939Dita Von Teese welcomes us to the show and talks a little about her stockings before the show!
IMG_6936 Ran into Angie Pontanie and her Beau at the show!IMG_6943 I own this SIL Bettie Page set in black and now I want it in pink! This one along with all of the styles below are from the SIL Bettie Page Leopard Collection.IMG_6944Wepa!IMG_6946Love that red!IMG_6948 This is the set that I have and I love it. Best bra and garter ever!IMG_6950 Love the girdle and that pillbox hat!IMG_6953 Shapewear made sexy!IMG_6955Who doesn’t love a longline bra?
IMG_6957 This gorgeous set is from the Bettie Blue collection along with the styles below. I love this colorway!IMG_6959 I NEEEED! ❤IMG_6961 Werk!IMG_6962 This is from the Bettie Classic Collection. Love this colorway and the red one below!IMG_6965 What a great set for Valentines day! ❤IMG_6969 The SIL models gave us all a burlesque show to remember!IMG_6971 Fab!IMG_6976 Wepa!IMG_6980 So cute!IMG_6984 On with the show!IMG_6985 This beautiful bridal set and the one below are so incredible!IMG_6987 For the goth bride within you 😉IMG_6989 Loving this polka dot SIL set with the Pamela Swiss dot stockings!IMG_6993 Another amazing pink set from the Bettie Classic collection. Want!IMG_6995 Love this demi bra and girdle!IMG_6996 Another good wedding set but I’d wear this on a regular day!IMG_6999 Cute petticoats!IMG_7000 Love these Dita french heel stockings!IMG_7004 I own these Dita Glamour french heel stockings and have worn them to death, still no runs!IMG_7009 These are my absolute favorite. The Dita’s diamond back seam stockings!IMG_7019Secrets in Lace Founder/designer Dan Whitsett talks about his brands specialty, nylon stockings. SIL is one of the few brands in the world that specializes in creating authentic nylon stockings from their own factories here in the US and in Europe.IMG_7024These stockings are super sheer which means they match almost any skin tone. I often find that most hosiery companies either have really light toned stockings or really dark black tones. SIL offers such a variety of stockings that women of all colors can enjoy!

IMG_7021Bravo Dan!IMG_7078Good times ladies! ❤

Check out Secrets in Lace for more retro lingerie!


12 Comments on “Lingerie Fashion Week: Secrets in Lace!

  1. Looked like a very nice show. All the models looked lovely as well as you and your friends.

  2. Looks like a great show. You looked absolutely fabulous and should have been on the catwalk instead of writing up the show!

  3. Oh, Baby! Dreams DO come true! You & your gals Sunny & Stephanie totally looked the part, I tip my hat to you once again. Classy, sexy lingerie, so many delicious details, and a free show…Best Week EVER! I am so lucky to see all those awesome pictures. You’ve made me grin from ear to ear once again! Ah-May-Zing!

  4. I am in love with all the lingerie, but what brings the widest, brightest smile to my face is that all of the models are gorgeous, normal-sized GODDESSES. sooooooo refreshing after the pretty but unrealistic-looking VS shows!

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