The Coney Island Candy Stripers!

crop1I have been DYING to go to Coney Island all Summer and finally my gal pal Ingrid and I took time out of our crazy schedules to unwind and have a great time! Coney Island is one of my favorite places in NY because despite being full of fun, it is also full of so much history. I won’t get all historian on you folks because we all know I have tons of posts in my archives about the history of Coney Island, but I will say I am so impressed with the new renovations they have made to keep the theme park as close to its roots as possible. Tillie is still the face of Luna Park, the original Wonder Wheel hasn’t aged a day, they have a new revised version of the famous Steeplechase ride, and the Cyclone is still in action at the same spot it was built circa 1927. The boardwalk is live with cute shops and spots to eat and Nathan’s is right outside of the train station still serving the best cheese fries. I always get so stoked for the sweets at the candy shops like candy apples, cotton candy, rainbow lollipops, and more. It is also fun to partake in the arcade games where you can win plush toys and other prizes. Ingrid and I had a blast exploring Luna Park. In Coney Island fashion; I wore a candy striped vintage playsuit I purchased at What Was Is Vintage at the last Manhattan Vintage show and Ingrid looked amazing in purple heart shades, a comic crop top, a pink pencil skirt, and polka dot skippies. We went on rides, enjoyed the view from on top of the Wonder Wheel, pigged out on sweets, visited the shops, and sun bathed on the beach.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day spent with one of my favorite pink ladies!IMG_1304 Nathans! We had cheese fries, corn dogs, and frozen lemonade here haha.IMG_1243 Tillie!IMG_1221 Monday is the best day to attend Coney Island because it is so peaceful.IMG_1252 The Wonder Wheel!IMG_6702Wonder Woman 😉IMG_1211Love this poster of the old Parachute Jump ride. It was built in the late 1930s and still stands today. It isn’t a ride anymore but more of a historic monument of Coney Island. I am sure many of you have seen that giant red tower (image below via Wikipedia), well, that was the Parachute Jump ride :).768px-Coney_Island_Parachute_JumpIMG_1259 We rode the Wonder Wheel and enjoyed the view of the parkIMG_1228It was kind of scary but Ingrid was screaming “WOOOOOO!” like a cat which made me laugh so hard I wasn’t scared anymore.IMG_6688 The Cotton Candy queen in her comic crop top, pink pencil skirt, and cute kicks ❤IMG_6691 The perfect outfit for Coney Island!IMG_6690 I am obsessed with her top!IMG_6692I also need these cute skippies in my life!IMG_1265 So glad we got a picture together thanks to the lovely staff at Coney Island!IMG_1209Rubber ducky prizes!IMG_6731 I was always really good at the balloon game!
IMG_6735What a perfect day for my vintage striped playsuit!
IMG_6740This suit comes with high-waisted shorts and a detachable skirt. I am obsessed with it!
IMG_6755 Here it is without the skirt. To accessorize, I wore my vintage wooden bangles and necklace, starfish earrings I coveted in Puerto Rico, and some cool vintage cat eye glasses I snagged at Electric Lemonade in Vegas. My purse is also vintage, isn’t it SWEET!IMG_6756I found these shoes at my local Bakers store for like $15 and they matched this outfit perfectly!
IMG_6696As a kid, I always adored carousels. Such pretty works of art. Plus I am such a unicorn/horse lover.IMG_1196IMG_123025 cents makes the tiny theme park come alive!IMG_1231What a work of art!IMG_1237Ingrid looking like a prize at the gift shop!IMG_6768Can I get a reading?IMG_1257Can I eat it all?IMG_1274Off to the beach, had to change my shoes so I don’t get stuck on the boardwalk haha! These are Karen Millen tiki wedges.IMG_1245 Love the neon of this shop!IMG_1287R&R at the beach.IMG_1288My beach babe vintage purse.IMG_1293On our way back to the train we stopped at the Sugar Factory! Look at all of these goodies!IMG_1295Salt water taffy’s! Love the boxes!IMG_1303I need these!IMG_1301Cute pinup magnets!IMG_1250Remember folks, Keep Calm and Coney On!

Good times!


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