Shop Glamarous Spring/Summer 2013

1000996_10151696174254346_1200687328_nMy friend Mary has the cutest shop called Shopglamarous stocked full of fun hand crafted head bands and hair accessories that look great on everyone. What also makes them special is that they don’t give you bad headaches like most headbands do and she makes them adjustable to your comfort. She was the first to create the zipper headband that you see on runways across the board and just recently launched her new collection of hair accessories that took it all to the next level. I got to see it all before it launched as I was the hairstylist of her new campaign. It was so much fun styling the models at the Z hotel in these beautiful headbands with the rest of the team. Everything turned out perfect and the Z hotel was such a great location for a fun and fabulous shoot. The models did a terrific job modeling the headbands and many of the looks were 60’s and 70’s inspired. There were flower crowns, sequined head bands, jeweled headbands, and cute rockabilly bandanna style headbands so I am sure many of you rockabilly girls and flower child’s out there would appreciate her cute stuff. If you are looking for a versatile collection of hair accessories to fit your look; Shopglamarous has got you covered. See her collection inside!1013156_10151696141229346_1825781677_nStyle: Daniella
1006248_10151696148484346_34868011_nStyle: 992789_10151696147669346_1937466731_nStyle: Rita934605_10151696148219346_1647912072_nStyle: Zarrah942672_10151696147634346_1468358330_nStyle: Betty Jane IV971667_10151696147774346_798577001_nStyle: Liberty993315_10151696148579346_126624160_n Style: Zoe8340_10151696148029346_268815509_n Style: Kayla970406_10151696148229346_1837042386_n Style: Michelle993609_10151696148194346_2017887356_n Style: Olivia994214_10151696148369346_1822588006_n Style: Glamarous Crown994219_10151696148614346_1075630971_nStyle: Stella1002117_10151696148084346_1172700790_n Style: Riley1005094_10151696147914346_1948987135_nStyle: Pink Flower Crown1010672_10151696147834346_142397416_nStyle: Jessica1044144_10151696147664346_785735124_n Style: Camilla1069130_10151696147909346_1713205746_n Style: Lindsay1069847_10151696148399346_1350324792_n Style: Tropical Flower Crown1070066_10151696147784346_168946111_n

Styles available on

Hair: Vintage Vandalizm
Makeup: Absolutely Dazzling
Photographer: Robin Souma
Photographer/Videographer: Theresa Taylor Photography

Location: Z Hotel NY

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