The Mode Merr Brunch Spectacular & Grand Performance Car Show!

1It was a CRAZY sunday full of way too many awesome festivities and I am so happy I made it to each and every one of them. My first stop was my dad’s car show where I spent the morning and the remainder of the evening taking cool photos with the classic cars. I love to be able to come support my dad so I come out to his show every year. There weren’t too many 50s and 60s models but I was still happy I got to take pictures with a few before running off to the Mode Merr Fashion & Burlesque Brunch Spectacular at the Highline Ballroom. I was set to model in the show that day and thank god I hitched a cab because I missed my bus and nearly missed modeling in the show! However, all was good and the show was just that…SPECTACULAR. It was a very entertaining and romantic evening for the couples who sat front row enjoying the delicious food while watching the amazing burlesque performers. World Famous Bob was hosting and did a wonderful job in doing so; she had the entire room dying of laughter. After the incredible burlesque show featuring the best of the best of our NY Burly queens like the Pontani sisters, Gal Friday, Main Attraction, Dirty Martini, Julie Atlas Muz, Little Brooklyn, Peekaboo Pointe, and Queen Bee Jo Boobs Weldon the crowd got to see Labretta Suede & the Motel 6 Live! While Labretta shook her tail feathers all of us models got ready to strut our stuff in the new & FABULOUS Mode Merr collection on stage! When I saw the dress I was set to wear, I was absolutely IN LOVE. It fit me like a glove and went perfectly with my hair and shoes. The other models looked fabulous as well and did such a great job modeling the new collection on stage. I am always nervous but did my best as well as giving the crowd a little dance haha. It really was the perfect show followed by some great shopping, and though I didn’t indulge, I can’t say I didn’t want to! I love to see Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb vintage treasures, Laura Rebel Angel’s cute hats, and those $20 Mode Merr sale bins which are a total tease! I was also happy to see some familiar faces as well as meeting new ones back stage. Their was such good energy amongst all of us ladies and the crowd that came to the show and I can’t wait to attend again next year! See it all inside!IMG_0856Can I keep you?IMG_0861 Candy apple red. My favorite ❤IMG_0853IMG_6562I wanted to paint the town red so I wore this awesome cross bust Pinup Girl Clothing bandana print dress I recently coveted at the Slapback shop in Brooklyn. I have been getting most of my dresses from her as she always has a great variety of retro designs I love.
IMG_6564Because the pattern says it all, I decided to keep the accessories simple with vintage shoes, a Kate Spade purse, some cool vintage repro cat eye sunglasses, and red cocktail earrings.
IMG_0868 My favorite pink Cadillac of the show. My friend Sal owns this pink lady and does a great impersonation of Elvis.IMG_0880 His entire car is adorned with Elvis memorabilia.IMG_6578 I told him I am going to steal his car one day 😉 ❤IMG_0879 This was another cool classic car I saw at the show. Such a beauty and glittered blue!IMG_0878 Can I haz this one too?IMG_6587Giving her a quick shine hahaIMG_0874Me and Momma. Thanks to her I got some cool pics with the cars! Love you Mom!IMG_6307I nearly died when I saw this one! Love me a nice hot rod!IMG_6313Last but not least, this is my Dad’s Chevy Nova 68. She is our most priced possession and a killer at the races! My dad did such an amazing job building her up from scratch!IMG_0857That’s all for the car show. Gotta run!IMG_0795 Everyone getting settled for the show at the Highline Ballroom.IMG_6344 The view from the VIP section.IMG_6554 Some models and some guests, all retro dolls!IMG_6536So happy I got to see my dear friend Stephanie Nolasco!IMG_6555Some more retro dolls that attended the show! Adore them!IMG_6361 World Famous Bob hosting!IMG_6353 Peekaboo Pointe!IMG_6355 IMG_6360 IMG_6369Helen Pontani!IMG_6377 The Main Attraction!IMG_6371 This lovely couple, Aris and Stephanie Nolasco, had no idea what was coming to them from Miss Maine Attraction! lolololIMG_6383She jumped off stage and WEPA! LOLOL look at his face!IMG_6384 DAY WAS MADE lol.IMG_6387 Little Brooklyn!IMG_6397 IMG_6399 IMG_6403Jo “Boobs” Weldon!
IMG_6412 IMG_6415 Dirty Martini!IMG_6419 IMG_6421 IMG_6433 Gal Friday!IMG_6443 IMG_6452 IMG_6457 Julie Atlas Muz!IMG_6464 IMG_6472 Angie Pontani!IMG_6479IMG_6497 1074625_10151767010874254_965406923_o Now for Labretta Suede & the Motel 6!IMG_6501 This band was awesome and I am so happy we got to model while they played!457378_10151767014699254_1646441912_o Dirty Martini starts the fashion show in this adorable Mode Merr ensemble! What I love about Mode Merr is that it is a brand that embraces all types of women in all shapes and sizes which means any one of you can look & be fabulous! Here are some of the new styles you can expect on the Mode Merr website soon modeled by myself, Laura Rebel Angel, Brooklyn Babydoll, Cate Briening, Raven Tresses, T.Kyles, Good Times Sara
Cheryl Wildcat, Olivia Pierce, Nefertiti Moore, and the Burly queens! Special thanks to Arthur Eisenburg for the fashion show photos. I was modeling so I was unable to take photographs.892437_10151767014254254_1334880137_o Go Cyn!892465_10151767016149254_1692948935_o 893268_10151767015259254_952239173_o Love this turquoise suit!977559_10151768609369254_1431188805_o 981612_10151767014879254_457322151_o 1008188_10151767014139254_1553001887_o 1009643_10151767017004254_2066882262_o This leopard dress is adorbs!1025486_10151767015009254_1017205905_o 1025926_10151767015849254_292442666_o 1047950_10151767013804254_762184920_o Rock on Laura!1072074_10151767015114254_2067965629_o 1072079_10151767016334254_1041942749_o 1073215_10151767014809254_774244289_o 1074191_10151767015519254_849071449_o 1074336_10151767015999254_790391573_o 1074340_10151767013649254_86084229_o 1074069_10151767016514254_1059304482_o LOVE my dress!1077289_10151767014354254_1945285374_o WERK Meirav!1077478_10151767016409254_2098275385_o Maine looks fab!1077571_10151767015319254_1663908655_o 1077621_10151767016639254_1983239629_o 1077625_10151767015689254_641043827_o 1078828_10151767014059254_1359964915_o Jo is so sassy! ❤IMG_6538 Here is the dress I wore in better detail. I am so in love with it.IMG_6541Me and Cyn after the show!1072292_10151767010379254_1659564612_o This is the beautiful and talented HBIC of Mode Merr. Angela does such an amazing job creating fabulous and comfortable clothes for women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. The people who attended this event cleared off her clothing racks as soon as the show ended and I cannot blame them!
IMG_0800Want it ALL.IMG_6342These bins are DANGEROUS.IMG_6341Angela with one of her loyal customers!IMG_6316You can always count on seeing Miss Ruth’s Time Bomb at every Mode Merr show with a bunch of vintage goodies!
IMG_6317IMG_6319 IMG_6318IMG_6322 IMG_6323 1077717_10151767009464254_643399581_o Thanks again to Arthur Eisenburg! He also took this photo of me and I love it.703540_10151767009319254_100636172_oAnother photo by Arthur Eisenburg
IMG_6327Laura Rebel Angel’s cool hand crafted hats!IMG_6328 IMG_6325This one was my favorite because I have a MEAN sweet tooth! 😉IMG_6334That’s all folks!

Hope you liked the new Mode Merr Collection and all of the classic cars!

Visit to see more of the new collection!


7 Comments on “The Mode Merr Brunch Spectacular & Grand Performance Car Show!

  1. That candy apple red Buik is to die for!! And oh my god, you have never looked more radiant and divine than in this red dress! Loved some of the dresses in the show too, what a delight!

  2. That looks like an amazing show!!! I love how diverse the models and dancers are!! It’s such a pleasure to see. You all look gorgeous!! Although, I don’t know how I’d react to Maine using my man as a prop! HA!

  3. Thank you so much for including us in your post! I just saw it today. You’re so kind to spread the word about us! Thanks a millions!

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