Thrifting in the town of Hudson!

IMG_5562Over a week ago my boyfriend and I headed down to Saugerties, New York, to visit his parents. We spent a weekend there which meant we had time to explore the small yet magical towns. On this day we headed on over to the town of Hudson which is on the way to Saugerties. This town is known for being loaded with antique and vintage shops so I was SO EXCITED to get to see it for my self. I was also excited to finally wear my Kenley Collins floral 2pc playsuit from Unique Vintage! I have been working so much, I haven’t had time to dress up and enjoy the start of the Summer and it was definitely a hit in Hudson. Everyone thought I was wearing an actual vintage set lol. I wish I could relive this day over and over with the fun I had. Hudson is a beautiful place full of history that has been greatly preserved. There was magic on every single corner and the houses and buildings were works of art. We visited all of the vintage and antique shops and boy did I find some treasure! Finally; a place just a bus ride away, that has wonderful and affordable vintage and antiques. It is when you travel beyond the overpriced vintage of Manhattan that you discover much better pieces that won’t burn holes in your pockets. I also really loved the characters I met there, many of the shop owners were such fun and fabulous people. I even met someone who was a fan of my blog! She was such a doll and directed us to some of her favorite vintage shops. I took so many photos of everything that intrigued me that I fully loaded my memory card. The antiques were incredible, the vintage was pristine, and I definitely did a little shopping. For all of you vintage explorers out there who want to get out of the city for your own vintage adventure, I narrowed this post down to my absolute favorite shops in the town of Hudson. I have also included images of the amazing vintage pieces I saw and coveted at these magical shops. This is definitely one of my favorite posts of the year and I hope you will love it too! See more of our day inside!
IMG_5708..In Saugerties before the drive to Hudson..IMG_5694For a fabulous day ahead I wore my new Kenley Collins for Unique Vintage 2pc floral playsuit <3. I recently wore one of Kenley’s dresses from her last collection. Don’t know if you recall that perfect cow bell dress in my recent post? YES! That was Kenley’s creation! She is such a talented designer whose imagination comes to life in her designs. Ariana Grande is a huge fan too and has Kenley designing everything she wears! This particular piece was uniquely designed for Unique Vintage; my go-to site for fabulous vintage reproduction pieces from different brands from all over the world. If you want one spot where you can find it all and discover new brands, Unique Vintage is the way to go!IMG_5717 I absolutely love playsuits like this so I have a bit of a collection that is rapidly growing. The colors and print are just gorgeous and the fit is perfect and comfortable. I plan to snag some more I found at the Unique Vintage shop.IMG_5713I accessorized the outfit with vintage pieces like.. favorite vintage sunnies. I kept toggling these and my regular frames throughout the day as the sun was stronger in other areas.IMG_5749I love this vintage basket weave clutch and it matched my playsuit perfectly. I bought it at a flea market years ago and have been sporting it ever since.IMG_5750My mules are vintage and a treasure I found at a Beacons Closet for just $9. What’s crazy is that I have a purse with a vintage print of pinups wearing these same shoes. They are from the early 60s. Not too shabby because that’s the era I was going for with this hair flip 😉
IMG_5804IMG_5740Off to the town of Hudson!IMG_5535 The clean and pristine town of Hudson was lined with buildings whose architecture was thankfully preserved.IMG_5534 Check out that giant beautiful painting. What a beauty!IMG_5543 First stop- Hudson Vintage!IMG_5549 This is Dawn Vennekohl, the Proprietress of the wonderful “Hudson Vintage” shop. First off, isn’t her outfit fabulous? Well her personality was too. She was super cool and so was her inventory of vintage gems and accessories.IMG_5545 Here are some photos of what you can expect when you visit her shop, Hudson Vintage. Fun and affordable vintage gems.IMG_5548 Lots of mid-century jewelry and some from the 70s.IMG_5553 This was my favorite jewelry set I saw at Hudson Vintage. I’d shimmer like Jayne Mansfield in this!IMG_5556 See that vintage lions head belt? I bought that! Fits my waist perfectly!IMG_5559 Loved this vintage purse I saw there too. What a piece of work!IMG_5560Vintage Deco style jewelry.IMG_5563Take a look at this umbrella. Looks like a decoration of some sort right? Well, its a PURSE. YUP, and I was drooling over it.IMG_5562Found these awesome Gil Elvgren VINTAGE poster prints at her shop too and left with this one! It is dated 1953.IMG_5824Here is the close-up of the belt I bought at Hudson Vintage.IMG_5566 Some shops were closed like this one but look at that giant greek sculpture!
IMG_9661 Forgot to take photos inside The Second Show shop because we were in and out pretty quickly as it doesn’t have much vintage. However, I did find these awesome vintage screw-backs for $4! IMG_5826Daisies!IMG_5568 Another shop that was closed had some interesting books. I love these ads!IMG_5570 IMG_5577 Look at this amazing car we saw that made us feel like we were in a time warp. This town is magical!IMG_5578Vintage pram. My mother loves these kind of carriages.IMG_5581 Sideshow Vintage had lots of great pieces but they weren’t too big on pictures so I only shot an image of a Lurex suit I found there.IMG_9669I was so excited to find a Lurex suit for just $60 but didn’t end up purchasing it because it was see-through in the back! :/. I need to keep my cinnabuns in check, ya know?
IMG_9663 Came across a book stand where a woman and gentlemen were selling the best vintage books and some vintage accessories like hats and jewelry. These were the books that interested me the most! Men are such fools! haha!IMG_9665“It’s Aliens!”IMG_5599 Antique Underground was, HANDS DOWN, the BEST antique shop I have EVER been to. Period. The entire shop was a gold mine for the best antiques that are neatly merchandised.IMG_5584 Love these mid-century modern chairs!IMG_5583 The Front entrance to Antique Underground. Clean.IMG_5585 Amazing vintage deco race car.IMG_5587 Giant vintage movie posters!IMG_5590 The inside of Antique Underground.IMG_5589Vintage suitcases adorned with vintage stamps of the first owners travels.
IMG_5591The vintage/antique decor was incredible..
IMG_5592 Old biology excerpts.IMG_5593 Vintage military items.IMG_5595 Vintage dolls. Creepy I know, but my mother loves old dolls. Again-Creepy I know lol.IMG_5597Mid-century wall decor.IMG_9671Loved this old book we found there too. Look at that typography!IMG_5601 For all of you Great Gatsby lovers, you HAVE to check out this Behida Dolic Hat shop.IMG_5602 All handmade. All original. All incredible. This shop is stocked full of period style hats handmade to perfection exuding the greatness of our favorite eras.IMG_5603 Beautiful right?IMG_5605 I was in love as soon as I stepped into this place. Just look at these antique brocade chairs and those striped hat boxes!IMG_5607 I wanted them all.IMG_5610 I was fortunate to try some on, like this mini top hat!IMG_5611 And this fascinating fascinator!IMG_5619 We came across this cute vintage diner while walking up the block. Can I live here?IMG_5618 IMG_5620 This shop was closed too, but look at that poster! Too bad the sun is wiping that color clean :/IMG_5627 We had to stop for noms so we went to Park Falafel & Pizza where we enjoyed the great customer service and a delicious meal!IMG_9674I had the Falafel pizza because I’m a fatty 🙂IMG_9678 Back to scouting vintage shops we came across Discipline Park!IMG_9679This cute shop offers a plethora of vintage greatness from all eras.IMG_5644 I fell in love with a few pieces here.IMG_5653 I just love shops like this. I could spend hours digging for treasure.IMG_5649 Check out these vintage Polaroid sunnies! I have the modern version of these and she has the REAL DEAL!IMG_5648 IMG_5647 Love these hats!IMG_5640 I found a modern Trashy Diva “doll dress” here. I loved it but it was so tight I couldn’t breath! It was a size 2 and I needed a size 4:/. Had to let this girl go and I was so sad 😦IMG_5641 Loved this vintage iridescent purple dress too but it was far too big and the waist was cut too low! Dang it! What a beauty!IMG_56423rd times a charm. This vintage floral print dress was a perfect fit! I had to have it so I bought it for just $65!IMG_5639 Last but certainly not least was my absolute favorite shop of Hudson, Five & Diamond!IMG_5662 The reason why this was my favorite shop is because Lisa Durfee has a plethora of vintage pieces from my favorite eras.IMG_5661 The entire store is merchandised neatly. It was so easy to find great 50s and 60s pieces.IMG_5663 Can I haz it all?IMG_5675 I found some incredible pieces here like:IMG_5672 This 2pc vintage 1960s playsuit! It fit a little big around the waist but that did not stop me from buying it! I saw the potential and recently had it altered and it looks AMAZING.IMG_5668 I also bought this stunning vintage 2 pc halter dress and bolero. It fit me PERFECT and is clearly an early 50s piece. I cannot WAIT to wear it!IMG_5671 YES YES YES!IMG_5664Lastly, I also purchased this vintage 60s floral print dress. Looks FAB with my 60s hair flip! I must wear this one soon!IMG_5629That’s all for the town of Hudson! I hope you vintage lovers take a trip out there so you can be as inspired and vintage-happy as I was!

Here are a list of the shops I visited along with their addresses:

Hudson Vintage
433 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
The Second Show
519 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
SideShow Clothing Co.
707 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Antique Underground
711 Waren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Behida Dolic Millinery Hat Shop
715 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Park Falafel & Pizza
11 North 7th Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Discipline Park
5th & Columbia Street
Hudson, NY 12534
Five & Diamond
502 5th & Columbia Street
Hudson, NY 12534

If you liked my  2 pc Kenley Collins playsuit from Unique Vintage, check it out at the UV shop!

Happy exploring thrifters!


16 Comments on “Thrifting in the town of Hudson!

  1. Massive f*chin entry. You musta spent hours on this one. great job! I must make it a point to get to Hudson, looks like a rad town!

    • Thank you doll! I wish that Trashy Diva Dress fit but I found it online in my size! So lucky! So happy you liked my post dear! XOXO

  2. Girl you be finding stuff!!!!! You totally scored at that last spot! LOVE that 60’s play suit on you too! How have you been taking to the new hair cut? It looks so fab on you, I was actually surprised to see you cut so much off!

    • Thank you dollface! This haircut is cool, I do miss my long hair but I donated it to a good cause! I am still learning new styles I can work with! <333

  3. Next time you get up north, travel another 30 miles north to Saratoga Springs. Think of you loved Hudson, you won’t ever leave this vintage/antique haven. Not to mention the oldest horse racing track and natural springs/spas that bring you back to the 1800’s 🙂 Beautiful post, kudos to your photog as well.

  4. What a great trip and many great finds! A few observations:
    1) You wear the Kenley Collins floral 2pc playsuit much more beautifully than the model does on the Kenley Collins website.
    2) I admire the courage and confidence you have to wear and publish pictures of suits like the Lurex suit, which you looked fabulous in!
    3)In regards to your comment “I had the Falafel pizza because I’m a fatty “, please tell me you were kidding about talking about your figure like that 😦
    Whatever weight you think you have you carry very well. Reminds me of a tiny Christina Hendricks. My mother is an hourglass and my father a ruler so I came out a pear. You look like an hourglass, enjoy it! Don’t we all want to be an hourglass (in my best southern belle accent) ^_^

    Love love love your blog, keep the great posts coming!

    Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Great Post. Love all the shops and lovely clothing…..and of course, you looked lovely in everything.

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