Express your independent style with BPC!

Captain_Red_FlareWant to look fabulous for the 4th of July but don’t have a clue what to wear? Don’t fret. I am here to save the day. There are LOTS of promotions going on this week for Independence day but my favorite is the Red, White, and Blue sale at the Bettie Page Clothing store. Right now BPC has such a wide range of red, white, and blue dresses and separates that you won’t need to look anywhere else to find an outfit that suits you best. You can literally create a whole outfit by visiting a Bettie Page store because they have a variety of accessories to match all of their apparel. I definitely find myself running there when I don’t have time to look for an outfit because I know I can find something fabulous in one shot without having to scour different stores for hours. I LOVE to dress up for holidays so you can expect to see me in the BPC Nancy dress this week. It is perfect for a week of fun events and happens to be one of the styles that is on sale right now at the BPC shops. To help you find the perfect look that suits you best, I have compiled a bunch of my favorite styles from the Bettie Page store that will have you feeling fabulous and festive this holiday. All of these pieces are available online and at your local BPC shops and many of them are a part of the Red, White, and Blue sale! Captain_Red_PencilThis is the red Captain pencil dress. I love this dress so much that I have it in not one but TWO different colors. I own it in white and in blue and they both fit great and make me feel sexy ;). What’s great about BPC is that they offer you two different styles of this dress catering to your comfort. So if you don’t want a pencil dress and hugs your shape, go with the A-line cut with the Captain flare dress! It’s part of the Red, White, and Blue sale for $120!(KGrHqEOKoYE6e8E4GwIBOsgkj660_3This is the blue Captain Pencil dress. Isn’t it CUTE! This one also comes in an a-line cut! It’s also a part of the Red, White, and Blue sale for $120! coastgaurdblousewebThis nautical theme is perfect for the 4th of July. If you are looking for something less dressy but still festive, you want to go for the Coast Guard top and pair it with a skirt or high-waisted shorts. It is still sexy but a little more flexible if you have more than one plan for your day. This top is $52971839_10151691993868708_736784239_nThis Marina top is great too if you want to sport a different cut of the Coast Guard top with high-waisted bottoms. This one is on sale for $31! Sailor_Shorts_NavySpeaking of shorts, BPC has a variety of great retro style shorts that go perfectly with the Marina or Coast Guard top. These Sailor shorts are not only sexy but functional with pockets! And they are just $30! NANCY-2Here is that Nancy dress I was telling you all about. This dress is a STUNNER. I couldn’t believe how great I looked and felt after trying this dress on. I just had to have it and if you are looking for a stunner this 4th of July, you should treat yourself too. It is on sale for $104!Alika-red-circle-and-pencilRemember how I spoke previously about the different cuts BPC offers their customers based on their comfort? This is the red Alika dress in the pencil and flare! They are both incredible pieces for this holiday whether you are going to an evening party or to a BBQ. Wear it your way because they are both on sale! Pencil fit- $107 Flare- $112 lady_luck_navyHere is another evening piece you can wear to have everyone seeing fireworks as soon as you walk into the room! This is the Lady Luck dress that can be worn just like the picture you see above. If you want to add more color, sport a red shoe and a red lip! This one comes in many colors but this one is my favorite. Just $70! Megan_Pencil_Red_0Want a simple red dress you can have fun accessorizing? If so, go with the Megan pencil dress. It is subtle yet sexy with a cute little keyhole at the bust. This is the perfect dress to pair with a belt and matching shoes. There are so many ways you can add contrast! It is also on sale for $96!laura_circle_navyWant to ignore the stars and stripes and go for the polka dots? If so then go with the Laura circle dress. It is comfortable, sexy, and fun to accessorize! Check out that pocket square! Only $80!sereneblousepolkafront  Want to sport something a little sexier? Go with this polka dot Serene blouse and Kiki skirt! My friend Priscilla wore this ensemble for BPC’s fashion show and looked AMAZING. You can mix and match the top and the bottom with different things but they go so well together! Blouse- $45 Skirt- $57Ella_BlueWant something simple and chic? Go with this royal blue Ella dress and accessorize with some sparkle! Crystal earrings and a nice bracelet and you are good to go! This one is on sale for $118!

If you need an outfit for this July 4th, Don’t wait! Get your bum over to your nearest Bettie Page Store and get the look for less with their Red, White, and Blue SALE!

If you don’t have a store in your area, head on over to the for the same deals!

Happy shopping loves!


4 Comments on “Express your independent style with BPC!

  1. Love, love, love the dresses and they fit great. This is definately an awesome sale.

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