Gantry Park & The Long Island Flea

IMG_5462It was a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning so I woke up super early and put on my Kenley Collins cow print dress to run on over to the new Long Island Flea. I have been dying to wear this dress since I got my hands on it at the Slapback shop in Brooklyn but have been waiting to find the perfect cowboy boots. Alas, I just couldn’t wait any longer and it was the perfect day to wear it so I did just that. The dress was the rave of the Long Island flea market and such a fun little get-up for a great day of thrifting. I have become hooked to these NY flea markets after visiting the Williamsburg Flea just a few weeks ago. These flea markets are probably the best spots in New York City to find great vintage pieces at great prices. It was the first day of the Long Island flea so I was excited to see what was in store but I have to say, there wasn’t that much vintage and more food and beverage vendors than anything. Needless to say, it was still fun and I did snag myself some great vintage earrings and discover great vintage pieces at the Harold and Maude booth. They had a great selection of vintage but the one item that stood out most to me was a beautiful pink 1940s jacket labeled “Nelly’s of San Juan, Puerto Rico”. As a Puerto Rican, this excited me like nobody’s business. This jacket was incredible. It was pink and had a pinup printed collar and buttons. It made me wish I was alive in the 40s to visit Nelly’s in the motherland. However, I was so bummed to find out that it was a size too small and I certainly wasn’t going to force myself in it. Lol, Maybe it will fit when I cut back on the cheeseburgers and disco fries ;D. Until then, I’ll be styling and profiling in my cow print dress like grade A beef ;). Take a look inside for more on my outfit and the Long Island Flea.IMG_9412 The best part about the Long Island Flea is that it is walking distance from the beautiful Gantry park.IMG_5441In my Kenley Collins cow print dress.
IMG_5448It was easy to accessorize around the dress because it was black and white so I wore my Payless saddle shoes, Kate Spade purse, a simple black belt and my favorite vintage sunglasses.IMG_5462I love my vintage sunglasses I scored off of ebay a few months ago. I practically live in them.IMG_5458This is my official summer purse. I absolutely ADORE Kate Spade and can’t wait to get this bag in other colors.IMG_5454I bought these saddle shoes from Payless just a few weeks ago and have worn them to death ever since. They are the most comfortable saddle shoes I have found in a long time and they were just $20! Great for a day of walking!IMG_5443Off to the LIC Flea!IMG_5420IMG_5421 The first thing I noticed when I came inside was this little gator fellow. What a setup!IMG_5429 Harold and Maude had the best booth in my opinion. They had GREAT vintage pieces.IMG_5422 This is the vintage pink jacket I found at their booth. Isn’t she a beauty!?IMG_5423 Look at that COLLAR.IMG_5424 I love that the buttons are adorned with the same print of the collar as well.IMG_5425 I also found this awesome vintage varsity jacket at the Harold and Maude booth. It was a boy’s jacket but fit me quite nicely. I wish I could have taken a pic of myself in it.IMG_5426 It was just a little too fuzzy with age.IMG_5427 After taking this pic and looking at it later, I wish I could have snagged these 1920’s inspired vintage pieces! Especially this sequin anchor top!IMG_5428 And would ya look at this awesome vintage kids jacket? AMAZE.IMG_5431 I also visited other booths that had some interesting modern pieces. This booth had some cool stuff but this jacket may be fit for someone else lol.IMG_9403 I fell in love with this vintage Coca Cola cooler. Wanted to take it home with me so bad!IMG_9401I also love these mid-century kitchen ware.IMG_5432I spy a Queen Elizabeth tin at one of the vintage booths!IMG_5433Vintage jewelry galore!IMG_9404Snagged me these vintage beauties! These earrings are so pretty!

That’s all for the Long Island Flea folks. I am sure they are still developing since it was their first day so their wasn’t that much vintage. However, it is such a great location for a chill day of walking around the flea followed by a relaxing picnic in Gantry Park overlooking the NY skyline. Trust me, you will love it!

For those of you who loved my Kenley Collins cow print dress, visit her website for more of her fabulous retro pieces!


6 Comments on “Gantry Park & The Long Island Flea

  1. Did you cut your hair? It looks great? Is there a brand on the sunglasses?

      • I heart your lob! What do you use on your hair to get it so shiny? Fancy shampoo and potions? Do you flat iron or blowdry? I’m a product junky in search of the key to shiny perfect hair 😉

        The sunglasses are still killing me. I will be on the hunt!

  2. It was a lovely day and it is nice to have the Flea Market so close to home near a beautiful park.

  3. MY GOD I’ve been looking for you everywhere! You blog that is. I need some inspiration, I blog in swedish (although I translate) about kinda the same things: retro, rockabilly, pinup. It’s great to find another inspiration source so BIG thanks!

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