Havana Mama

IMG_5412tumblr_miy0aegFi01qad0yco1_400Just recently I was doing my regular research on mid-century fashion and culture when I came across images of Old Cuban magazines called Carteles that fed my soul for hours. Carteles was one of the most popular cuban illustrated magazines from the 1920s – late 1950s period. It’s full of great articles and tons of pictures of the everyday cuban life , sports, society, art , politics , architecture and much more. These Carteles magazine covers I listed to the left and below have fantastic artwork done by the famous cuban artist Andres Garcia. Andres has done most of the cover work of Carteles and his covers are the most identifiable because of his deco style. He has been described as the Norman Rockwell of Cuba but his work is reflective of the Vargas styles of the era. This discovery makes me want to visit Cuba even more because even in our modern times, this small little Caribbean communist island is full of so much unscathed culture, art, and history of my favorite eras.

cartelesT76_cuba-fMy dream is to visit Cuba so I can experience the culture, classic cars, music, and cuban cigars. Until then, I can live out my inspiration through my personal style. For a nice lunch with my friend and sister, I headed out in Cuban fashion and I am not talking about Cuban heel stockings ;). I was comfortable and cultured in my Cuban straw fedora, tropical jumpsuit, and matching Kate Spade purse. I gave my feet a break in All Saints brown leather sandals and complimented the brown with a vintage waist belt. I also wore my favorite vintage sunglasses and some small vintage bamboo clip-on earrings. I just wish I wore this outfit on my way to Cuba ;).

IMG_5411My grandfather owns a plethora of Cuban Hats and still wears them till this day. I always say I am going to steal them from him ;). This one was a gift from my boyfriend ❤IMG_5383Jumpsuits are great throw-on-and-leave-the-house items every girl should have in their closet. Sometimes you don’t want to have to think too much about what you are going to wear.IMG_5416 I love that this Kate Spade bag matches my jumpsuit perfectly.IMG_5419I normally don’t do sandals but after a week of high heels these will do.IMG_5402XOXO

6 Comments on “Havana Mama

  1. Your specs, as always, are the bomb! I too would like to visit Cuba. Mr. VZ is Cuban. I would snap up those mags – excellent graphic artwork.

  2. Just remember, when you go……take me with you. Lovely as always.

  3. it is always great to visit your blog especially when you mix it with historical context.you still are on my top favorites, alot of people have been cut through the years due to lack of content and have just become plain uninteresting. you always bring it, jas.

    maria g.

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