Wild Soul Sunglasses!

IMG_8998As you guys already know, I have a bad addiction to eyewear. Now I usually go for the cat eye look, vintage or non-vintage, but once I realized I can sport other shapes and make them look retro I’ve been venturing out ever since. Whilst looking for something a little different from my collection I came across Wild Soul Sunglasses, a brand that creates quality, edgy, and retro sunglasses that makes a greater statement than fashion. They are humanitarians whose proceeds support charities/a cause of your choice whether it be health, societal, or environmental. Of course I had to jump at the chance to snag myself a pair of sunglasses so I supported the forests and chose the “Owl” style in the sand color and they are absolutely stunning. They came with a tribal knit case and cool necklace. I have never discovered a brand whose main purpose is to create wonderful eyewear but also help those in need. They acknowledge the struggle of people who are living with HIV, cancer, or mental illness’. They acknowledge those who are in need of shelter, education, and food. They acknowledge the earth and the never-ending struggle to save animals and forests..and for that I respect this brand wholeheartedly. If you want to get yourself a cool pair of sunglasses you will feel great about purchasing, you must check out Wild Soul.

IMG_8902Love the case these bad girls came in and the cute necklace too. IMG_8979Love the color, I have nothing like it in my collection. The quality is amazing too.IMG_8973

Support a cause. Make a bigger statement than fashion with Wild Soul.


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