Slap Back Brooklyn!

IMG_8304IMG_8305Sometimes I like to just wander off on my own in different boroughs to discover awesome shops and great places to eat. On this day I decided to explore more of Williamsburg and all of the new shops and cafes that have been opening in that area. I normally stay in the Bedford part of Williamsburg to enjoy the cluster of shops there but decided to walk there from Lorimer when I discovered an AMAZING and adorable rockabilly shop called Slap Back! My friend Rachel spoke to me about it two days earlier but I never got the address so it’s so crazy that I naturally stumbled upon this new gem of Brooklyn by accident! I swear it was meant to be and it was totally love at first sight as I never saw so many dresses I wanted all at once! The owner Renee was hella sweet, hella knowledgable on the best rockabilly brands and the lifestyle, and we connected right away! She was wearing a Beach Bash sun top and the most amazing high-waisted red pants-such a babe! She definitely knows her stuff because her selection of dresses and separates were all unique and even reasonably priced! Many of the designers she carries I had never even heard of until now! She even carries Kenley Collins clothing line that is very reminiscent of the Pink Ladies in the movie Grease. Kenley’s collection included pink gingham dresses with matching bolero’s and bandanas, other 50s/60s style dresses in fun prints, rose adorned playsuits and separates, super cute cigarette pants, and cropped t-shirts that’ll make you swoon! Coincidentally Kenley stopped by the shop while I was trying on dresses and I was introduced to this rad and talented lady thanks to Renee. I then later found out that she was on project runway! I didn’t even recognize her because her hair is now pink (so cute!). Her and Renee share so much girl power, had such great energy, and I really enjoyed talking to them while I admired the clothes at the shop. I fell in love with all of the dresses and separates I tried on and ended up leaving with not one but two dresses! One was a Kenley Collins cow print dress and the other was  a Vanity Project cowgirl print dress. I couldn’t leave the shop without them! What a great way to start of my day wandering around Brooklyn! If you haven’t been to Slap Back shop, check out the tour of photos I have taken of the shop along with the dresses and separates I tried on inside!IMG_8237 This window grabbed my attention right away! Hello Slap Back! So happy I found you!IMG_8238 Cute drawing of Kenley Collins by Jetzain for her clothing line!IMG_8280 This is a bandana that matches one of Kenley’s dresses sold at Slap Back!IMG_8239 How much is that doggy dress in the window!IMG_8240 Another adorable dress outside of Slap Back that caught my attention immediately!IMG_8244 A pinup girls dream!IMG_8242 I will take them all please.IMG_8241Renee even carries Bernie Dexter dresses! I love this ice cream dress!
IMG_8245 Slap Back has this relaxing boutique feel that makes shopping super fun and easy.IMG_8246 love the cool decor too!IMG_8247 Just look at this vintage danish modern table!IMG_8248 I loveee these red cigarette pants! Renee was wearing them and they look so good!IMG_8250Tiki Bags!
IMG_8251 Wish I would have been there for that!IMG_8252 Some other cute decor!IMG_8253 Kenley Collins tulle skirt and pink gingham dress and boleros!IMG_8254Awesome handmade vintage style fascinators!
IMG_8255 Awesome retro jewelry!IMG_8258 Look at the assortment of Panam travel bags and accessories!IMG_8257 I have some of these pieces and can’t wait to share them with you!IMG_8256 No outfit is complete without some nylons to match!IMG_8260 Love these pulp horror tanks!IMG_8259 IMG_8261 Other great retro accessories to compliment your pinup look!IMG_8262 I spy some Beach Bash and Bettie Page pieces!IMG_8263 Some more retro Kenley Collins pieces and some alternative separates!IMG_8264 IMG_8265 Love these cute hair bows!IMG_8266 Cat eyes!IMG_8267 Retro makeup! I love the packaging on these!IMG_8269Pinup lip balms! I want them all!IMG_8270Those are Enoch Bolles paintings of pinups! The art work alone makes me want to indulge!
IMG_8279Lipstick heaven!IMG_8271 Rings and things!IMG_8272 The first dress I gravitated to was this awesome comic print a-line style dress! I absolutely love it!

IMG_8273 Look at that print!IMG_8274 This was the second dress I tried on by Vanity Project and wow this one fit amazing and I definitely didn’t have anything like it! I ended up leaving with this one!IMG_8275 Look at that print!IMG_8277 I tried on this Kenley Collins cow print dress as a wild card and had to have it! I definitely don’t have anything in my closet like this either! That was an easy decision! All I need are pink cowgirl boots!IMG_8325This is one of Kenley’s cropped t-shirts with another Jetzain portrait! It was so soft and comfortable!

Thank you so much to Renee for creating such a great shop in the heart of Brooklyn! Now I know where to go when I am looking for great unique retro pieces. If you haven’t visited Slap Back Brooklyn you can find them at:

Slap Back
490 Metrolpolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211


11 Comments on “Slap Back Brooklyn!

  1. That is a very very super wicked awesome store! I LOVE Vanity Project ever since I discovered them earlier this year at a trade show which I blogged about. In love with the cow dress and the first dress you tried on. Awesome!

  2. Really cute shop and I loved everything in it. I definately have to stop by and check them out. Loved all of the dresses and as always, you always look good in anything you wear.

  3. That looks like a really fun shop! I love the red and white striped shirt that you wore there as well. I’m in love with the Nautical look lately!

  4. What an awesome post!! Yay, I spy our Margarita Bloom Potions!! Aweosme pics & merci for the compliments! We love creating our pretty packaging for our gorgeous beauty potions. I simply ADORE reading your blog and I’m just so tickled pink that our potions & our fabulous stockist & her cute shop are featured here! TOTALLY made my day. xoxoxo

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful post! So happy we met and loved having you in for the day! See you soon!!!!!

  6. My wife loves their facebook page and they are such nice people My mother is an avid quilter so she recognized a lot of the fabrics on the 1950s version dresses. Cool beans!

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