Technicolor dreams..

n7It was a beautiful and sunny day in Brooklyn and I was feeling very 60’s with this hairdo despite my 1950’s ensemble. I would have worn a mod 60’s dress to go with my hair but have been dying to wear this new dress I snagged via D&J Vintage so I just went with that. My golden rule of getting dressed is that your hair must always match your outfit and even though my hair and dress are from different eras, this worked out quite nicely. I love to mix, match, and blend eras and culture into my outfits; anything that inspires me really. There is a funny story about this dress. Janell and Danny of D&J Vintage had me model some of their stuff for their Etsy shop and this happened to me one of the pieces. As soon as I put this dress on, I begged them not to sell it lololol! I nearly died when I coveted it and it is one of my most treasured vintage pieces. Many of the pieces I have gotten from D&J Vintage are some of my best! Of course I had to pull this off with some cuban heel stockings from Agent Provocateur and my new vintage shoes, gloves, and cat eye glasses. I was feeling extra vintage and loved every single minute of it. I live and breathe this stuff so being able to walk around in my vintage threads makes me feel good and happy. It was a really good day spent with my beau who is responsible for these outfit photos. Lets travel back in time with some of my detailed photos below! ❤
n4Many Vintage dresses are made with delicate fabrics that tear or age badly. This dress is made out of cotton and has no defects what so ever for its age! I love the neckline and the pockets on the hips.n1The dress matches my new vintage deco cat eye glasses perfectly. I won them on ebay a few weeks ago. It also works well with my vintage earrings that I also found at D&J Vintage! My ring is from Billy’s Antiques when it was open a few years ago.
62dcdf50bfd311e2998822000a1fbc5d_7Details of my new baby<3n6 I wear my Bishette purse all the time! One more time doesn’t hurt 😉n2I found these vintage shoes (1950s) on Etsy. They always have a few lucky deals on vintage springolators!n3Last but not least! My Cuban Heel stocking by Agent Provocateur. They are the only stockings that match my skin tone other than my favorite brand Secrets in Lace!

Head on over to D&J Vintage for the best vintage threads!


5 Comments on “Technicolor dreams..

  1. Oh good lawd, I sooo want those specs! You, my dear, are a vision of loveliness.


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