0076-65UCH5Last week I was invited to the a Levi’s x Lookbook party at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn so I invited my friends Queena and Ingrid to come and have fun. It was the perfect girls night and exactly what I needed after a few hectic months of more work than play. I also wanted to take my new haircut out for a spin. It’s a LOB (long bob) and I am so in love with it! I can tell you that my head definitely weighs a thousand pounds less because this mop is so heavy! Anyway, Queena and I got to the event first and played around at the photo booth till my Inimac arrived. Bosco always has the best photo booths and I love that I always get to leave with photos of some of my best nights with my best gal pals. It was also fun that we got to decorate them with cool Levi’s stamps. There were other activities we could have participated in if we would have brought our 501’s but we were all coming from work so we admired everyone else’s designs while dancing to tunes the Dj played. After an awesome night of crafts and dancing we went to the Meatball shop where we enjoyed some great italian dishes. It has become one of my favorite places to wine and dine in Brooklyn and their snicker doodle cookie & ice cream dessert is the bomb.com!IMG_5130 IMG_5121Bosco photos on the big screen! DJ play my song!
0049-EUYKIG I have pretty friends :). This is Queena and she is a bomb stylist! Can’t you totally tell?0050-Q4Q9OF I love her to the death of me!IMG_5119 Decorating our photos!IMG_5116 Lol mine looks crazy.IMG_5122 Fresh to death!IMG_5127 IMG_5129 Bedazzle and stud your Levi’s!IMG_5131 These talented folk will tailor your jeans and add cool patterns of fabric to them!IMG_5157 Putting in the work!IMG_5158 IMG_5151 Inimac is here!!!!IMG_5153 lolol!IMG_5143 Ingrid and Queena! My glamour girls!IMG_5144 They are looney but I love them!IMG_5147My Ace in her awesome Varsity Letterman Jacket!IMG_5150 My Bonita Chinita!IMG_5149 Denim and Leather like a boss.IMG_5141I also wore a little leather with my Betsey Johnson dress and Melissa x Vivienne Westwood pumps!IMG_5138Leather lovers!IMG_5134lol us posing for Twelv magazine.IMG_5156It was a super chill event, just how I like it.
IMG_5159 Cook. Eat. Drink. LiveIMG_5161Art from the inside.96ced47cb91511e2859c22000a9f0a20_7WOO Meatball shop time! See you folks later!


  1. You look pretty gorgeous yourself. The hose you are wearing make your legs look stunning!!

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