Great Gatsby style with BPC!

011The-Great-Gatsby-e1303684216351Everyone is raving about the new Great Gatsby film and I CANNOT wait to see it! I haven’t had much time to do so with such a hectic schedule the past two weeks but plan to indulge as soon as I get the chance because I absolutely loved the book! The 1920s is one of my favorite eras because I feel it is just as glamorous as the 1950s. I feel it was the darkest elegant era of our time. The shapeless dresses, the beautiful jewelry, the pearls, the turbans and headdresses, the skinny brows and dark lips, and the beautiful fingerwaves and sleek short bobs are all a staple of the 20s that inspires me greatly. I am excited to see how this film inspires fashion lovers all over the world to incorporate these stables into their modern looks! With that said, I teamed up with Bettie Page Clothing to talk about some of their pieces that have that 1920s flair you can sport in Great Gatsby fashion. Though they are mostly known for their mid-century inspired threads, they have quite a few gems whose style dates even farther back in time.

womans daywear 1928-glamourdaze swimwear3In the 1920s swimwear wasn’t what it is today. Women were more covered and their swimwear looked like regular clothing you would wear on a casual day. Their were no itty bitty teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis. Their were just loose-fitting tops and bottoms and even stockings for the beach. Women even wore shoes to the beach! Crazy right? Well, don’t fret, you don’t have to go the extra mile by wearing stockings and shoes to the beach but you can wear the Bettie Page Beach Bash Sheek pullover blouse with a cute hat that resembles this beautiful 1920s photo above! 009How cute is this 1920s inspired ensemble!? The BPC Beach sheek pull-over top can be the perfect addition to your Great Gatsby beach outfit. The red, white, and blue stripes make this a classic piece! 010 andre perugia 1920s shoesThere weren’t any open toe or sky-high heels in the 1920s. Most shoes had a rounded toe and bejeweled accents and the highest heels were about 3 inches high. The 20s were all about glamour so everything was adorned with gems, jewels, sequins, beads, and etc. vintage-shoes-with-jeweled-heelsThe creativity of our yester-years is astounding. The craftsmanship and the time they put into creating works of art is something rarely done today. This is why Bettie Page Clothing is putting their first foot forward in bringing you all a collection of Ellie shoes that are inspired by the past with a modern twist like these 1920s inspired bejeweled Lourdes heels. You can find any of the BPC shoes at their shops worldwide.BP461-LOURDES-largeI have these and I absolutely love them. I would definitely rock this with a beaded dress and headdress for a Great Gatsby inspired look! il_fullxfull.132160326As you can see above. These 1920s metallic heels are still very sexy with that curved heel. That’s what I loved about the 20s, 50s, and 60s. The shoes were not as high as they are today but still looked so sexy. For a modern take on these classic pumps you can go with the Bettie Page Barnett shoe (below) that is not just inspired by the 20s but the 50s too! BP304-BARNETT-large-1tumblr_lskid2lUVX1qj0zf0o1_400The most important part of your 20s inspired outfit are the gems you wear it with. I feel the 20s were the leaders in fine, creative, and glamorous jewelry. The old photo above shows a beautiful woman wearing the prettiest long dangled earrings that remind me so much of the Bettie Page Notorious earrings shown below. notoriousemerald_diamond_pearl_drop_earring_1I also think you can pull of a Great Gatsby look with the Bettie Page Model of the Century earrings and bracelet. That forest green is lovely!NormaTalmadgePearlsAnd how could we forget the PEARLS? Pearls were the most important staple of 1920s fashion. Women wore them long and short, doubled and tippled, draped over their fabulous shapeless dresses. If you are obsessed pearls like I am, you have to check out the Bettie Page Royal Highness choker. There are five strands of pearls adorned with a blue sapphire crystal pendant. sapphire_with_pearl_necklaceThat’s all for now Great Gatsby lovers! Head on over to Bettie Page Clothing right now to get your 1920s inspired pieces!

One Comment on “Great Gatsby style with BPC!

  1. Love all of the shoes. Definately have to go check them out at the store.

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