My Fox News feature!

Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 12.26.26 PMFox News asked me to show you all how to add retro flair to your wardrobe for work, evening, and for everyday! So I brought them to the Bettie Page Clothing store where you could find  a complete look all in one place! If you want to look like a star that just walked off of a Mad Men stage, look no further! I have got you covered!

Click here to see the video and examples of each look modeled by Vanessa Cruz, Delysia LaChatte, Yelaine Rodriguez, Sunny Moon, and Kerry Garvin!

Hope you like it!


4 Comments on “My Fox News feature!

  1. What a wonderful feature!! You really did an amazing job of explaining the styles and fit! I don’t know what your on-camera background is, but you sound wonderfully natural and professional! I freeze in front of a camera, lol.

    I also want to say THANK YOU for featuring a black model!! We wear vintage, too! She is so beautiful and beautifully styled!!

  2. I saw this video somewhere before..maybe on your fb? But great feature nonetheless. Congrats Jazzy!

  3. oooh fabulous video! i love that you say ‘sassy’ and shimmy at the same time 😀

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