The Manhattan Vintage Show!

IMG_5093Thanks to my good friends over at D&J Vintage, I was able to attend the Manhattan Vintage show with my momma. I went almost a year ago and have been hooked ever since! Though the prices are a bit steep, you are always guaranteed to see great vintage pieces. I always leave with something every time I go and I never attend without my favorite shopping partner miss Mama Vandalizm. She enjoys it just as much as I do. I think this time was our best time at the MVS because we met some really great vintage dealers and got to support our friends from D&J Vintage who had their very own booth for the first time ever! I took many pictures and scoured through many different booths but some of them stood out to me more than most. I met some wonderfullllllll people who had such great personalities that matched their great eye for vintage picking. I went to MVS with no intentions of buying anything this time but ended up with some fascinating vintage pieces that are some of my best to date. Some of my best picks came from the “What was is Vintage” booth. My mother and I received such sweet hospitality and really loved Neal and Judy Bergman. They had exactly what I was looking for and I ended up with 4 great pieces from their booth. First I found an AMAZING brocade dress on their sale rack that fit me like a glove. Then, I found..not one, but TWO spectacular vintage bikinis that fit me perfectly at their booth. I have been searching for the perfect vintage bikini for such a long time, I mean YEARS. Finally I have something to bring with me to Viva next year! As if that was it, I also found a vintage 3 piece playsuit that fit me to the T! It was a quadruple whammy that I got 4 great finds at one booth! It really started off my day of with a smile. After that we went over to the D&J Vintage booth to see my favorite vintagers Jan’ell and D. They have a really great eye for vintage and I realized how amazing they were when I modeled for them a few months ago and saw their collection. I nearly died every time I modeled one of their pieces and wanted to take everything home with me. Rummaging through their racks I noticed some of the pieces I modeled, particularly this yellowish a-line neck tie dress. Needless to say, I ended up leaving with it because I remembered how it made me feel when I modeled it for their shop. I just had to have it and I can now add that to my favorite vintage finds which always end up coming from the D&J Etsy shop. I really adore them as much as I adore their vintage and I hope all of you who attended the show got to visit their booth! After that, I thought I was done. I swore I was done. That is until I stumbled upon the Algamated Vintage booth. My mom and I bought some great vintage pieces from them last year and this year I found an AMAZING dress that had a tribal animal print adorned with tiny sequins. I cannot WAIT to wear it. I have to say, the owners from Algamated are also always very sweet. They have vintage that is earlier than the 1940’s and in such great condition. On our way out I bumped into some familiar faces like Antonio and Sonya Abrego over at Dated Vintage who had an AWESOME Vintage varsity jacket. It was green, reversible, and had the name “Viv” on the front. It was perfect but I had already did my shopping for the day. After making my final lap around the pavilion I was done for the day till I fell in love with a fridge. Yup, my next investment ;). See photos inside of my favorite booths at the show!

IMG_5077Of course I wore vintage for the Vintage show! Here is the vintage magazine print skirt I bought in Vegas paired with my orange Banana Republic top.4ce73ddc9d9911e2930d22000a1fb865_7Here is the print up close.IMG_5094 I just love wearing the color orange!IMG_5082 These are my vintage shades I won on Ebay and my vintage earrings I snagged over at D&J Vintage.IMG_5083 My purse is also an ebay purchase from almost a year ago. It has a matching hat!IMG_5084My outfit was complete with my Miu Miu 1950s inspired brown sling back mules.dd32ce86a91c11e28b9422000a1f8af5_7Lets get it started!IMG_5065 IMG_5063 Gold gold gold!IMG_5064GOD BLESS AMERICA.IMG_4998 First stop! WHAT WAS IS VINTAGE!IMG_4999 I absolutely loved their booth and will go again to the next MVS just to shop their again. Here are some of the interesting things I saw at their booth.IMG_5000 Shoes!IMG_5001 Earrings!IMG_5002Fascinating fascinators!
IMG_5003 IMG_5004 Gloves in all colors!IMG_5006 Here is one of the swimsuits I found at the What Was Is Vintage booth. IT IS AMAZING and I am squealing just looking at this photo while I am typing this! 3 pieces! A robe, a top, and the shorts that can be worn as a swimsuit or a playsuit!IMG_5013 This is the other vintage swimsuit I bought there! This one is tropical and a 3 piece as well! I love love love it and can’t wait to wear it!IMG_5015 IMG_5025 And my last vintage find at their booth was this amazing playsuit! I mean, look at it! The top is gorge, the shorts are awesome, and I have an option to wear the skirt!IMG_5026 It is candy striped too!IMG_4995 Alas, here is that awesome vintage brocade dress I found on their sale rack! I am IN LOVE!IMG_4996 IMG_4997I had to take a pic with Judy Bergman of “What Was Is Vintage”. Her and Neal were so kind and such amazon vintage dealers. They had incredible stuff and really made our day extra special. If any of you attend next year, you MUST check out their booth.ff5caf16a92811e2957722000a1f9a39_7Now we have approached the D&J Booth! Weeeee! Look at their business cards! Does that lady look familiar? And can we talk about this vintage bandana collar?
IMG_5031 The D&J booth had a steady rotation of customers and I am not surprised!IMG_5032 They have such great accessories!IMG_5033Purses, hats, and earrings galore!
IMG_5034 IMG_5035 Hat boxes and hand bags!IMG_5036 Looks like this customer found herself a sweet sweater!IMG_5038 This lovely little lady Carla also found herself loving some of D&J’s pieces! They both have great eyes for vintage!IMG_5039 Love these patterns!IMG_5040The lovely Jan’ell of D&J Vintage looking lovely as per usual. She is seriously such an incredible person aside from being a vintage enthusiast. Her and her husband are the some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Many of my best vintage pieces are from them.
IMG_5041I can add this dress to my list of best finds now thanks to them!
64d9458ca92b11e28fa722000a9f1885_7After hanging out at the D&J booth I came across this cool vintage eyewear booth that had some pretty gnarly frames like these.
e2d35372a92811e2822b22000a1f901c_7Speaking of gnarly, look at these vintage Coca Cola shorts!IMG_5049 Off to Algamated Vintage!IMG_5048 Look at these prints!IMG_5047 The Algamated booth is also a very popular booth at the MVS. They have really great vintage pieces that are in pristine condition!IMG_5046 Heaven!IMG_5053Love this vintage wolf print shirt at their booth!
IMG_5043 However, there was only one lady that was coming home with me and that was this vintage dress! I cannot wait to show you all what it looks like ON.IMG_5057 On over to Dated Vintage where I fell in love with that vintage varsity jacket..IMG_5054 Isn’t she a beauty?IMG_5056 Can I take her home!?IMG_5059 Here is the rest of their awesome stuff!IMG_5060 IMG_5061 The Dated Vintage King and Queen. I love her shoes!IMG_5062IMG_5070That’s all for the vintage show!
IMG_5099 But can I haz this vintage inspired fridge?

Good times!

7 Comments on “The Manhattan Vintage Show!

  1. You definately found some cool stuff at the Vintage show. I must say, “it was really hard leaving that place early”. They had so much great clothing, shoes and accessories and the people at the “What Was Vintage Was” were so nice and their booth was amazing. Your friend Jan’ell was very nice and also had a great booth and selection of clothing as was “Almalgamated” who also has a great selection all the time. Glad that I was able to join you and take such great shots of all the great stuff you purchased.

  2. I missed the show. You look radiant as usual. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Love all the pictures and outfits. Maybe next year! x MOZ.

  3. OK, wow, I am so jealous! I wish there were vintage shows like that around here! Love your blog- off to follow! Alex

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