Retro Kids Clothes!

lil_anchorsIf you are a rockabilly mama who loves retro threads and always wished you could find cute vintage reproduction clothes for your children, fret no more! Bettie Page Clothing has released an oh-so-adorable kids line that features mother-daughter matching dresses! They also created a collection for boys that features retro shirts but it hasn’t been released on the website yet. I nearly died when I visited the store on Bowery and saw the collection in person. These dresses are so adorable they make me want to have children (EEEEk). Ok, so I wouldn’t go that far but damn they are so cute. This colorful, comfortable, and wonderful collection is a great and innovative way to introduce the wonderful world of vintage to your children because we all know It isn’t easy to find good vintage clothes for kids that have been preserved and cared for. I can’t wait to start seeing a bunch of little nuggets running around in Bettie Page sun dresses and retro shirts. I mean, just take a look at these photos of the girls collection! So cute I can’t take it!
alika_circle_pink_dotlilalikafrench_beautyt_729_01first_matelil_berry img_0357_-_copy_0 bubbleslil_connections_1Visit your nearest Bettie Page Clothing store now or visit the website to see the collection now!


8 Comments on “Retro Kids Clothes!

  1. So great to see such cute matching dresses. Love them all.

  2. Where can I order and find sizes for myself and my daughter?!?! I would really love to get this since Im a fan of this style.

  3. How do i purchase the first dress. Tge grey black and red. With matching fir my daughter? ?

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