Viva Las Vegas: Day 6!

IMG_4881It was my last day in Vegas and the Viva Las Vegas convention was over. Normally, I am instantly sad about it but since we were planning to spend our last day at the Neon Museum, I had much to be happy about! I love that all of these priceless Vegas gems of old neon signs have been preserved instead of thrown away. It was a brilliant idea to have them set up in one place for the world to see. They call it the neon graveyard and I have to say, it was a great tour and our guide inspired us with stories about each sign. The typography and creativity of each piece was just breathtaking and it made Vegas that much more special. Never been to the Neon Museum? Allow me to give you a tour of your own with these photos!IMG_4987Neon Museum EntranceIMG_4883 Cute postcardsIMG_4889 IMG_4890 IMG_4894 IMG_4897 IMG_4898 Love the typography of the El Corte.IMG_4907 IMG_4909 IMG_4911 IMG_4912 IMG_4915 IMG_4918 IMG_4919 IMG_4920 IMG_4922 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4925 IMG_4928 Derek was in heaven!IMG_7516 Wearing my new Buffalo Exchange threads. Don’t mind my ketchup stain on my pants. Blame the greatness of Denny’s.IMG_4926 IMG_4927 Can I live here?IMG_4929 IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4932 IMG_4941 IMG_4942 IMG_4943 IMG_4946 IMG_4949 IMG_4950 IMG_4959 IMG_4962IMG_4963IMG_4964IMG_4965IMG_4966IMG_4961One of my favorite signs of the Neon Museum.IMG_4972 IMG_4974 IMG_4975 IMG_4977 IMG_4981 IMG_4984

If you have never been to the Neon Museum, see it for yourself in person! I highly recommend it!

That’s all folks!

Hope you all enjoyed my adventurous vacation!


6 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas: Day 6!

  1. A thoroughly great 6 day report, Jas. I am thinking I could get a lot of your pics and observations into a couple of the mags I have columns in. Just let me know if you are interested. I can rejig your material into the style and slant of the mags and will make sure you get author credit too!! Being an observer of YOU, I can also add the praise that you deserve for all this! You are a phenomenon and the rockin’ scene and Las Vegas – and our mags – are such a fitting environment for you!

  2. You have got to see this place!! The new lobby area is incredibly well done (once you learn the story behind moving it!). The tour guides are VOLUNTEERS but they do an AMAZING job!! I was on the first “new” tour and had Tina as my tour guide. Tina, young and informative, answered all of our questions and was very upbeat. When you first drive by this place you will think a few things: It’s not a great location (the neighborhood seems kind of sketchy), the actual boneyard doesn’t look that big, and you may wonder if it’s worth an hour of your time. BUT IT IS!What I liked most about the tour was it wasn’t simply looking at the beautiful neon tour with a boring monologue. The tour guides actively engage you in conversation, and teach you more than just the history of the sign. They’ll tell you about the artist who made it, what other pieces they did, where they can be found… They’ll tell you about the history of the business that the sign was for and the impact it had on their success or demise. My favorite part, however, being a liberal arts major, was that they described the typography of each sign and how that was integral to the design. I loved learning about the sweeping, hand-drawn lines of the Moulin Rouge, the poor choice of the sans-serif Helvetica at the end of the Stardust’s life when it began with such an incredible ‘atomic’ font.The tour really will last you an hour and bring a good camera. There is so much to take pictures of that you really don’t want to just take it on your camera phone.

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