Viva Las Vegas: Day 5!

IMG_7452It was day 5 of my trip to Vegas, the last day of Viva, and I was so excited to explore the strip, see the women’s swimsuit contest at the Orleans pool, visit the vendors for last-minute deals, and spend the night watching bands and the awesome jivers. I was also stoked to finally wear my vintage nautical suit my mother bought me last year at the Manhattan Vintage show. It has been sitting in my closet forever just waiting for the perfect opportunity and today was certainly that day. What I like about it is that it isn’t your signature red, white, and blue nautical color scheme. Instead of a hint of red, it was a neon orange, blue, and white color way with two contrasting prints of stars and anchors. I have never seen anything like it and love to own clothes that have that pop-art-istic appeal. I was definitely a character walking around town in my little sailor hat and DIY pearl cat eye glasses. I just wish my hair behaved but the wind did not help one bit. Thank god we were inside for most festivities or I would have lost my hat! Anyway, Caesars palace was lovely as per usual and we enjoyed walking around and visiting a few of my favorite shops like Antiquities and the Bettie Page Clothing store. A new favorite of mine is the Breitling store that featured vintage-esque civil war inspired paintings and a statue of a pinup girl sitting on an atomic bomb. I was so enamored with the layout of the shop, it made me want to sport a watch! After some fun sight-seeing we were off to the Orleans to see the swimsuit contest unfold and good grief, I was gaging over all of the amazing swimsuits I saw! I really was in awe of everyone’s pool attire and took some great shots of all of the inspiring style I saw there. Next year, I plan to come prepared in my very own vintage suit (didn’t own one till after Viva 😦 ). We roasted under the sun meeting, greeting, and chatting with everyone and quickly ran off to the hotel to change for the nights festivities. That’s when I felt frisky and threw on my neon yellow Karen Millen dress and leopard accessories for a sassy evening look. I actually danced this time thanks to my good friend Paul who taught me how to jive in 2008! I just shook off my shyness and danced the night away!IMG_4720Hello Sailor! As I said before, the suit’s vintage 😉
IMG_4676My hat is also vintage and a real sailor hat. My necklace was a gift and I DIY’d these pearl glasses myself just before Vegas.IMG_4679My earrings are vintage too. They are my little treasures from my old job Billy’s Antiques.IMG_4682My clutch is from Ebay. $11 from China! pffttt.IMG_4671 And my shoes are from Buffalo Exchange.IMG_4445 Off to go eat! But look at that sculpture detail!IMG_4446 WOW. Mermaid Motorcycle!IMG_4449 More mermaids and pirate ships ❤IMG_4450 Love these sculptures!IMG_4451 IMG_4458 Hello lovah.IMG_4469 My momma!IMG_7367Noms!
IMG_7368Momma and the bestie.IMG_4470 Walking the strip.IMG_4471 I drive my best friend crazy lol. Look at his enthusiasm.IMG_4473 Amazing.IMG_4474 Caesars palace!IMG_4477So pretty<3

IMG_4479 So enthusiastic. lololIMG_4486 Mom wanted to jump in. hahaIMG_4516 Big fish tank!!!!IMG_4496 My new friend. I fell in love with this adorable seahorse!!! I named her uni, short for unicorn haha.IMG_4514Love this mermaid. I take a pic of her every time I visit Vegas.
IMG_4520 Caesars palace really is something else.IMG_4524IMG_4539 Loveeee the Breitling shop at Caesars Palace. What a spectacle.<3!IMG_4541 So CUTE!IMG_4547 Hey girl!IMG_4551 IMG_4542 Love.IMG_4552 Look at that DESK AND SEAT!IMG_4553 Can I take this one home?IMG_4554 IMG_4556Another one of my favorite shops!
IMG_7409 They have the best vintage/vintage repro memorabilia!IMG_7408 IMG_7406 IMG_7405 IMG_7404 IMG_7403IMG_4558 Yay! The Bettie Page Store! Love this place!IMG_4559 And love their TV display, whoa!IMG_4560Goodies!
IMG_4561 Dresses!IMG_4562 IMG_4563 IMG_4564 My friend Ingrid looked so good in this dress for the NY fashion show!IMG_4566 Jukebox!IMG_4568It was so good to see this lovely lil lady at the shop! Crystal is such a beauty!
IMG_4573 I LOVE THIS WOMAN! She bought a bunch of Santiago’s prints at the car show! Her style is so much fun!IMG_4575 Really loved meeting Thalia and friends, she was such a sweetheart and I love her look<3IMG_7418 Pool partayyyyy!IMG_4583 Look at how AMAZING Angelique Noire looks! This is one of my favorite photos I shot on this day.IMG_4599 Such a doll!IMG_4601Oh hayyyyyy Ashleeta! WERK that swimsuit girl!IMG_4609Ashleeta and her beau. Such a cute couple!
IMG_7416 Had to take a picture of this lovely lady’s get-up!IMG_7412 Bumped into my girl Rockwell Deville too! Such a BABE!IMG_7436 resting my tootsies before the contest 🙂IMG_4584 Contestants!IMG_4587 So much amazingness!IMG_4603The indian swimsuit wins!
IMG_4592My mom shot a photo of this bombshell. Love her glasses!
IMG_4598 Speaking of bombshells…Here is Madison Jane, an amazing hair stylist, and Raquel Reed an amazing burlesque performer, MUA genius, and singer! WERK.IMG_4596 So happy I got to see my fairy-pinup-mother Mariann Marlowe of ENZ here in NYC. She is such an incredible little lady.IMG_4607 Ahhh I am gagging over these girls. This is seriously a babe sandwich. To the right is the beautiful and exotic Stephanie Weber (Cineman Sugar) and to the left is the colorfully vibrant and sweet Rockabilly Ruby.IMG_4610 Speaking of sweet! Have you seen Sailor Charlie in my last few posts?! She is such a CUTIE PIE! Look at her awesome swimsuit and bunny ears!IMG_4613 So cute. I can’t take it.IMG_4615 Told you they were a lil dynamic duo!IMG_4616 IMG_4633 Matching swimsuits! Amazing!IMG_4628 Loved meeting these girls! Such great jivers too!IMG_4638 Making up for the fact that fleet week was canceled this year 😉IMG_4646 Me and the beautiful Lisa Love!IMG_4648 Take a look at HER swimsuit! Amaze!IMG_4653 Me, Ruby, and friends!IMG_4657Derek and Ruby!
IMG_4661The adorable Pip Jolley and her friend look great!IMG_4735 Back to the hotel to rest up a bit and change for the night time festivities!IMG_4734 Sassy.IMG_7452 Classy.IMG_4864 BOOM. Karen Millen Dress √.

Leopard Banana Republic Cardigan √.

Matching Vintage Leopard hat √.IMG_4875 Vintage Leopard belt √. Vintage Clutch √. Gold bangles √.IMG_4876 Christian Louboutin Leopard Pumps √.IMG_4850 Curls thanks to Tony Medina of His Vintage touch √.IMG_4842 The belles of the ball!IMG_4815Aw look at shmenkee (I call him that). He got all dressed up and even wore his new bow tie from Electric Lemonade!
IMG_4821 The ying yang gang.IMG_4819 Santi and my momma. Doesn’t my mom look great in her vintage dress!IMG_4813 My new friend Amy. She was going through a little bit of a rough patch so we kidnapped her and made her come to dinner and dancing with us.IMG_4814IMG_4736 Vendors again for last-minute deals ;). Loved this Bettie Page sign! BRONX BABY!IMG_4742It was so good to see the folks of Billie Jo Retro! I LOVE their stuff!!!! They have the best Lame couture!!!!
IMG_4824 Bumped into Stephanie again. Such a beauty!IMG_4828 Steph and her beau! Another great couple!IMG_4830 Can we talk about Pip Jolley’s vintage leopard dress?!?!?! I DIED. One of the best vintage dresses I have ever seen. Her friend looks lovely too!IMG_4831Santiago looking at the boater hats.
IMG_4832 My Baby Jo!IMG_4833 Amazing artwork at the My baby Jo booth!IMG_4834 Cute DIY hair accessories!IMG_4836 IMG_4837My bestie has such a huge following of people who love and adore him and his work. He has such a great relationship with all of his fans and shows a genuine appreciation for them so much so that they all become his friends.
IMG_4838 Adorbs!IMG_4744I always end up getting something at the Boss unlimited booth! Found a swimsuit to die for but it didn’t fit me when I got home :/
IMG_4745 Spectators!IMG_4747 Fun stuff.IMG_4748 Didn’t get any cat eye glasses from this booth this time around.IMG_4749 The guys of Lay Rite! They were so awesome and so sweet!!!!IMG_4752 They have the BEST hair products for pomps and other vintage hair styles that leaves you with a sleek and chic glossy finish.IMG_4753 I am so excited to start incorporating their products into my regular hair regime!IMG_4754 Look who we found! It’s Doris Mayday, in yet another fabulous vintage get-up. She was doing some last-minute shopping as well!IMG_4756My mom looks so amazing in this photo. So pretty!
IMG_4758 lol. Caught shopping.IMG_4763 Off to the ball room!IMG_4761look at who else was off to the ball room! Lisa Love! She looks AMAZING in this “Swimsuits by Mary” dress. Such an incredible dress and she wears it like nobody else!IMG_4770 It felt like a 1950s prom. It was beautiful.
IMG_4777 IMG_4798Dancing with my good friend Paul!

Good times!

Till day 6!

12 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas: Day 5!

  1. Seriously lady, you look flippin amazing! That vintage anchor suit is gorgeous, and topped with that hat is just perfect.

    Then you go and wow us with the canary yellow and leopard print number. :O

    Looks like you had an amazing time – thanks for sharing it, especially with those of us stuck on the other side of the pond in cold, wet weather! 🙂

      • You’re welcome – I love it when there’s a new post from you because I know it’s going to be well written and visually look great (I’ve got serious wardrobe envy over here!)

        If i win the lottery I’ll be over in a heartbeat, but for now I’m happy to see it through your posts 😀 xx

  2. Day five was definately a good day. Enjoyed every minute of it and looking back at all these amazing pictures makes me wish “Viva” would come twice a year.

  3. Many thanks for this report on Day 5 Jasmin. Another collection of fabulous photos, outfits and much more. A great insight into Viva Las Vegas and its many dimensions, a lot of work compiling it and a wonderful record for years to come. So glad we were both able to make it there again this year, and of course to meet up and to jive together. Amazing that just like last year, you were one of the first people I ran across soon after my arrival, as well as finding you at intervals in the following days amongst the crowd of 20,000!!! Very best wishes. Paul

  4. You are absolutely stunning!! Your blog is the first that I started following and hands down still the best!

  5. I’m loving all of your Viva posts! It’s so great seeing how everyone else spends their time at the event. As always – great outfits!!!

  6. Such a great post! VLV is always so fun and what a blast just people watching and seeing all the stellar outfits!! I loved reading about your fun adventures. Thanks for including me in the photos 🙂

  7. Youre so perfect Jazzy. I’m not sure about the anchor necklace, but in what three years, its the first time Ive ever snagged on anything you wear! Now thats perfection!

  8. I recently discovered your blog like last year and have been following since! I love how genuine each of your blog posts are! Stay classy, sassy, and genuine Ms. Vinny!

  9. Hey girl! It was so good to see you again at Viva. It was a pleasure meetin’ your mom & Santiago. Thanks for including my sister and me in your post. And thank you for the jive as well! 😉

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