Viva Las Vegas: Day 4!

HottieRodzMediumDay 4 of my trip to Vegas for Viva Las Vegas was a very important one because my best friend Santiago had his very own booth at the car show. This was his first booth and we were soooo excited and nervous to see how thousands of the rockabilly community would embrace his beautiful works of art. The nervousness comes from the fact that Santiago’s work isn’t always exclusive to one culture/era, his work is a marriage of every thing that inspires him about history, fashion, art, and beauty. So a purist of rockabilly culture may not relate to the unconventional yet absolutely amazing art Santiago brings into existence. Alas, my mom and I were there to show our full support (although he didn’t need it!). This is the reason why we relate to each other so well as best friends. Though I may be absolutely in love with the rockabilly culture and be a purist in some ways or another, my style isn’t always conventionally rockabilly but a marriage of everything else that inspires me as well. Being able to mash and clash opposites, cultures, eras is an art within itself and with that said..I am so happy to say that Santiago’s art was well received (duh) and he was nearly cleared out of all his portraits. Lets not forget that this was also his FIRST debut of his new project “Hottie Rodz” where he transforms pinups into hot rods! I feel SO fortunate to be #1 of his soon to be collection and I was completely FLOORED when I saw this piece. He even gave me the Prada shoes I always wanted! People were going nuts asking if he had prints of the Hottie Rod as he debuted it on a giant canvas and there was a waiting list till now! Here is where you can buy the Hottie Rod #1 print of me. Santiago has such a huge fan base so it really was amazing to see how many people came just to meet him and have his work signed to them. It was even crazier that some of those people even came to see me and have his previous portraits signed by me as well! My mom and I were so happy for him. It was even more awesome that we were neighbored by the beautiful Lisa Love who also had a debut of her own with her gorgeous paper dolls by Nathalie Rattner and her husband Julian Mendoza who is an incredible artist. It is always nice to be surrounded by good people. Speaking of…Mom and I took a stroll around the awesome vendors and in the mix I ended up bumping into so many familiar faces! And there were also soooo many amazing cars. I swear, we didn’t see a car we didn’t like. It was an all-around great day full of so much love and awesomeness. See more inside!

IMG_7274 Santiago’s booth!IMG_4346Do you believe that someone actually bought his BANNER?!IMG_4348BOOM. Hottie Rod numero uno featuring moi! IMG_7280His smaller portraits flew off the table and into the hands of his loyal fans ❤IMG_7281IMG_7299Some of his bigger prints!
IMG_7300We also collaborated with Mark Mori, the director of the “Bettie Page Reveals All” documentary and his dvd’s sold like hot cakes as well.IMG_4344 These photos do these colors no justice!IMG_4347IMG_7285Posing next to Santi’s portrait of me and of course I had to wear my Prada mules to match! I have been DYING to wear them for months! I was in pure racer girl fashion in my vintage sun top, Betsey Johnson shorts, Polaroid cat eye sunglasses, and vintage bandana!IMG_4352This pretty lady is a huge fan of Santi’s work and recently commissioned him to do a portrait which ended up being one of his best yet!IMG_4350 It wasn’t hard for him to transform an already gorgeous lady into a vampy pinup! This is her portrait!IMG_4343Santi with David and his pretty wife! David has shown us both such great support over the year.
IMG_4438Now this lil lady made my day! Cutie-pie Tina Marie came to the booth to say hi to both of us! Turns out she has been following my blog for some time now and has been a loyal supporter of my work and Santi’s so she bought two of my portraits and had them signed by both of us. SO SWEET.IMG_4440lol I was so nervous to sign the portrait because I write like an 8-year-old lol.IMG_4208This pretty Sailorette came by the booth too and I was so happy to see her! Charlie is also a very sweet reader of mine who has been beautifully supportive.
IMG_4207And can we talk about her awesome outfit!?IMG_4209These two were the dynamic duo! Every time we bumped into them it was GLAM.IMG_7297 Don’t even get me started on GLAM… Pinup Lisa Love is the queen of glam and was our neighboring booth at the show. She spent the whole day meeting and greeting her loyal fans, signing books and prints of her amazing work. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and definitely one of the most fashionable.IMG_4214 She is Viva’s cover girl and muse!IMG_4213She collaborated with Nathalie Rattner to create these adorable pinup paper dolls!IMG_4215IMG_4210 Her husband Julian Mendoza is a talented artist and his work is incredible. I have been a fan since I started going to Viva. I used to buy his tanks and shirts at the La Pachuca booth. I bought my mother one once and since then she has been hooked! IMG_4217 Can you blame us?IMG_4216 His work is incredible.IMG_4220My mom was sooo happy to finally get her hands on one of his prints and have it signed! He is so sweet and him and Lisa are the cutest couple.IMG_4425 Another great artist we stumbled upon was Big Toe. His colorfully vibrant and animated tiki works of art can light any dark room.IMG_4424 We love his work and my mom bought one of his necklaces!IMG_4430IMG_4427Love Love Love!IMG_4432So cute. Here is my mom with the artist himself.
IMG_4357 Another one of my favorite booths is Lucky Hellcat. This girl is SO talented!IMG_4359 She creates and designs necklaces, rings, skateboards, patches, ceramics, and more. I bought a necklace from her last year.IMG_4356 But I have my eye on one of these Elvis’s!IMG_4360 I even love this portrait!IMG_4362 I bought the Elvis patch!IMG_4361 Love her skateboard design!IMG_4355 Love these mermaids too!IMG_4353Love the pin striping art going on here!IMG_4354Can I haz them all?IMG_4367 This was another cute booth that had some interesting things.IMG_4366 IMG_4363 IMG_4331I WANT THEM ALL.
IMG_4370 Ran into Jess of Kustom Voodoo! I love her bows!IMG_4369 I have been buying her bows for years here at the NY Enz shop!IMG_4372They are so cute and beautifully crafted.IMG_4375 I definitely left with some of these!IMG_4376 Love these too!IMG_4377 Yes Yes Yes!IMG_4382Loved the vintage booths at the car show too.
IMG_4379 IMG_4378I ran to the ATM to buy this radio and when I came back it was sold.:(
IMG_4387Vintage purses galore!IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4384 Love the head vases!IMG_4388 Can I haz this hat box please?IMG_4329 My mom wanted to take all of these muertos portraits home!IMG_4330 IMG_7292 The Pinup Girl booth was at the car show too! Love that harlequin print!IMG_4423 Bumped into these two sassy gals! Tina Tokyo and Miss Rockabilly Ruby! Such beauties!IMG_4419 So cute. I can’t even deal.IMG_7293 I also bumped into the adorable Pip Jolly and her sweet friend Lilly!IMG_4373These dolls were handing out flyers in such cute ensembles!IMG_4337 My mom and my girl Amandita! I am so happy I got to see her! We missed her so much!IMG_4332I also bumped into NY Glamazon Raquel Reed. WERK that jumpsuit girl!
IMG_4335 It is always a pleasure to see familiar faces and I am glad I got to see these girls!IMG_4340 IMG_7298Another highlight of my day? Seeing the beautiful Angelique! She is so sweet and has such a light about her.IMG_4391 Off to see the cars! Or truck in this case. Mom loved this one!IMG_4393 My mom looks so cute in her Bettie Page dress!IMG_4221 BOOM.IMG_4223 BOOM.IMG_4222 See what I mean? Great cars everywhere!IMG_4225 IMG_4228 IMG_4227 IMG_4230 Aw, what a cutie!IMG_4232Taking pics with cars at a car show is the usual.IMG_4236 IMG_4237 IMG_4239 My mom fell in love with this car too!IMG_4241She was about to drive off with it!
IMG_4245 Loving the hood ornament.IMG_4259 Love the pinstripe details we saw on many cars.IMG_4261 BOOM.IMG_4263 CanI haz this one?IMG_7339In case ya missed it! Perfect for a car show eh?IMG_4274 IMG_4268 My favorite truck 😉IMG_4271IMG_4278 How cute is this!?IMG_4279 IMG_4280 Elegance.IMG_4281 IMG_4283 IMG_4290 IMG_4292 Glazed.IMG_4293 IMG_4296 IMG_4299 Yup. This is an ice cream truck haha.IMG_4311 High heels and fast wheels!IMG_4313 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 Casper!IMG_4417 LOVEIMG_4407 IMG_4406 Amazing.IMG_4403 IMG_4402 IMG_4401 IMG_4400 IMG_4398 IMG_4397 IMG_4396 Can I keep you?IMG_4394IMG_4444This lovely couple came by at the end of the car show to pick up their 30-something portraits and Santiago’s banner. They loved his work and we loved their look and personalities. They were such a cute couple!

Good times!

Stay tuned for day 5!

5 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas: Day 4!

  1. I love the flowers in lisa loves hair and how cute was angelique i love the dress she had on i love that you captured so many different styles and body shapes i myself dont wear many dresses and you post does show that no matter what body type there is a perfect dress for everyone. I dont really wear dresses but ill know now what type of dress shapes to try on that flatter my figure.
    Those shoes you wore were exactly what the design was “FIRE” perfect for the event i loved the scarf on your head gives the edgy bad ass look lol.
    Santiago work “always amazing” all of the other art work was so beautiful too all the nick nacks there so much creative stuff you dont really get to see in NY. I really have enjoyed these posts jazzy!!!! xoxo

  2. Had a great time at the car show. So many great artists and vendors and most of all so many beautiful cars. Lets not forget, so many beautiful woman and the men looked great too. Wished I could have taken all ov Santiago’s and all of those “Dia de los Muertos” portraits home too. Wish I had enough space on my walls. Everything was beautiful and you looked great too.

  3. You and you’re mom look fabulous as always. It all looks like so much fun, I wish VLV didn’t come around right after WOWps, I can’t pull off two trips in one month. Love your friends artwork, trying to talk my hubby into a print.

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