Viva Las Vegas 16: Day 3!

IMG_4163It was day 3 of my trip to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas convention and I was excited to fulfill all of our plans! My best friend Derek wanted to show me more of the downtown area of Vegas when we stumbled across some cool vintage/antique shops! I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to discover a vintage/antique shop. I am immediately overwhelmed with happiness like a pirate who has just found buried treasure. The first antique shop we came across was Retro Vegas and boy were we loving the scenery. I mean, this guy had an emporium of antiques and I wanted to take everything with me. There were mid-century tiki bars, Danish Modern tables, dining sets, Patrick Nagel portraits, giant sculptures, and more. I was in Antique heaven and cannot wait to revisit again next year. Our second discovery was Electric Lemonade, an awesome and adorable vintage shop I instantly fell in love with. The two lovely ladies who run the shop are amazing pickers as their selection of vintage apparel was amazing and decently priced. I went into town in there and bought a bunch of cool threads and Derek did pretty well too. After a little shopping we rushed back to the Orleans to go support my friend Tony who was participating in the male swimsuit competition. I mean, come on, I had to come support Tony! And who would want to miss a male swimsuit competition pshhhhh ;). The competition was actually pretty funny and my mother and I enjoyed seeing a bunch of people dressed to kill in there awesome vintage swimwear. Tony ended up in 3rd place but is still a winner in all of our eyes! He is one of the best hair stylists I have ever met and I was sooo stoked that I had an appointment to get my hair did right after the contest. He did a great job setting my locks and let me tell you, my hair hasn’t had that much bounce in years! After a successful day of shopping, sun bathing, and pampering, we called it a night to prepare for Derek’s booth  at the car show.
IMG_4179 What a lovely ride to wake up to in the morning.IMG_4178 IMG_4174How cute is my momma?
IMG_4166Here is what I wore on this day. I was feeling extra tropical in my Boxing Kitten dress. Not very conventional but who cares! I love being able to pull off modern styles in a very vintage way. In my eyes this is still pinup with a tribal edge which is what Boxing Kitten is all about. Maya, the designer, creates beautiful cultured pieces that all have that 50’s touch. I just had to wear it in Vegas! You can find her pieces by clicking here or head on over to Blake Scotland in the Lower East Side in NYC.IMG_4167 I love the vibrancy of the African textile and the way the dress flairs out without a petticoat!IMG_4170It was a neck and arm party with my colorful jewelry. My necklace reminds me of Cleopatra and looks perfect with this dress. I found it at Buffalo Exchange here in NY a few years ago. My earrings are vintage from D&J Vintage.IMG_4163Because the sun was so bright, I also wore my DIY cat eye glasses I recently made. Crazy accessories but it worked.
IMG_4172 My belt is vintage and my clutch is from Target.IMG_4173My baby blue shoes are from Extaza.IMG_3913 Whilst cruising we came across the aftermath of the Key Largo fire :(.IMG_3919 Thankfully the old signage was still in tact and hardly affected by the fire. It is what I loved the most about passing it every time we drove to Buffalo Exchange.IMG_3922 Down town!IMG_3924 Loved this motel sign! Had to take a pic of it whilst driving.IMG_3926Retro Vegas WOOO!
IMG_3925IMG_3997What heaven looks like.IMG_3999 Fun stuff!IMG_4001 Love the lettering on this Cigarette machine!IMG_3927 My mom is such a doll<3IMG_3928 Antique clocks! Can I haz one?IMG_3929POODLESSSSSS.IMG_3930 I’ll take it all please.IMG_3931 This too.IMG_3933 AND THIS PINK FRIDGE AND OVEN SET PLEASE!IMG_3936 and all of these Patrick Nagel pieces too ;).IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 Derek said his family used to have these chairs. So cool.IMG_3941 IMG_3942 Care for some Tiki Tea?!IMG_3945 I die.IMG_3965 See how well me and this bar go together? I NEED.IMG_3972 IMG_3946 IMG_3947 Love this dining set!!!IMG_3976 Another awesome bar!IMG_3977 Giant props!IMG_3978 IMG_3979 IMG_3981 IMG_3983 Mom and the bestie!IMG_3980 King Tut’s tomb 😉IMG_3984 Miss Cleopatra!IMG_3990IMG_7210 Leoparddddd.IMG_7208 IMG_7207 Love this chair!IMG_7233 Off to Electric Lemonade!IMG_4018This store was full of goodies!IMG_4032 Love it!IMG_4013 Shades for days!IMG_4033 Dresses galore!IMG_4036IMG_4003Boots and more!
IMG_4004 IMG_4035 Love these Life Stride shoes!IMG_7235and this Marlene Dietrich tie!
IMG_4011 I spy a garrison cap!IMG_4006Vintage Cheerleader top. Love it. Taking it.IMG_4015 Vintage Varsity Sweater. LOVE it. Taking it.IMG_4022 Tropical vintage dress. Need it. Taking it.IMG_4025 2 pc leopard suit. Too 70’s. Love it, but does nothing for my figure.IMG_4026 They are pants btw!IMG_4029 Love this pink dress but it I have something like it :/IMG_4031 Derek found a great vintage bow tie and a few tops!IMG_4017 Awww, he’s so happy! He was trying to find some great vintage stuff and thanks to EL he did!IMG_4009The two lovely ladies who run the shop. They were so sweet!IMG_4043 Head on over to Electric Lemonade now!IMG_4041We did and we left with lots of vintage treasures!4ca41bdc98c211e2843f22000a9e0722_7Here are the treasures I found there.IMG_4046 My beautiful momma in front of another vintage shop called the Glam Factory. Wish we could have taken photos inside but we were in such a rush! However, they had great stuff and the costumer service was great! You all must go when you visit Vegas!IMG_4053 At the swimsuit contest! That’s Tony of His Vintage Touch. The hairstylist I have been boasting about!IMG_4055Other contestants. They all had such great suits!
IMG_4065 The pool was live!IMG_4077 Awww look at Tony!IMG_4081 Loved this guys suit as well.IMG_4083 These other two guys had great suits too!IMG_4091 IMG_4100 Patiently waiting for the verdict.IMG_4060 Ran into my girl Doris Mayday! Always such a pleasure to see her. She is seriously so genuine, so sweet, and absolutely gorge! I tell her I live vicariously through her West Coast life. ❤IMG_4108They announced the winner!
IMG_4133 Tony won in third but in our eyes, he was numero uno!IMG_4103 IMG_4115 A cute little performance by these singing sirens!IMG_4129 Mom went around taking awesome photos of the pinups we saw.IMG_4130 IMG_4127 Alisha, Ruby, And Doris! My favorite pinups of the pool :D! Don’t they look amaze?IMG_4117 Taking a photo with a gorgeous gal who reads my blog! ❤ So happy I got to meet so many of you at Viva!IMG_4147 We spotted this cute couple on our way back inside the Orleans. Matching vintage outfits!IMG_4148I also bumped into miss Ruby Champagne! She is a great burlesque performer!
IMG_4150 Ruby and her adorable gal pals!IMG_4204Met this lovely lady at the convention too. Her name is Thalia and she was super sweet and so gorge! Don’t you just LOVE her outfit!?

Off to get my hair did!

Finally, I get to sit back and let a pro go at it with this mop. Tony tamed my hair so easily!IMG_7258Voila!IMG_7260Bouncy curls! Thanks to Tony’s vintage touch!IMG_4185 Off to watch the bands play and folks dance!
I need to learn how to Jive better! I stood and watched the pros and was amazed by how good they were!IMG_4193IMG_7270Till Day 4 Folks!

Stay tuned!


9 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 16: Day 3!

  1. Hi Jas

    Great that you are writing these reports. Please could you send Day 1 into my Inbox as well. I got Day 2 already and would like to have the complete set! Attached are two of my three mag reviews. Still to do a more general one for P&KG mag which will be the one to include a pic of you or us together. Very best wishes to you and your mum (does she like to jive as well – I should have asked? That last night was a mad one for me, with jive partners turning up from every direction! I guess I will have to come again to VLV 2014!!! I have booked the Orleans already!).


  2. Oh my gaaah! That dress is amaze! Love that Thalia girl too, she lokos BAMF. Everything you put on is just so perfect! Altho I would have got that leopard print two piece instead of the red and yellow Shelley top x

  3. Loved the shops, cars and swimsuit competion. Loved watching all the beautiful woman and handsome men all dressed up and having fun. Most of all, loved meeting so many lovely people while at Vegas.

  4. Can’t wait, cain’t wait…I always love reading your blog lady!!!

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