Viva Las Vegas 16: Day two!

IMG_3749It was day 2 of my trip to Vegas and my morning was so sad as I had to bid my family farewell. They were going back home to California and though I wish they could have stayed longer, I was still glad I got to spend even a day with them. I turned my frown upside down when I realized this day was the beginning of the Viva Las Vegas convention! I was so stoked to finally check-in and see some of my west coast friends, visit the awesome vintage vendors, and watch some bands play! But before all of that, we headed on over to Buffalo Exchange again lol! We were about to pass it on our way to see some friends so we just hadddd to come in. I was definitely glad I stopped by as I found some more goodies someone jusssst donated like this cool vintage leopard fur coat, a faux-leather top, polka dot skinny pants, and a vintage dress that had a fur trim on the skirt! I think I spent less than $75 on the whole load which was not bad at all considering the type of prices the vendors were charging at Viva! After my fun little quick shopping spree, I headed on over to see some of my moms friends who were in town. Our friend Zinny has two really adorable daughters I look at as my own family. They are such little animated characters and I wish we lived closer so we could see them all the time. After we spent a few hours with them we were off to the Rio to change for Viva but on the way we noticed a huge fire. Key Largo Casino was in flames :(. The irony is that I was telling my best friend Derek how I loved the old signage of Key Largo and ironically, it was the only thing that wasn’t affected by the fire. Everything else burned down to flames and we wondered if any homeless people were actually living there because it has been abandoned since 2007. It was definitely scary and such a sad ending to such a cool structure. Luckily we were able to drive out of that smog and onto blue skies, back to our hotel room where we were able to rest up, recharge, dress up, and head back out for Viva at the Orleans. IMG_3678 As we were off to check out of the Orleans and into the Rio, we saw some cool rides in the parking lot. My mother fell in love with all of the cool motorcycles. Just look at that smile!IMG_3688 What a beauty! This Indian is pretty amazing.IMG_3687 IMG_3700 I also fell in love with this Cadillac. WowzaIMG_3706 IMG_3685 IMG_3698 This one was a beauty too! There were great rides everywhere!IMG_3695 IMG_3697 IMG_3699Never fear, Hall’s here!

Off to Buffalo Exchange!IMG_3711 Love the color of this vintage dress. The bottom of the skirt had a fur trim around it. Can’t wait to wear it this fall!IMG_3715 I love this faux-leather top and high-waisted polka dot pants! I actually wore it on my last day in Vegas.IMG_3718LOVE this vintage leopard fur coat I found! This was the big-ticket item of the entire trip! I even found the matching muff two days later!

Off to see the rest of our West coast friends!IMG_3797As you can see, Erica is a little character loll. Such a cutie!IMG_7099Hanging out with the kiddies in a waterless pool haha.IMG_3743My little models. Erica is a trip!IMG_3747And how adorable is her big sis Tabby!
IMG_3763The pool matched my outfit so naturally I took photos of my look. IMG_3753I wore a Karen Millen 2pc suit on this day with neon accents to enhance the floral print.IMG_3734At first I was afraid I would look like a giant floral bouquet but I love this outfit!IMG_3758My belt is from Forever 21 and my clutch is from Target.IMG_3756 My shoes are also from Target. It is part of the Prabal Gurung line they recently launched. Love them but my feet kept falling forward.IMG_3749To add a little class to my sassy little outfit I wore my vintage pearl clip-on earrings, some pearl bangles, and some DIY pearl cat-eye sunglasses I made.

Off to the Rio!
IMG_3809 This is a photo I took of that Key Largo Casino fire. We were stuck in traffic waiting to get out of the smog.IMG_7159Back in blue skies!IMG_7143Our room at the Rio had such an awesome view of the mountains. Wish you could see here. We really liked this room, even better than our room at the Orleans. After a little R&R, my mom and I got dressed to head to the convention.
IMG_3870 I was ready for the festivities in my vintage dress and fruit salad accessories! You could have sworn I was throwing a picnic!IMG_3880My vintage fruit salad earrings and hat arrived just on time for Viva as I had just recently won them on Ebay before my trip! They make such a cute pair with my black gingham dress!IMG_3878This vintage fruit salad bangle was also a recent ebay find! I was decked out in vintage with the exception of my shoes!IMG_3881My purse is vintage too and something I found at my local thrift store a few months ago.IMG_3876My shoes are by none other than Christian Louboutin.

Off to the Orleans for Viva!IMG_3836Woooooo!IMG_3842Look at that smileeeeee. I was STOKED.IMG_3832My mom picked up some great rockabilly CD’s.
IMG_3830IMG_3831I strolled around and checked out the mercy but I always like to wait and spy before I buy 😉IMG_3837 Vintage jewelry galore!IMG_3838 Love these sets!IMG_3839I need one of these!IMG_3840The vendors just aren’t the same without Besame cosmetics! These vintage inspired lipsticks are the best of the best!
IMG_3833 The Orleans was live tonight!
IMG_3855After exploring Viva we were off to our hotel room at the Rio to help my bestie Santiago with some of his prints.IMG_3851 IMG_3860 My momma and I ❤IMG_3864exploring the Rio.
IMG_3863Looks like mom found herself a new husband! hahahaIMG_7171Helping Derek with his prints to be ready for his booth at the carshow.

Till day 3 kiddies! Stay tuned!


8 Comments on “Viva Las Vegas 16: Day two!

  1. Finally lol couldn’t wait for your next post! Wow those bikes are amazing I’m glad you got to spend time with your family. Those pearl glasses are hot I thought you got them like that. I love your posts after a Vegas you always find such awesome goodies the faux leather top (im obsessed with all the vegan leather)n pants are so cute. Loves the hair fruit lol you make everything look good! Keep the posts coming jazzy jazz xoxo =)

  2. You are just so amazing Jaz! That pant suite with the neon accents and your tiny waist and then the 50s dinner dress, you are to die for!

  3. you are just so fabulous! I wish I had known about your existence while I was at Viva! hehehe I would have loved to meet you! 😀

  4. Your floral suit is so cute! What I fabulous choice. I would have never come up with it!
    The little black Louboutin’s are precious as well! Thanks for sharing, I have so much fun reading your posts!

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